Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mullah Khatami in the U.S.!

UPDATED (Sept 3, 2006)

Mullah Khatami's agenda in the U.S.! I've found these RELEVANT VENUES, DATES, TIMES for people to review and attend if possible.

Please note that Mullah Khatami is supposed to arrive in the U.S. (Chicago) TODAY!

Please post any more information in the comments section so that I can add it on here and make this as complete as possible.


Mullah Khatami has noted that he has been asked to deliver a speech for:

Members of CAIR
Harvard University
The Greater Assembly of Churches in Washington D.C.
University of Virginia
New York University



31st August, 2006

-Mullah Mohammad Khatami is expected to arrive TODAY (31st August) in Chicago to speak at two Muslim conventions over the weekend and visit a suburban mosque.

1st September, 2006

-Mullah Khatami may attend the Friday afternoon session of the ISNA convention (see below).

2nd September, 2006

-2nd October; Mullah Khatami is scheduled to deliver a keynote address at the annual Islamic Society of North America's convention Saturday night (2nd October) at the Rosemont Convention Center (Salman Azam, a spokesman for the convention).

-Mullah Khatami is expected to speak Saturday afternoon at Bait ul Ilm, an Islamic center in Streamwood, according to Tariq Weaver, spokesman for the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago.

3rd September, 2006

-W. Deen Mohammed, leader of the largely black Muslim organization the Mosque Cares/WDM Ministry and former leader of the American Society of Muslims, has invited Mullah Khatami to "bring greetings" to his annual convention Sunday at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago, said Mohammed's spokesman, Sultan Salahudin.



5th-6th September, 2006

-After visiting Chicago, Khatami is scheduled to attend a United Nations conference in New York City next week Tuesday, 5 Sept-6 Sept

7th September, 2006

-Mullah Khatami has been invited speak about religion's role in promoting peace at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., on Thursday, Sept. 7. This event will start 07:15 PM (local time)

-September 7th press conference at the National Press Club to reveal Mullah Khatami's crimes to the press

-September 7th Demonstration starting 6:00 PM in front of the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. located at 3101 Wisconsin Ave. N.W. Washington, DC 20016-5098 (CLICK HERE FOR MAP)


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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Islamic Conversions

Two days ago two Fox News reporters where released after being held hostage by an Islamic group in Gaza. The two reporters where allegedly FORCED to convert to Islam at gunpoint in an event that was video-recorded and which many of you probably have seen on the major news networks. Yes by the sword of Islam two KAFIRS ("unbelievers" [of islam]) were converted to Islam during their CAPTIVITY and at GUNPOINT in order to escape DEATH!

This FORCED conversion instantly reminded me of my motherland Iran, or Persia (as it was referred to) 1400 years ago. 1400 years ago the Persian Empire was in a very weak state after years of being at war with the Roman Empire (aka Byzantine Empire). It was at this time that the savage Arabo-Muslim army of Mohammed, from the deserts of Saudi Arabia, was waging Jihad (Holy War) and spreading the "peaceful religion" of Islam. The Persian Army weakened and the political situation of the Empire in turmoil led to defeat at the hands of the Arabo-Muslim army which attacked from the southern border agains the Arabian peninsula; this tragic event can be expanded upon but at this moment i'd like to focus on the following part:

The people of Persia (Iran) where given an ultimatum by these soldiers of Islam/Allah to convert to Islam OR:

a) face DEATH

b) pay a HEAVY TAX and continue practicing their faith.

Short history:

-Many chose DEATH over accepting the religion of the desert-dwelling Arabo-muslims.
-Many chose to pay a HEAVY TAX and continue practicing their true (Iranian) faith or philosophy of life as many refer to it - Zoroastrianism.
-Many also chose to leave their homeland - many of these ended up in India. This community is one of the most vibrant and successful communities in that nation today and continue to practice their ancient faith Zoroastrianism- they are called "Parsis".
-And sadly many also decided to convert, although only in a superficial sense, to escape the harrassment and lingering death sentences if they didn't.

Only after 200 years of Arab occupation were Iranians able to end the occupation and regain their country.

The religion of the Arabs however remained through powerful propaganda channels - especially the muslim clergy who are masters in the art of deceit and lying and let us not forget the tip of the sword which Islam is famous for.

