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Former Imperial Minister Houchang Nahavandi on Ayatoilet Khomeini

Interesting commentary by former Imperial Minister Houchang Nahavandi regarding Ayatoilet Khomeini:

FP : Let's go back to Khomeini for a moment. Tell us a bit about who he was as a person and the evil he perpetrated.

Nahavandi: Unfortunately. many of the different works published about Khomeini's life are wrong and inaccurate. His Indian origins were ignored when he was in Paris. There is nothing wrong with being of a different origin than Persian but even now it is forbidden to talk about it in Iran.

The title 'Imam' was given to him by two French journalists, where as in shiism this title belongs only to the twelve direct descendants of the Prophet.

He was not a cultured man. Most probably you have read in some papers that he gave the order to the Iranian Air Force to destroy American satellites, and to the Ministry of Agriculture, to flood the American market with Iranian wheat so as to make the economy of the ‘Great Satan’ become totally dependent.

Khomeini was presented to world opinion as a “brilliant philosopher and theologian” who was some kind of “example for all” that even supposedly his worst enemies could never contest. The various mandates he made especially dealt with “the way to urinate and to defecate,” “purity and impurity,” and “women and their periods.” In the others, one could here and there find a few thoughts of a philosophical, religious or political order, such as:

“It is proven that the Western physicians are totally ignorant,” “Women from the Prophet of Islam’s lineage have their menopause at the age of sixty. The others at over the age of fifty.”

As for political issues:

“Islam alone is to govern.”

“Those who want to set up democracy want to drag our country into corruption and perdition. They are worse than the Jews. They must be hanged. They are not men. They have the blood of animals. Be they damned’.

“All the laws in the world, except those of the Islamic republic, come from a handful of idiotic syphilitics. They are null and void. Islam does not recognize any other law but its own in the world.”

Finally, here are a few examples from the culture of the “great theologian and philosopher’:

“Socrates, a great theologian. He learnt philosophy from Pythagoras and devoted himself totally to theology and ethic. He discarded worldly pleasures, took refuge in a cave in the mountains where he fully dedicated himself to the only God. He tried to convince people of other gods than the real one. After what he had said, the people demanded from the Sultan that he should be put to death. The latter was forced into it and poisoned him.”

“ristotle was the son of Nikomachos from Stagira, one of the greatest philosophers in the world. Avicenna said that nobody was ever able to contradict his theories. Yet, the French Descartes thought he had discovered flaws in them later on; specialists, however, can easily realize how childish and groundless Descartes’s claims in philosophical and theological matters were. Woe betide us Muslims for being intimidated by the West, for taking our own level of knowledge lightly when the Westerners will not be able to reach it before a thousand years.”

Other words, on the contrary, did not make people smile:

“We must give rise to repeated crises, and give a new and better value to the idea of death and martyrdom... If Iran disappears in the future, it is not important; what is important is to drown the whole world in a situation of crisis.”

“All the existing forms of corruption are the products of the nation and of nationalism.”

“Those who think they are Iranian and who believe they must work for Iran are wrong.”

“Blood must be spilled, for the more Iran bleeds, the more the revolution will triumph.”

“Blood must flow.”

“The mother who reported her son so that he would be tried and hanged is an example for the people. It is a model of Islam. If your children, brothers and sisters do not follow the given advice, report them so that they can be chastised.”

“Our dear pupils must keep a close watch on their teachers. The teachers must keep a close watch on themselves. The pupils, my dear children must keep a close watch on one another and report any deviation.”

“Israel must burn to ashes.”

Hundreds of other sentences could be quoted. The regime that originated in the revolution applied Ayatollah Khomeini’s ‘real discourse’ with a frightening zeal. The people with a good conscience who had shown enthusiasm for the man looked away, kept quiet and let things happen, as had been the case long ago with so many other bloodthirsty dictators.

In his interviews, Khomeini was presented as a democrat and liberal man, but the public ignored that the interviews were written by experts who just said what had to be said.

In France, all was prepared for his arrival, including transmitters in his residence. His anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist writings are even stronger than Hitler's.

When he finally arrived in Tehran from Paris with two hundred journalists in an Air France aeroplane which had been named Liberté (‘Liberty’) on the occasion. He granted an interview to the representatives of the Iranian national Radio and Television while he was on the aeroplane. The journalist asked him, among other things:

“What are Your Holiness’s feelings on finding His way back home after so many years?”

