Friday, May 04, 2007

Clash of civilizations - Iranian vs Muslim

I found this picture very disturbing the first time I saw it - time constraints do not allow me to post everything I'd like to post - but today, after seeing Potkin's entry, I decided to highlight it as well since these kind of pictures deserve as much exposure as possible.

The picture is of an Iranian woman (wearing an imposed Islamic "head-scarf") being apprehended by an Islamist "chadori"* for not following the imposed Islamic dress code. "Chadori" literally means "tent-wearer" (chador = tent in persian) and is marked by Muslim women who wear the all enveloping black cloth as you can see on the picture - it's very similar to the "burqa" which the Taliban enforced in Afghanistan. What makes this picture even more disturbing is the Iranian woman's young son who seems to be pleading for his mother's freedom!

Many of these "chadori's" are not of Iranian descent and come from Arab countries and/or with Arab roots - hence why they don't have a problem acting in this uncivilized manner against Iranian women. The rest are the remains of 1400 years of lies, brainwashing, and indoctrination of an illiterate community into believing that Islam is truly the religion of "God".

*Note that I distinguish between Iranian and Muslim as there is no way on earth that I could ever accept such a thing as an "Iranian Muslim" - which is a complete oxymoron. An Iranian is a free man or a woman who cherishes his or her national culture and honors the customs of her forefathers. A true Iranian is one who is aware of his/her roots and does not worship those who... massacred his people! those who raised his libraries to the ground! those who enslaved his people! ... An Iranian woman, in particular, is equal in status to any other individual and can attain any position she would like in society - as proven in Iranian history where we had female Commanders, Empresses, and Politicians. A Muslim on the other hand is a "slave" of an Arab moon-god referred to as Allah - a Muslim woman is, as prescribed by the koran (persian: "taazinameh"), a sex-object, whose only purpose is to serve as a breeding tool and domestic housewife. A Muslim man is a sex-deprived individual who needs to be prescribed several wifes and be given authority over them to satisfy his urges/shortcomings. A Muslim man is an extremely weak individual who gets aroused over the sight of a strand of female hair or contours (exemplified by the leaders of the occupational Islamic Republic). Above all a Muslim does not recognize nationhood, thus the complete falsehood in addressing any nationality as "Muslim" - Islam only recognizes a muslim utopia/community which is referred to in the koran ("taazinameh") as the "ummah".

Therefore I'd like for all to distinguish between the Iranian people and the Islamists. Do not refer to the Islamists occupying Iran for "Iranian leaders" because they are not and have no mandate to call themselves such. They should be referred to as Islamists/Muslims, anything but Iranians.


Anonymous said...

The world needs to see this picture

Winston said...

Islam Vs the civilized world

Aryamehr said...

"Islam Vs the civilized world"

It is indeed!

Anonymous said...

Americans/westerners need to understand this distinction.