Today, in the Information/Technology Age, enlightened historians and islam-experts are able to bring the facts before the Iranian Nation leading to the SLOW although still PROGRESSIVE awakening of the Iranian people, from the coma they were put into 1400 years ago.

1400 years ago the Arabo-Muslims "converted" conquered people by the tip of the sword - today they have progressed considerably and do so by the tip of the gun and perhaps in the near future by the use of tanks and atomic bombs; in the last case (the occupational government of the Islamic Republic) it is not because of their "progressive nature" that they will aquire nuclear weapons but through hijacking a nation and using the captured nation's human capital to do its dirty work.

As a muslim recently said: "Islam is the religion of peace but when it is threatened all gates of hell shall be unleashed on the kafirs (unbelievers of Islam)".

Islam is the culture/religion of death, backwardedness, and destruction and IRANIANS are slowly waking up to see this truth before them; and although I might not see a fully "de-islamized" Iran in my lifetime but I can rest assured that my children or grandchildren will one day be able to live in an Iran finally at peace with itself.


H.I.M. Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi of Iran's interview with Newsweek International

H.I.M. Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi of Iran's interview with Newsweek International's Rachel Makabi addresses some of the current events surrounding Iran. Issues addressed in the interview are the Islamic Republic's nuclear programme, military intervention against the Islamic Republic, H.M.'s activities with freedom-fighters inside Iran and abroad, the end of the Islamic Republic, and the future of Iran.

You can read this interview HERE.


Monday, August 28, 2006

Manouchehr Mohammadi has escaped from the Islamic Republic!

There are unconfirmed reports that Manouchehr Mohammadi, the brother of murdered political activist Akbar Mohammadi, has escaped the Islamic Republic and is currently in the border-region with Iraq awaiting assistance for being transferred to the USA, where I hope he will join forces with his friend and political activist Amir-Abbas Fakhravar.

The last pieace of news I read on Manouchehr Mohammadi, was when he was given leave from prison to attend his brother's funeral.

I wish Manouchehr success and hope that together, we - the Iranian people - can form a strong and united front against the Islamic Republic occupying our homeland. If I receive or come across any further news regarding Manouchehr I will make sure to post it on here.


Saturday, August 26, 2006

Rooze Rahe Ahan - Shahrivar 4th, 2497 (Shahanshahi)/ August 26th, 1938

Today marks the day the "National Iranian Railroad started its work. The Railroad was built by adding a few cents of tax on sugar and sugar cube. We owe thanks to Reza Shah the Great (Pahlavi I) and the dedicated, patriotic, servicemen of Iran who made this project successful.

To stay up to date on events in the Iranian calendar clean from Arabo-Muslim dates and events, this calendar has been proposed as the Iranian calendar post Arabo-Muslim occupation (IRI).

Proposed Iranian Calendar


Wikipedia on the Trans-Iranian Railway:

The Trans-Iranian Railway was a major railway building project started in the 1930's and finished in 1939, under the direction of the Persian monarch, Reza Shah, to construct a basic network of railways joining the capital Tehran to the Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea. The Trans-Iranian Railway was built entirely by local capital. Trans-Iranian Railway is 1394 km long.

The first lines pass though formidable mountains, and international construction firms were heavily involved in the construction. Gradients up to 1 in 36 were required, plus hillclimbing techniques such as spirals were required.

Geological challenges

All sorts of geological problems were encountered, which required abandonment of some tunnels, and realignment of the route through different terrain:

* a tunnel though a salt dome had to be abandoned, as the disrupted water table would erode away the salt.
* a tunnel commenced through apparently solid rock encountered powdery gypsum, which filled the excavation as fast as it was dug out - another abandoned tunnel.
* a tunnel through pumice, was unblastable and undigable as the picks and shovels got stuck.
* a tunnel enountered a void in the mountain, requiring a bridge in the middle of the tunnel.
* poor fresh water supplies made mixing of long-lasting mortar and concrete problematic.

The principle lines were completed ahead of schedule and under budget, with the first train arriving in Tehran in about 1940.

World War II

During World War II, the railway was a vital component of the Persian Corridor supply routes connecting the Persian Gulf to Central Asia and the Soviet Union. The line was of such importance that the Allies imported rolling stock of its own design, including diesel locomotives such as the ALCO RSD-1.


Friday, August 25, 2006

Hear the cries of murdered student/political activist Akbar Mohammadi's mother!