“Hitshi” (“Zilch”) “His Holiness” answered.

Everything had just been said, in substance and form. The future was to prove it.

There is much more to be said about Khomeini, and you will find lots more on him, with documents and references, in my last book "Iran, the Clash of Ambitions".

The aim of the mystification of Khomeini was to bring down the previous regime. But time has come for the truth to be revealed to history.

FP : Why do you think the Left, which is supposedly dedicated to democratic ideals, venerated this despot and leader of a death cult? It appears the Left has followed in that tradition by siding with radical Islam in our terror war. How would you explain this morbid pathology of the Left?

Nahavandi: The leftists, especially in France, had always shown sympathy to the revolutionary regimes. Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Michel Foucault were leaders of Khomeini's support committees.

Michel Foucault went to Iran twice – in September and in November 1978 – and wrote a series of eulogistic articles on Ruhollah Khomeini in the quality Western press, notably in Le Monde. He met him at least once in Neauphle-le-Château, and analysed his philosophical stands. Simone de Beauvoir also went to Iran to support the Islamic revolution. Jean-Paul Sartre contented himself with Parisian stands.

The socialist Party led by François Mitterrand proclaimed its “resolute support” to the movement. The French Socialist Party organized a public demonstration in its support and its executive office saluted the victory of the Islamic revolution on February 14, 1979: “a popular movement of an exceptional dimension in contemporary history.” Many European leftist movements sent their delegations to the international conference held in Tehran in favour of the hostage-taking operation of November 4th 1979.

Khomeini was not “a sort of social-democratic saint, a religious figure who was to be fundamentally admired,” as the American ambassador to the UNO had said [Ambassador Andrew Young]. Professor Richard Falk, who was very a popular academic from the highest spheres of Carter's power circles said: “Imam Khomeini is a miracle in the whole history of human kind, there has never been a leader who could compare, and I do not think there will be another one,” before adding that “he had made the most beautiful moment in the history of Islam come true, the model of a peaceful revolution without a bloodshed, the example of a humanist government.” These individuals’ words represented blindness, insincerity or simply hatred for their own country.

There was not the slightest regret shown on the other side of the Atlantic either. When things went wrong and when the truth broke out, none of these good souls, with the exception of one or two, expressed any regret. They looked away. They forgot everything, but they did not learn anything.

It seems that the Left, "democratic" epigone of the bloody French Revolution (600,000 dead peoples with children, women and old peoples atrociously massacred) has shed into the world and among the Nations a real mob fuelled by a sort of hysterical rage against the any idea, concept, expression related to harmony, beauty, balance, liberty, order. There is an inner principle of death that moves their "souls". One could even think that the leftists feel vaguely or precisely something already corrupted in their roots, deep into their souls. They just don't want to fall "alone", but to bring down with them the whole world into their dedicated chaos. That would then be a "transcendental" pathology. To destroy or to subvert is for the Left a challenge similar to a chess party.

In addition to his newly released book "Iran, the clash of ambitions" Mr Nahavandi has a book dedicated to the late Shah of Iran entitled: "The Last Shah of Iran: Fatal Countdown of a Great Patriot Betrayed by the Free World, a Great Country Whose Fault Was Success". Although I am yet to read these two books I would recommend these books on the basis that the reviews i've read regarding them are excellent and Mr Nahavandi himself is a respected Imperial statesman of a calibre which is rarely found nowadays! A must-have for any historical or current reference to Iran.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Zoroaster's Birthday

Zaadrooze Asho Zartosht Khojasteh Baad!
*Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds*

HERE for info on Zoroaster.

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Recent Developments... 25/03/07

French nuclear carrier Charles de Gaulle arrives in the Persian Gulf. Its arrival raises to four the number of Western aircraft carriers cruising within striking distance of Iran, including the USS Eisenhower and USS Boxer.

Click HERE for full story.

15 British marines captured by the Revolutionary Guard of the terrorist Islamic Republic occupying Iran are to go on trial on charges of espionage; if convicted they can face the death sentence.

Click HERE for full story.

UN Security Council unanimously approves tougher sanctions against the terrorist Islamic Republic.

Click HERE for full story.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

HM Reza Pahlavi...

Nazanin Afshin-Jam meeting with His Majesty Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi of Iran to discuss human rights issues. Also in attendance - Amir Abbas Fakhravar leader of the Confederation of Independent Iranian Students.

