Thursday, December 28, 2006

"Rastakhiz Iran" presents formal complaint against the Swedish Secret Service (SÄPO)

The organization "Rastakhiz Iran" has presented a formal complaint to the Swedish Justice Department against the Swedish Secret Service (SÄPO) for gross misconduct.

On 22nd December (2006) the organisation, "Rastakhiz Iran", delivered their case against SÄPO to the Swedish Justice Department.

A few days ago there was a reportage in a Swedish newspaper on how SÄPO more than a year ago, identified a spy of the Islamic Republic occupying Iran operating in Sweden, and how to this day this man continues to live freely on Swedish soil without any kind of prosecution against him. Iranian media have identified this spy as a man by the name of Madjid Sadeghi.

Many Iranian monarchists in Sweden believe SÄPO and the Swedish government willfully turned a blind eye towards this case in favour of continued stable trade-relations with the terrorist Islamic Republic.

"Rastakhiz Iran" already has a case against Reza Khelili, which was followed by several charges by private individuals in Sweden. Reza Khelili is a "moderate" parliamentarian (Political Party: "Moderaterna") in the Swedish parliament. This supporter of the terrorist Islamic Republic enjoys extensive ties with the Islamic Republic, the terrorist-occupied Iranian Embassy in Stockholm, and runs the Scandinavian-Iranian Chamber of Commerce.

For further information please see Ardavan (Press Secretary of Rastakhiz Iran) and Arvin Khoshnood's (Chairman of the Youth wing of Rastakhiz Iran) blogs:

Contact Information:

Rastakhiz Iran homepage:
Rastakhiz Iran email:

UPDATE 1: According to Ardavan Khoshnood a private individual will file YET ANOTHER criminal charge, in the coming hours, against the Islamic Republic's puppet - Reza Khelili - in Sweden. The henchmen of the Islamic Republic are no longer safe - no matter where they are.

God bless Iran!
Death to the Islamic Republic!


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Crackdown on Iranian christians by the terrorist Islamic Republic

After having arrested tens of Iranian christians earlier this week, the Islamic Republic is intensifying its campaign against religious minorities.

Potkin has an entry on his blog regarding the arrests.


Islamic regime prohibits Christmas mass in church in the city of Rasht

Iran Press News: Human rights activists in Iran reported that the ministry of intelligence and security (MOIS) officials prohibited the Christmas mass ceremonies in the Church in the northern city of Rasht.

Following the extensive arrest of Christians in cities across Iran by MOIS officials religious ceremonies are prohibited via pressure and threats. Due to the threats and pressure, after the arrest of the leaders of their church in recent weeks, the parishioners of the church have been unable to hold mass.

Three years ago, the church in Rasht was also stormed by MOIS agents during a religious ceremony; the agents then confiscated all of the church’s belongings, never to return them. The parishioners once again refurnished their church and due to the continued threats by MOIS, they changed the days of their worship and mass from Sundays to Tuesdays.

The church leaders remain in MOIS custody. Between Wednesday, December 13th to Tuesday, December 19th the church leaders were taken 3 times from prison to the Rasht revolutionary court where they were illegally tried. Their families are extremely concerned about the status of their loved ones. MOIS agents prevented their families from seeing them in front of courthouse.


Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas / Happy Yalda !!!

I would like to take this time and wish a very warm Merry Christmas to everyone especially you the readers. Also a special Happy Yalda to all my Iranian compatriots. The "christian" christmas celebrations actually derive from the Iranian celebration of Yalda - CLICK HERE to read more about this magnificent celebration.

I hope that wherever you are, you will enjoy the presence of loved ones on this special night/time of the year.



Friday, December 22, 2006

National Anthem of Iran


Ey Iran (Persian: ای ایران ) (O! Iran) is a famous and most popular Persian anthem in Iran. The lyrics were written by Hossein Gol-e-Golab in 1946, and the music was composed by Ruhollah Khaleghi.

Gol-e-Golab was inspired to write the song by patriotism. He has been quoted to have said: "In 1944, the footsteps of the invading armies in the streets were enough to rattle any patriot and inspired me to write this anthem. Professor Ruhollah Khaleghi wrote the music and despite all the political opposition, it found its way into the heart and soul of the people."

Ey Iran is often mistaken for being a present or previous Persian (Iranian) national anthem. It has only briefly had official status; however, it occupies a place in Iranian popular culture similar to that of Men of Harlech in Wales. (It was, however, unofficially used in the transitionary period between the time of the Shah (deposed February, 1979) until the adoption of the national anthem of the Islamic Republic. But still, the dissidents (mostly Monarchists and Republicans) and patriots alike adapt the song as an alternative to the current and previous anthems. In fact, most Iranians are more familiar with "Ey Iran" than the official and previous national anthem mostly because it is the only anthem which truly praises Iran. With the anthem of imperial Iran praising the shah (the king) and the anthem of the Islamic Republic praising the revolution, the Iranian patriots tend to prefer "Ey Iran" because its about Iran and Iran alone with political affiliations aside.