This is for the Iranian Nation to hear the cries of this "shirzane irani" whose son, Akbar Mohammadi, was tortured and ultimately murdered by the Islamic Republic occupying Iran.
The Mohammadi family come from the northern province of Mazandaran; their second son Manochehr - who was arrested during the 1999 studen uprisings - is still being held at the infamous Evin prison.

The situation for the thousands of political prisoners in Iran is grave. The wife of Ahmad Batebi - another freedom fighting student detained by the Islamic Republic - has told the media that she has not talked to her husband for weeks now and that the government is not responding to her pleas to know of his wherabouts or health (which was already very poor, due to torture, when she was last able to visit him). You can hear a recent interview with her HERE.

There are no words that can express my feelings regarding the cries of Akbar Mohammadi's mother. No comments should be needed on this clip- only actions.

To stay silent in face of tyranny is a crime itself.


Akbar Mohammadi - by SOS Iran
Click below link to watch the clip:


Another clip dedicated to Akbar Mohammadi:



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-In Memory of Akbar Mohammadi
-Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi's statement on Akbar Mohammadi's murder at the hands of the Islamic Republic
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Thursday, August 17, 2006

A Few Simple Shots - A Documentary on Human Rights Violations in Iran

A Few Simple Shots - A Documentary on Human Rights Violations in Iran

Internationally, much attention is given to the ongoing Iranian nuclear negotiations, but almost no attention is directed at the numerous human rights violations perpetrated against Iranian men, women, and young people by the mullahs.

A Few Simple Shots is a documentary film produced by an independent Canadian filmmaker. Despite its small production budget, it has received considerable attention. It provides detailed evidence of the systematic brutalization and torture of the Iranian people and portrays this brutality as the essence of the Iranian regime, not simply a technique to ensure its own survival.

Please visit the AEI (American Enterprise Institute) link and under the heading "Event Materials", to the right of the page, you will find a link to the video clip of the screening of this powerful documentary. The documentary covers only a small amount of human rights abuses that have taken place and still are taking place in Iran under the barbaric mullah regime that has held that country hostage for 27 years since their takeover in 1979.

AEI link:,filter.all/event_detail.asp#


Documentary on The Execution of A Teenage Iranian Girl by the savage Islamic Republic

The Story of 16 year-old Atefeh Sahaaleh Rajabi...

Atefeh Sahaaleh Rajabi was only 16 years old when her life was brutally ended by the savage Islamic Republic which has occupied Iran for more than 27 years. Atefeh was executed by the Islamic Republic on charges based on "acts incompatible with chastity". She had been arrested on numerous occasions before for simply being seen with guys her age which were not related to her - under the Islamic Republic shariah law this "horrible crime" is punishable by DEATH.

More background on Atefeh reveals that her mother had died when Atefeh was very young; the loss of her mother turned out to be too much for her father and he turned to drugs to ease the pain - he became yet another Iranian, amongst millions, who under the Islamic have turned to drugs to ease their pains, the dullness, the depression and to escape the daily life imposed upon one under the Islamic Republic. Atefeh had nobody to raise her, in addition to this she was left to care for her two elderly grandparents by herself.

Atefeh was gang-raped by Islamic Revolutionary Guards after one of her detentions and was later on sexually abused by a married man with children who was more than thrice her age (51). The islamist judge, of the Islamic Republic, in her case, Haji Rezaii, acted as judge, jury, and executioner. Atefeh is said to have infuriated the judge when she took of the imposed chador (Islamic dress) during her court-proceedings furious with the way her trial was being conducted and for talking back to the islamist judge during her farce trial leading to the judge personally carrying out the execution.

The case of Atefeh Sahaaleh has been reproduced as a BBC documentary made by Wild Pictures. Director, Monica Garnsey and Associate Producer, Arash Sahami who had to go undercover to reveal the truth behind this young 16 year old's murder by the Islamic Republic.

You can view the documentary on YouTube (divided into 6 parts):

(1of6) A 16 Year Old Iranian Girl Executed by Islamic Police

(2of6) A 16 Year Old Iranian Girl Executed by Islamic Police

(3of6) A 16 Year Old Iranian Girl Executed by Islamic Police

(4of6) A 16 Year Old Iranian Girl Executed by Islamic Police

(5of6) A 16 Year Old Iranian Girl Executed by Islamic Police

(6of6) A 16 Year Old Iranian Girl Executed by Islamic Police