His Majesty Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi of Iran (R) with Iranian political activist Amir-Abbas Fakhravar (L).

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Norooz 2566 Khojasteh Baad! - Happy Iranian New Year!

Happy Iranian New Year 2566!


It begins precisely with the beginning of spring on the vernal equinox which this year will be:

IranWednesday March 21, 2007 03:37:26 AM
California, VancouverTuesday March 20, 2007 05:07:26 PM
Denver, EdmontonTuesday March 20, 2007 06:07:26 PM
ChicagoTuesday March 20, 2007 07:07:26 PM
New York, TorontoTuesday March 20, 2007 08:07:26 PM
LondonWednesday March 21, 2007 12:07:26 AM
Western EuropeWednesday March 21, 2007 01:07:26 AM
Eastern EuropeWednesday March 21, 2007 02:07:26 AM
MoscowWednesday March 21, 2007 03:07:26 AM
UAEWednesday March 21, 2007 04:07:26 AM
IndiaWednesday March 21, 2007 05:37:26 AM
Hong KongWednesday March 21, 2007 08:07:26 AM
TokyoWednesday March 21, 2007 09:07:26 AM
SydneyWednesday March 21, 2007 11:07:26 AM

For more info on the Iranian New Year (Norooz) click HERE and HERE.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

1000 Iranian teachers arrested in brutal crackdown!

Iran Crushes Teachers' Pay Protest

March 17, 2007
The Guardian
Robert Tait in Tehran

The that signals their determination to break a pay revolt. authorities in Iran have arrested up to 1,000 teachers in a brutal crackdown. Riot police beat demonstrators with batons as they tried to gather outside Iran's parliament and education ministry and herded them into police vans and buses before transporting them to detention centres across Tehran.

Around 150 of those arrested in Wednesday's protest are still in custody, with the ringleaders believed to be in the capital's notorious Evin prison. Others were released after signing a commitment not to participate in "illegal" demonstrations.

The clampdown follows recent rallies outside parliament, which drew up to 10,000 demonstrators, many of whom displayed banners criticising President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's government as part of their campaign for higher pay. An average university-educated secondary-school teacher earns £160-180 a month, below the poverty line and much less than workers in other government sectors.

Last week, police arrested six teachers' union leaders in an unsuccessful attempt to stop a gathering that coincided with a planned women's rights demonstration.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fereydoun Farokhzad - An Iranian Patriot

Fereydoun Farokhzad was an Iranian singer, a poet, a showman, political activist, and prominent opposition figure, with a PhD in Political Science. He fought with all his beeing against the Islamists and would come to loose his life because of this. He also referred to the backward nature of Islam in many of his speeches.

Due to the threat he posed against the Islamic regime occupying Iran and their interests the terrorist mullah's sent an execution squad which savagely stabbed and beheaded Fereydoun on 8th August 1992, at his home in Bonn (Germany). None were charged by the German government in connection with his death and the lucrative deals that Germany had/has with the terrorist Islamic Republic continues to this day.

Hamrazmanam (persian):

Fereydoun Farokhzad (persian):

Sources for more info/clips:


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Chaharshanbe Soori - The Fire Festival of Iranians

"Chaharshanbe Suri (LINK 1; LINK 2) is the ancient Iranian festival dating at least back to 1700 BCE of the early Zoroastrian era. The festival of fire is a prelude to the ancient Norouz festival, which marks the arrival of spring and revival of nature. Chahrshanbeh Suri, is celebrated the night before the last Wednesday of the year. The word Chahar Shanbeh means Wednesday and Suri is red. The celebration usually starts in the evening. On this occasion people make bon-fires on the streets and jump over them. The young use much firework before and during the Chaharshanbe Suri (literally: Red Wednesday).
The tradition includes people going into the streets and alleys to make fires, and jump over them while singing the traditional song Sorkhi-ye to az man; Zardi-ye man az to. The literal translation is, Your fiery red color is mine and my sickly yellow paleness is yours. This is a purification rite and 'suri' itself means red and fiery. Loosely translated, this means you want the fire to take your paleness, sickness and problems and in turn give you redness, warmth and energy.

Every year Iranians celebrate their pre-Islamic holidays with pride despite the repressive measures the Islamic regime takes to ban these holidays. For many years now this Iranian festival has been used as a battleground between the people and the Islamic Republic with institutions and properties of the Islamic Republic being set on fire. Portraits of the "Supreme Terrorist Ali Khameini" and "Mullah Khatami" have been burned in the past as can be seen in the photos below.