Ey Irân, ey marz e por-gohar
Ey khâkat sarchešme ye honar
Dur az to andiše ye badân
Pâyande mâni to jâvedân
Ey došman ar to sang e khârei man âhanam
Jân e man fadâ ye khâk e pâk e mihanam
Mehr e to chon šod pišeam
Dur az to nist andišeam
Dar râh e to, key arzeši dârad in jân e mâ
Pâyande bâd khâk e Irân e mâ

Sang e kuhat dorr o gohar ast
Khâk e daštat behtar az zar ast
Mehrat az del key borun konam
Bar-gu bi mehr e to chun konam
Tâ gardeš e jahân o dor e âsemân bepâ'st
Nur e izadi hamiše rahnamâ ye mâ'st
Mehr e to chon šod pišeam
Dur az to nist andišeam
Dar râh e to key arzeši dârad in jân e mâ
Pâyande bâd khâk e Irân e mâ

Irân, ey khorram behešt e man
Roušan az to sarnevešt e man
Gar âtaš bârad be peykaram
Joz mehrat dar del naparvaram
Az âb o khâk o mehr e to serešte šod gelam
Mehr agar borun ravad tohi šavad delam
Mehre to chon šod pišeam
Dur az to nist andišeam
Dar râh e to key arzeši dârad in jân e mâ
Pâyande bâd khâk e Irân e mâ

English translation

O Iran, o bejeweled land
O, your soil is the wellspring of the arts
Far from you may the thoughts of evil be
May you remain lasting and eternal
O enemy, if you are of stone, I am of iron
May my life be sacrificed for the pure soil of my motherland
Since your love became my calling
My thoughts are never far from you
In your cause, when do our lives have value?
May the land of our Iran be eternal.

The stones of your mountains are jewels and pearls
The soil of your valleys are better than gold
When could I rid my heart of your affection?
Tell me, what will I do without your affection?
As long as the turning of the earth and the cycling of the sky lasts
The light of the Divine will always guide us
Since your love became my calling
My thoughts are never far from you
In your cause, when do our lives have value?
May the land of our Iran be eternal

Iran, o my green paradise
Bright is my fate because of you
If fire rains on my body
Other than your love I will not cherish in my heart
Your water, soil and love molded my clay
If your love leaves my heart it will become barren
Since your love became my calling
My thoughts are never far from you
In your cause, when do our lives have value?
The land of our Iran be eternal

To hear an old version of the Iranian National Anthem CLICK HERE.
To hear an recent version of the Iranian National Anthem CLICK HERE.
To hear a modified version of the Iranian National Anthem CLICK HERE.

To listen to more audio files concerning Iran please visit my Putfile Page.


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Iranian woman beats the shiite out of a Shiite woman!!!

Made my day when I watched this! God bless her! According to the user who uploaded this video the "fati kommando" was bothering the Iranian woman about her head-covering which the Islamic Republic imposes on Iranian women, and as she would not let it go and most likely got physical the Iranian woman would not take any more of it and decided to fight back! "Fati-Kommando" is a term referring to either a) Islamic Republic's female zelots or b) civilian islamic zelots who feel they can do whatever they want since the Islamic Republic is occupying Iran! Times are changing though as we can see!


Sunday, December 17, 2006

Muslim hate towards anything Iranian!

I've tried to explain the difference between the vast majority of Iranians in Iran today who call themselves or label themselves as "muslim" because of historical events but who in reality are anything but, and the TRUE muslims who are nothing less than SAVAGE TERRORISTS with one mission - Worldwide Islamic Dominance!

I've also written about how Iranians are awakening from 1400 years of Islamic dominance and beginning to reject it. An entire nation is awakening to discover their true identities and will pose as a lethal force towards this very regime (Islamic Republic; 1979-Present) which tried hard to eradicate any evidence of that past identity hidden by 1400 years of Islamic occupation.
Here's a rather well-written recent article regarding this national awakening: CLICK HERE.

In this entry i'd like to bring to your attention an infamous muslim whose hate for Iran and its heritage was no secret. In fact upon his arrival to Iran in 1979, courtesy of Air France (!), he was asked what his feelings were upon returning; in an emotionless voice the Ayatollah replied: "Nothing."

There are literally hundreds of statements by this muslim describing his hate for anything Iranian. One wonders how this bastard child of an Indian Kashmiri (hence his middle name "Hendi" which means Indian in persian) and a British soldier (who converted to Islam) could take over a country which he had no affiliation with!

I was reading an article today and came across yet another disgusting anti-Iranian comment by this bastard child.

