Thursday, May 24, 2007

More clashes between Iranian students and Islamist thugs

In this clip which I can only at this time presume been recorded on a university campus in Iran (date unknown) you can hear students chanting: "UNITY! UNITY! FREEDOM! FREEDOM! SUPPORT US! SUPPORT US!", you can see that the atmosphere is very tense and a fight erupts between Iranian students and Islamist thugs - the body of an individual is seen being carried away by a group of people.

As soon as I get more information regarding this clip I'll post it on here. Again please give exposure to these documents and evidence that testify to the growing and intensifying democracy-movement in Iran which is becoming more and more determined in its aim to remove this occupational Islamist dictatorship and bringing freedom to Iran.

As human beings we all need to support these students who are standing up against Islamic tyranny, whether we are Iranian or not!


Amin Torabi said...

hey dude, it's been a while since i'm writing an english blog, it would be my honor to be in touch by u, and be linked here, tnx

Aryamehr said...


Thanks for your comments I will certainly put a link to your blog under my english-blog links.
Feel free to contact me anytime.

Pirooz va Sarboland Basheed!