Sunday, October 29, 2006

Mr Siamak Zand when will the lies end!?

A few days ago I was very upset after having viewed clips by 3 shameless men who dare call themselves Iranians. One of those were Siamak Zand; CBS / Sky News producer in Tehran!

A link to that entry can be found by clicking HERE.

Well Mr Zand must have been quite worried about his performance during his VOA interview, that he decided to see if there had been any negative reaction to it on the net. This search probably lead him to my blog; and today I received an email from him which of all the condemnation this man has received only included these few lines:

The Tzarist regime of Russia was overthrown in 1918 and Bolshevisim and communism took over.The Tzarists and white Russians fled into exile in the hope of returning one day.The Soviet union collapsed in the early 1990s and those who fled were still waiting.but Aghaye Ariamehr all I want to inform you is that the Monarchy in Iran is dead and gone find yourself another political cause to Champion.
Siamak Zand

This is all this shameless man has been able to respond with to all the condemnations he's received!

I could care less what Mr Zand has to say about Monarchy! Afterall this is a man who betrayed the Iranian Monarchy and the motherland with his false propaganda against government officials of Imperial Iran, judging from what Mr Azari disclosed in the VOA round table programme (follow this LINK to view the interview in persian). What Iranians like me outside Iran and the millions of Iranians who are living underneath the terrorist Islamic Republic are condemning this man for is not whether he believes Monarchy has a future or not in Iran, he can keep that opinion to himself because I could care less for his opinion on that, but the condemnation has to do with him lying before our nation and defending the Islamist Republic and its reign of terror by trying to whitewash the terrorist regime's crimes against humanity!

This is a man who tried to portray STONING as not such a big deal! Mr Zand! Do you have any shame left in your body?!

The condemnation of this man, if you can call him that (!), has to do with how on earth he could be so shameless to defend the Islamic Republic's well-known and well-documented human rights violations by saying it has all been blown out of proportion! No man with one drop of Iranian blood would dare defend these anti-Iranian oppressors who killed an innocent Canadian-Iranian journalist who was trying to document a demonstration outside the infamous Evin Prison in Tehran! Mr Zand (!) have in mind that Mrs Kazemi was a TRUE journalist who lost her life trying to document the TRUE story UNLIKE YOURSELF who would rather appease the Mullah's and act as their mouthpiece!
She wasn't killed in any kind of fashion either - she was killed in an Islamic way! She was first tortured and then raped - so as to ensure she wouldn't enter "heaven"! I'm sure this HONORABLE IRANIAN WOMAN wouldn't have wanted to enter that Islamic hell for a "heaven"! A heaven where women are treated as subhumans who cannot make decisions by themselves is no place for a freedom-loving SHIRZANE IRANI! Mr Zand! an Iranian doctor who examined Mrs Zahra Kazemi had a press conference on the state of Mrs Kazemi's body when he examined her! Do we really need to go back and list the horrific account of Dr Shahram Azam!?

Where have you been Mr Zand! Mr Zand, what kind of journalist are you!? Have you left your duties for having a cup of tea with your Mullah hosts while Iranians, especially freedom-loving Iranian students, are rotting in the Islamic Republic's OVERCROWDED prisons!? Where has your honor gone!? If our country is not in such a miserable shape because of people like YOU then why!? If we had people with honor, dignity, and loyalty to the motherland would we be in such a shameful position as we are today! NEVER!

This was my reply to Mr Zand's letter:

Mr Zand,

That you have the audacity to come on a tv-program and defend the Iranian peoples' oppressors! This can only be done by a person with no dignity, honor and who's sold his soul to the devil. You are a living testimony to such a person Mr Zand.

Do not bring Monarchy into this as the problem is with you and your masters in the Islamic Republic. Monarchy is a very viable option for Iran but it does not need treasonous individuals like yourself as its proponents. You are the generation who betrayed Iran and our King; history has reserved a well-deserved place for you.

It was people like you who turned over Iran to these anti-Iranian bastards, and who backstabbed the late Shah of Iran like the true two-faced "individuals" that you are. Mr Zand it was traitors like you who have made the life of 70% of the Iranian population a living hell and stole them the bright future which the Imperial Government of Iran had planned for them. Mr Zand it was traitors like you who two weeks before the Islamist Revolt where shouting "Javid Shah" and who like the two-faced chameleons that you are switched and praised the Islamist fundamentalists!

How you dare get on a show watched by millions of Iranians and defend their oppressors is very disturbing. I'm sure you can understand the feelings of people who sat and watched you on VOA the other day, lying without any shame before millions of people. There's an Iranian _expression that goes "khar khodeti" Mr Zand.
Mr Zand, tell me this, what is the difference between you and the despicable Mullah Khalkhali? Mullah Khatami? Mullah Shahroudi? ... Rest assured that the Iranian Nation will inform you of the difference in due time.