"Chaharshanbe Soori" is fastly approaching and within 1-2 days the regime will witness yet another grand resistance against the backward ideology/culture which they represent!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

300 The Movie

The movie "300" is a film adaptation of the graphic novel "300" by Frank Miller about the Battle of Thermopylae. Now from what i've understood the movie is not supposed to be a "historically accurate" movie but rather something more "fantasy/fictional like". Now my bewilderment is if it's supposed to be "fantasy/fictional like" then why is there a "Greek" and a "Persian" army in the movie as these armies sure aren't "fantasy characters" that do not exist.

If the movie is not supposed to be historically accurate and is supposed to be more of a "fantasy" movie then why have the directors of the movie not make it into something like the "Lord of the Rings" movie with fictional "people" fighting each other. As it is now they have made a movie where they portray one group of people (Greeks) superior/civilized and another (Persians) inferior/savages - how can this be interpreted as fantasy/fiction?? This is nothing but distorting history and demonizing an entire group of people. This is the same old story as in the movie "Alexander" in which Persians where depicted as savages! The Persian Queen was played by an African-American which came as a shock to any Iranian who watched that movie! In this recent movie the Persian King is presented as an Africanized/Gay individual with body piercings all over! Now how humiliating is that! It's wrong to mis-portray people in this way which will only increase the already existing mis-perceptions about peoples which westerners might know little of!

It's a real shame how the media and film companies like Warner Bros can distort history and portray such a noble and glorious Empire like the Persian Empire as one inhabited by monstrous, blood-thirsty, savages!

This below criticism found on wikipedia pretty much covers the controversy over how the movie portrays Persians leaving aside other historical in-accuracies such as the ludicrous claims of "1 million Persians against 300 Spartans"! Even other "historical" estimates of 100,000's is far-fetched as nobody could possibly have estimated the size of such a force thousands of years ago!

Much respect to the Greek critic below who has kept his objectivity intact:
The film has attracted controversy over the portrayal of the Persians. Greek critic Dimitris Danikas claimed the film showed Persians as "bloodthirsty, underdeveloped zombies," and went on to say, "They are stroking (sic) racist instincts in Europe and America." The president of Iran's Art Affairs Advisory also expressed strong condemnation over the movie which he said insulted the Persian civilization. Javad Shamqadri, who is also a filmmaker, said the film specifically had racist intentions but called the film's effort fruitless however, saying, "values in Iranian culture are too strongly seated to be damaged by such plans."

As in the graphic novel, the Persians are depicted as a barbaric and demonic horde. The androgynous depiction of the Persian emissary and King Xerxes is meant to stand in stark contrast to the masculinity of the Spartan army. Xerxes is presented as an Africanized “God-king”, an allusion to the status of ancient Egyptian pharaohs. The ancient Persian kings did not present themselves as deities.

The outfits and headgear of the Persian infantry lend themselves more to the stereotypical garments of medieval Arabian and Islamic attire than to the ancient garb of the Persian army, while the elite Immortals have been given an East Asian guise.

Along with references to slavery, mysticism and depictions of hyper-sexuality, the Persians become the vehicle for an anachronistic cross-section of Western stereotypes of Asian and African cultures.
This site : "300 the movie info" is trying to compile an art project featuring "Ancient Persia" to counter the terribly inaccurate depiction made by this so-called fictional movie that will surely contribute in widening existing mis-understandings and lack of knowledge amongst non-Iranians!

Lastly to have an accurate picture of how Persian forces looked like at the time of the Achamenid Empire you can have a look at my photobucket page on ancient Iranian soldiers (although this page has soldiers covering all of Iran's dynasties and is not limited to the Achamenid period)

Achamenian soldiers:

UPDATE 1: An official of the terrorist Islamic Republic occupying Iran has "lashed out at the Hollywood Movie "300" for insulting Persian Civilization" ; now someone should tell this Islamist filth that what is an even greater to "Persian Civilization" is him and his barbaric and anti-Iranian "Islamic Republic" occupying Iran! How this monkey can go public and complain about this movie with no shame is beyond me...

Beautiful Iranian Artwork - Mahmoud Farschian

Mahmoud Farschian is an extremely talented Iranian painter world-renown for his distinctive and creative style of painting. His paintings are a joy to admire and have such an intense depth to them. You really do get carried away into some kind of fantasy land admiring this man's work.

