Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Britain plays host to terrorist-supporters once again...

A British University is ONCE AGAIN about to host an event for a lobbyist of the Islamic Republic. The shameless supporter of the terrorist Islamic Republic in Iran, by the name of Abbas Edalat, is posed to speak on the Mullah's Nuclear programme at Trinity College in Cambridge (UK) which GUARANTEED will be a bid to legitimize the Islamists' efforts! The groups who will capitalize on this will be the criminal "liberal" factions - ranging from the "anti-war groups" who pay no attention to the human rights abuses in Iran to those who promote "dialouge" with a regime which cannot even hold a dialouge with the people it rules over!

Potkin Azarmehr has an entry regarding this event which I recommend my readers to view HERE.

A fact-sheet on known promoters of the Islamic Republic is circulating and you can download a copy by clicking HERE. A word document on Abbas Edalat can be downloaded HERE. Please read these documents and contact the organizer of this event and voice your objection!

The contact info you need is:


Shirin Saeidi, a member of the editorial board at CASMII who organised it through the Cambridge University Persian Society.

CityBoy notes: "Is it just a coincidence that the organiser Shirin Saeidi seems to have written a pro-Islamic Republic article calling the Argentinian case against IR officials a Western Christian conspiracy?!"


For enquiries please contact ss725@cam.ac.uk or am553@cam.ac.uk
Hosted by CU Persian Society with support from CU Students’ Union Anti-Racism Officer!

Iranian students, women, workers, teachers are being harassed, arrested, and tortured whilst the British Universities play hosts to the Mullah's lackey's and lobbyist in the west! This is outrageous!

UPDATE: Please see CityBoy's entry on this HERE.
UPDATE II: Here is Shiring Saeidi's reply to our objections which she has forwarded to her "officers":

"Dear Persian Society Members,
Please ignore this rubbish, see you this afternoon."

Dear readers please pay attention to what kind of people we are dealing with - people with no shame. It is clear that Shirin Saeidi's connections with the Islamic Republic are far more important to her than the well-being of 70 million Iranians who suffer under that terrorist establishment. As I wrote earlier, Iranian students are being beaten, imprisoned, and killed and Shirin Saeidi's and the Cambridge University Persian Society is playing hosts to the terrorist Islamic Republic's lobbyists! This is beyond bizzare, inhumane...


Aryamehr said...

This information was posted by another blogger on Potkin Azarmehr's blog:


Who is Abbas Edalat? See below:

Let me tell you what Abbas Edalat has been doing for the last 25 or more years.

As a former anti-shah activist in the confederation of Iranian students he enjoyed a Pahlavi foundation-funded education at Berkeley and when the Shah was toppled he migrated to the UK and studied for his PhD, at Warwick university followed by becoming a researcher at Imperial college. Politically he used to be a follower of Fedayeen-e khalgh, of course the champaign Marxist type. All these years he has worked in favour of the islamic regime's interests so much so that now in partnership with Kamran Elahian (a Bahai entrepreneur in the US) he is providing IT technologies to Iran. He is extremely jealous of all successful Iranians particularly those in universities. As luck had it, and despite being simply a researcher and not a lecturer, thanks to the British universities love affair with academics of ethnic minorities, he got a "research professorship" to balance the equal opportunities quota! To give you an idea about his connections, Edalat's partner is Massoumeh Torfeh, an editor of the BBC's Farsi program. Edalat frequently travels to Iran and receives VIP treatment by his hosts in both universities and the government.

Aryamehr said...

And some info. regarding Shirin Saeidi the organizer of the event:


Is it just a coincidence that the organiser Shirin Saeidi seems to have written a pro-Islamic Republic article calling the Argentinian case against IR officials a Western Christian conspiracy?!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your info

City boy said...

Good job Aryamehr.

This is such a shameless effort by Shirin and those that let her get away with giving stage to supporters of the Islamic Republic.

SERENDIP said...

Disgusting. This woman talks like the official spokesperson for the Islamic Republic. I have read a few of her replies to other writers and it seems to me that she is privy to some detailed info. about the IR. Shameless shill.