Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Release Babak Zamanian!

The arrest of Iranian student leader Babak Zamanian, whose case I highlighted in THIS previous entry, caused his fellow students at Amir Kabir University (Tehran Polytechnic) to protest in demand of his release today but were met by the terrorist Islamic Republic's mercenary forces consisting of Revolutionary Guards and the Basij thugs. Several students sustained injuries by the Islamists who attacked them with knives and clubs and have been hospitalized.

CityBoy has more on this HERE.

Again all of this happening as British Universities play hosts to lobbyists of the terrorist Islamic Republic - it truly is a disgrace.


Anonymous said...

Good post Arayamehr. Here is a fact sheet on CASMII and NIAC:
You have to download the file:


Hidden Author said...

This challenge to the mullahs is temporary. In the Muslim world, you get these fads where a dissident sect challenges the mainstream. In this case, the secularists are the dissident sect. But in the end, the Iranians will--because they are mostly Muslims--return to the basics of the faith. Just look at Turkey, Algeria, or even the West, places where Muslims are growing less and less respectful of the secular order. It will take another few decades to overthrow the mullahs, at best, and even then, a significant part of the population will allow the mullahs to regain much (but not all) of their influence within four or five years. When in doubt, Iran will turn to the legacy of Ayatollah Khomeini and all the other lunatic ayatollahs and mullahs because that's what Muslims do.

Aryamehr said...

Hidden Author,

I'm sorry that this is the picture you have in your mind, however I can somehow understand why you do; your MSM is part of the problem. In Iran you have a violent and oppressive minority who controls everything from the security forces to the judiciary. As if not enough the mullah's also employ, as I have noted before, foreigners like Arabs and Afghans to suppress any major dissent, since in the past Iranian security forces have disobeyed orders to crack down on their own compatriots.

From someone who is not acquainted with the social and political context in Iran I understand your statements but I needed to point out why it is incorrect. These are not "fads" as you call it but it's homegrown opposition to a regime which for 28 years has oppressed and killed Iranians and done it's best to falsify Iranian history in their favour.

Now if only the international community would decide to support Iranians the sooner we can get rid of this terrorist establishment which is endangering the world and the Iranian Nation.

Aryamehr said...

Let me ask you this "H.A."

Do you think the 150,000 women (according to I.R. officials) who were arrested for not complying with the Islamic dress code in just a few days were part of a small sect?

Do you think the tens of thousands of workers, students, and teachers which have demonstrated in the past were part of a sect?

What about the silent majority in Iran who oppose the I.R. ?

And what about the millions of Iranians in exile are they part of a sect as well?

That's a hell lot of a "sects" we seemingly have...

Hidden Author said...

Communism was also an oppressive system, that killed itself by provoking the people with its excesses. Yet the fall of Russian Communism in 1991 do not prevent the Communist Party from filling 40% of the legislature a few years later. And even the other parties in Russia have candidates who are "former" Communists--for example, the Unity(?) Party with its support of the one-time KGB colonel, Vladimir Putin. I never said that the mullahs will rule forever--only that it will take time and that even after their fall, they may wield considerable influence.

Plateau said...

hidden author:

They were allowed to wield considerable influence even during Shah's regime. Equally, the mullahs' rise to power was due to the support they received from certain foreign governments and still do.

I'm unsure if you realize that prior to his arrival in Iran in 79, Khomeini made a lot of promises to Iranians, which he never fulfilled. For example, he claimed to be looking for Democracy because Shah's rule was a dictatorship; he never suggested to set up a theocracy until after his arrival. A good majority of Iranian People have always wanted a Democracy, and most for many year now would like to see State & Religion separated. Those Mullahs who want to wield 'considerable influence' if not permitted to do so, will not.

One of the major differences that often people forget is that most Muslim countries in the ME & North Africa have governments that are pro-West but a population that is increasingly more pro-Islam. In Iran the situation is actually reversed. This is a significant difference.

Of course, there are those, mainly, in the Reformist camp of IR who insist that because Islam has been part of Iran for 1300 years, most Iranians are actually practicing Muslims and that the core ideology and doctrine of the regime should be maintained i.e. we should continue to shove Islam down peoples' throats! However, the same people would like to see some superficial liberties given to the people e.g. more relaxed dress code, etc. so that the public is somewhat mollified.

I suggest you take a look at a few posts & articles on my blog, especially here - here and here

Anonymous said...

LOL you're not even trying to mislead people anymore! dude ofcourse the few odd times iranian officials remind ppl to obey the law and keep their scarves on is not an ideal Iran i would like to live in, but in NO WAY are these police and guards arabs!!! that's so frickin racist of you. You need to visit iran more dude. The guards and police are normal iranians, and what you report is a small % of the usually legitimate job they carry out to protect civilians.

Aryamehr said...


You're such a pathetic individual! What are you talking about?? Racist?? That's something which would fit your Arabo-Muslim brethren who are occupying Iran! Now please highlight where I have hurt your feelings and been "racist"!

Anonymous said...

That ANON guy sounds like Hoder who has also linked to your post. Hoder is a regime agent