Ayatollah Ruhollah Hendi Khomeini's speech delivered in Qom, 1980:

"We do not worship Iran, we worship Allah; For patriotism is another name for paganism. I say let this land [Iran] burn. I say let this land go up in smoke, provided Islam emerges triumphant in the rest of the world."

All I have to comment on this is that I could not wish for anything more than these muslims joining their satanic moon-god "Allah" ASAP! And for the Iranian Nation to awaken from 1400 years of disastrous Islamic dominance!


Friday, December 15, 2006

Remembering the service of the Imperial Iranian Armed Forces

Dear visitors and blog-readers, I've been extremely busy this past week hence not many updates on the blog. I'll pick up on a few things which I wanted to highlight these past few weeks but which I didn't have time to post.

December 4, marked the date in which the Imperial Armed Forces of Iran, under the Commander in Chief - His Late Majesty, Shahanshah Aryamehr - reclaimed Iranian soil on the Persian Gulf Islands of Abu Mussa and Greater and Lesser Tunbs. This took place 35 years ago.

CLICK HERE for a tribute to the Imperial Iranian Armed Forces.

December 7, marked the date of H.R.H. Prince Shahriyar of Iran's assasination in Paris by the Islamic Republic's terrorist hitmen. Prince Shahryiyar was an officer of the Imperial Iranian Navy, highly respected by members of the Imperial Iranian Armed Forces and considered a vital threat to the survival of the terrorist Islamic Republic.

God bless his soul.

CLICK HERE for more.

December 11, marked the date when troops of the Iranian Imperial Armed Forces entered Tabriz and liberated "South Azarabadegan" or South Azerbaijan from the hands of the puppet Pishevari Communist Republic. Northern territories of Iran include the artificial former Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan which were lost to Imperial Russia with the signing of the Treaty of Golestan by the incompetent and disastrous Qajar Dynasty!

We salute the Imperial Iranian Armed Forces, with the leadership of His Late Majesty, for liberating Azerbaijan on this date.

In November 1945, with Soviet backing, an autonomous "Azerbaijan People's Government" was set up in Tabriz under Jafar Pishevari, the leader of the Azerbaijani Democratic Party;a puppet government set up by the Soviets. The party, which was created by the direct order of Stalin, capitalized on some local people's dissatisfaction with centralization policies of Reza Shah. With northern Iran under Soviet occupation, Stalin made plans to "spread Socialism" by creating separatist puppet states. The Kurdish Republic of Mahabad was one such state and the Soviets also decided to create a separatist state for northern Iran's Azeri population as well.

On December 11 (1946), the Imperial Iranian Armed Forces entered Tabriz and the Peeshavari government quickly collapsed. Pishevari and his cabinet immediately fled to Soviet Union.

Dorood Bar Arteshe Shahanshahi Iran!
Dorood Bar Ravaneh Shahanshah Aryamehr!
Payandeh Baad Taaj-e Iran-Zamin
- Yashasin Azarabadegan-maa!


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Are the French abandoning their Islamists partners in crime?!

France has been a major supporter and beneficiary of the terrorist Islamic Republic occupying Iran.

Lets hope that these latest positive moves (see below links) signal a wider move by the French government to drop their support of the terrorists oppressing the Iranian people and spreading fear across the world>>> Mullah's! No matter what the French do, they should have in mind that Iranians have very long memories!

Consider this a WARNING to the French government. It would be in the interest of the French government to the soonest possible give up their support of one of the world's most notorious dictatorships, that oppresses and systematically executes/kills innocent Iranians and foreigners alike through its own official forces or through terrorist proxies across the world.

Former French Ambassador: "The Islamic Republic is a Stalinist system!"

French Company AlcatelTelecom divests from Mullah Regime.

Segolene Royal (french presidential candidate): "Islamic Republic is not to be trusted!"

French MP's want Chirac to sharpen tone in relations with the Islamic Republic!


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Thousands of Iranian students protest against the Islamic Republic in Tehran

Thousands of Iranian students protested against the Islamic Republic in Tehran on Wednesday, December 6th - which is "Students Day" in Iran. Yet again the western media went silent; all they can discuss is arguments for and against the Islamic Republic's nuclear programme - Iranian lives do not matter to politicians of England, Germany, France, USA etc. it seems. Yet again Iranians put their lives in danger to protest against the barbaric system occupying their country for 27 years and yet again there is no word of it in the western press. If you are a freedom loving human being please pass around the word of these demonstrations in Iran and these pictures. If the Main-Stream-Media will not report this WE WILL! We need to give a clear picture of the situation/environment in Iran to western publics; not the distorted and often one-sided propaganda the MSM reports.

Estimates put the participation of students at anywhere from 2000-4000, and the security forces well above 1000 personnel; this includes the regular police force which were outnumbered by the Islamist vigilantees (Basij) who are used by the regime to suppress any dissent through maximum violent and savage force.