There are two websites dedicated to Mr Farschian which can be found HERE and HERE.
Going through the list of individuals who own artworks by Mr Farschian you will find many influential people ranging from Kings, Presidents, Prime Ministers and others.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

They try to remove our ever-lasting Norooz but their efforts are all in vain...

I've pointed out the severe anti-Iranian stance that the Islamic clergy possesses for Iran's pre-Islamic past (before their cursed presence arrived to our homeland). This disgustingly backward and foreign clergy has tried to brainwash Iranians to abandon their culture and embrace Islam full-heartedly be it socially/politically/culturally/religiously. Islam covers all these areas as it's as much a political ideology as it's a religious doctrine. This is in light of their Islamization/Arabization programme which I've covered previously as well.

Yesterday I read this piece on a muslim cleric once again calling for the abolishment of the thousands of years old Iranian New Year! Here is the excerpt from the original article:

"Nineteen days are left till the end of the Iranian year 1385 (March 21st, 2007). Many things are happening. Ayatollah Khazali, a leading Iranian Taliban-like cleric calls this Iranian custom decadent and has requested the government - which claims to have risen from the line of the prophets - to replace this tradition with a Shiite celebration, the Ghadeer Khum, when the Shiites believe that Prophet Mohamamad verified Ali to be his successor. And the leader of the Islamic regime, ayatollah Khamenei, announced that the situation in the country was completely normal."
What these muslims should understand is that their time is coming and that these kind of threats mean nothing anymore. They've held the Iranian Nation hostage for 1400 years through keeping them illiterate, intimidation, and feeding lies to them. Our nation had only begun getting out of this cycle with the coming of the Pahlavi Dynasty but unfortunately the dark forces of "Allah" succeeded in regaining the land they have spread their disease over for 1400 years. However this second Arabo-Muslim Occupation took place in the Information Age and as such their lies are beginning to crumble. Iranians are awakening to the truth. When enough have arisen the time will come for this evil regime to be sent to the hell where it came from.

Islam's stranglehold of Iran and Iranians is coming to an end and these kind of statements by muslims, as can be seen in the above quote, are a testament to the desperate state they find themselves in.

Lastly just for clarification when I use the term "muslim" i mean it in the fullest sense and not a person who drinks, sings, dances, doesn't do the Islamic prayer, hasn't read the Koran ("Taazinameh"), yet calls himself a "muslim" out of sheer naivety and ignorance.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Pahlavi meets Napoleon at Egypt expo in Paris

HIH Princess Napoleon Bonaparte (descendant of French Emperor Napoleon) and HIM Shahbanou* Farah Pahlavi of Iran met in Paris during an exhibition in Paris’ Grand Palais entitled Les Trésors Engloutis D’Egypt (The Sunken Treasures of Egypt).

Darius Kadivar has the story...Pahlavi meets Napoleon at Egypt expo in Paris (CLICK)

God bless our Empress. May we soon see her return to the motherland.

I really do hope that Iranians will stand up and reclaim their country from the black reactionary forces that have kept them and their country hostage for 28 years! The bastard child of a lowly human and an ape (AhmadiNejad) and those of his ilk have to be brought before Iranian courts of justice for their crimes against the Iranian Nation and humanity!

*just to clarify any confusion - "Shahbanou" is the Iranian term for "Empress"

Saturday, March 03, 2007

"Aryamehr" - "Light of the Aryans"

A few days ago a commentator inquired about the meaning of the word "Aryamehr" which I've chosen as a title to my blog, so I thought it would be appropriate to actually make an entry explaining the meaning of "Aryamehr".

Aryamehr is a persian term meaning "Light of the Aryans". This term was granted as a secondary title to the Shahanshah (Emperor) of Iran by a session of the joint Houses of the Iranian Parliament on 15 September 1965 before his coronation at Tehran (26 October, 1967).

When Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi nominally succeeded his father (in exile because of the Islamist Revolt of 1979 which made Iran into an Islamic Republic) he assumed as Reza Pahlavi II the titles of Shahanshah and Aryamehr together with the style of His Imperial Majesty, on 27 July 1980.

Coronation ceremony (Tehran, 1967)

I also include this link on the word "Aryan" as not everyone is knowledgeable about the meaning and history of this term and might have a very limited/distorted understanding on it.