Slogans of "Death to the Islamic Republic" written on placards were raised across the campus premises in an unprecedented action by a restive population under brutal Islamic occupation. Students are becoming more and more daring their struggle against the Islamic forces controlling their country for 27 years now. The Iranian population is a ticking bomb waiting to explode in the face of the terrorist establishment ruling them.

There were reports of small skirmishes between the Islamic Republic's security forces and Iranian students. The students were prevented by the large security presence to leave campus premises and by doing so were prevented from spreading the protest action further than the area around the university campus of Tehran University. The Islamic Republic knows that if students break through the security presence and into the streets of Tehran all HELL will break loose upon their oppressive rule and their dictatorship will be threatened.

By letting the students protest solely on the university premises the Islamic Republic protects its dictatorship. But for how long? None the less during protests the Islamic Republic's agents films and takes pictures of student leaders who will afterwards be follow any of the following consequences: detained, expelled from universtiy, imprisoned, tortured, or killed!

Winston also reports on this demonstration his blog - Spirit of Man -.
Another blog reporting on this major demonstration 15Azar (CLICK).


Monday, December 04, 2006

His Majesty the Crown Prince of Iran launches new official web page

As of December3, 2006, His Majesty the Crown Prince of Iran, heir to the Peacock Throne of Iran, launches a new official web page.

You will find a more user friendly and more easily accessible site. The site is available in three languages: English, French, and Persian. Also many new and rare photos can be found in the photo album.

To keep up to date with the Crown Prince's work and activities against the terrorist Islamic Republic occupying our country and his work promoting democracy, please bookmark his official web page.

The official web page of the Crown Prince of Iran can be found at:


Free Azita - Help To Free Azita Shafagghat & Her Husband Ahmad-Reza Shafaggat!

I've been passed on this plea through email.

Turkish authorities are about to
send them to Iran.


Azita and Ahmad-Reza must not be returned to Iran.

Azita & Ahmad-Reza Shafaggat were two Iranian student activists. In 1999, they were arrested for their opposition to the Mullahs regime and were subjected to all kinds of physical and psychological torture in RAJAYI-SHAHR PRISON, west of Tehran. After escaping Mullahs prison, Azita and her husband spent 4 years in hiding until May, 2006, when they managed to escape from Iran.

After a difficult and arduous journey on foot through Iraq and Turkey and on their way to be reunited with their familles in Greece, on June 18th, 2006, the Greek border police spotted Azita, her husband and 10 other would be Iranian refugees in woods close to the Turkish border.

Before they were returned to Turkey, Azita, her husband Ahmad-Reza and other Iranians were beaten up by the Greek arresting officers in the most appalling way. While in their custody, (48 hours), the Greek officers denied food or medical attention. They also refused to process their application for asylum or investigate their background as why they had to escape from Iran.

It is understood that the Greek border Guards routinely hands over the asylum seekers to the Turkish authorities and the Turkish Government is not only notorious for their mistreatment of the asylum seekers but they are known for regularly sending the refugees back to Iran.

Ever since June 18th, 2006, Azita and Ahmad-Reza and 10 other Iranian political activists are imprisoned under the most applying conditions in turkish prison pending
deportation to Iran.

I have spoken to Azita in prison and according to her testimonies, The Turkish prison lacks the most basic necessities. There is no hygiene and adequate clothing. They sleep on floors with no bedding. They are denied basic food and there is no access to day light and fresh air and sanitation. The prisoners are subjected to daily physical punishment and they are beaten up daily which is routine in that environment.

Azita and her husband are in detention at: YABANJI YINI EMARAT FACILITY in EDIRNEH which is a Turkish border town close to Bulgaria.

Both Azita and Ahmad-Reza endured physical as well as psychological torture while in Mullah's prison. Azita who is 27, is currently suffering from dislocated knees due to been tortured, kicked and beaten by the Iranian revolutionary Guards while in RAJAYI-SHAHR PRISON.

Apart from been an active members of the student movements of 1999, both Azita and Ahmad-Reza were converted to Christianity which under the current Islamic law in Iran, is punishable by death.

Azita and her husband and 10 other Iranians are due to be handed over to the Mullahs regime and we must do everything in our power to prevent this.

Azita's father who was an officer of the 'Iranian Imperial Guards' was also imprisoned for several years, tortured and condemned to death by the Mullahs but managed to escape Iran recently.

Please write to Miss. Louise Arbour of the 'United Nations High Commissioner form Human Rights' at: , or call her office at: 0041 22 917 9000 to register your concern.

Also contact the 'Human rights watch' in New York at: 00 1212 216 1233

Please forward this information to any human rights organisations, local tv, media and press offices in the country of your residence and abroad. Please circulate this amongst your list.

Azita and Ahmad-Reza must not be returned to Iran.