One day you'll have to stand answerable for your actions before the Iranian Nation Mr Zand. One day you will have to look into the eyes of those who suffered during your Islamic Republic and answer them.

I'm looking forward to that day when you will stand answerable for your actions and when justice shall prevail.
I'm looking forward to the day when your Islamist protectors (i.e. Islamic Republic) no longer stand behind you.

Until that day, keep on profiting of the Iranian Nation's misery like the shameless person you are.


And once again this man has made my blood come to boil. Can someone please explain to me how you can be so shameless? Not in front of me or the participants on the VOA round table but towards 70 million Iranians who live under torture and oppression in Iran!? Someone please explain if the circumstances are any different than what i've stated above.

BTW these links are for Mr Zand regarding Zahra Kazemi's torture and rape before execution by the Islamic Republic's OFFICIALS, not that he doesn't know the truth (!) but just as a REMINDER:

Canadian tortured for days, says Iranian doctor


Zahra Kazemi


Arrest Mullah Khatami on charges of crimes against humanity!

Two Iranian exiles, who were tortured by Mullah Khatami's and the Islamic Republic's mercenery forces have demanded that Sir Ian Blair, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, arrest Mullah Khatami on charges of commiting torture under section 134 of the Criminal Justice Act.

Mullah Khatami is scheduled to receive an honorary doctorate in law (!) from the Mullah-appeasing/Terrorist-Supporting St Andrews University in Britain this week starting october 30.

A particulary disgusting character Dr Ali Ansari, has endorsed Mullah Khatami by outright lying without any shame (similar to Siamak Zand's interview on VOA! although that one took the grand prize!) and saying:

...the award recognised Mr Khatami's intellectual and practical work to improve relations between Muslim, Christian and Jewish communities.

Dr Ansari said the award also recognised Mr Khatami's academic work on Islamic philosophy and the west and "the clear international message he sends of dialogue between civilisations".

"In an otherwise tense international situation he does offer an alternative"

The only civilization that Mullah Khatami understands is the Islamic one which promotes hate, backwardness, oppression, death, and destruction!

Ladies and gentlemen, we do not have shortage of people who are willing to sell their mothers and even country for even the minuscule of profit; why otherwise would these characters go out of their way in appeasing these terrorists!? These times are indeed a shameful mark in the history of our nation - we need to work with great deal of effort and in unity to replace the anti-Iranian terrorist Islamic Republic with a patriotic Iranian government by the people for the people! These characters are the last hope for an already dead regime which is waiting for its burial! Do not let them make this mark of shame bigger than it already is!

To read more on the charges against Mullah Khatami please see the following links:

British Police Could Quiz Khatami on Torture Claim
Former Iranian President to be Charged with Torture


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Zaadrooze Shahhanshah Aryamehr - 4 Aban 2565 - 26 Oct 2006

HIM Shahanshah Aryamehr's Birthday

Born: October 26th, 1919, Tehran
Alahazrat Homayoun, Bozorg Artesh Daran, Shahe Shahan, Shahanshah Aryamehr, Mohamad Reza Shah-e Pahlavi, Shah of Iran, Pahlavi II

This great patriot of Iran was born 87 years ago on this date. Throughout his his life he was able to continue in his father's footsteps in bringing Iran out of 1400 years of ignorance, misery, and foreign influence.

The two principal forces in Iran who did not desire to see a strong and nationalistic Iran were the backward Arabo-Muslim clergy who had kept this nation in backwardedness and ignorance ever since their Arab ancestors' destructive occupation of the Persian Empire, and the Soviet-backed communist forces. The parasites of our society, the mullah's, knew that they where loosing foothold and influence in the country they had been able to literally rape of its dignity for the past 1400 years and fearing that their business (Islam) was being threatened began organizing to hinder this nationalist and progressive movement led by the King of Iran. At the same time the communists where busy trying to sell their country to their masters in the Soviet Union, taking on violent opposition to the Iranian Imperial Government. And on the other side of the coin we had major western powers who had no interest in seeing an strong, independent, nationalist, progressive, and prosperous Iran - which ran counter to their objectives and national interests - who were busy plotting against the Iranian Government as we saw in 1979.

One really needs to put things into perspective and realize what an enormous task the Pahlavi Dynasty had before them and in trying to keep the country from falling into the hands of the above-mentioned forces!
In 1979, Iran, under tremendous pressure, fell before the forces of Red and Black, which the Shah had warned the nation of, and shortly thereafter the forces of Black (Muslim clergy) usurped all power and began their rule of terror. See one part of foreign powers' involvement in the success of the 1979 revolt by clicking HERE.

Some of the social and economical achievements during Shahanshah Aryamehr's reign were:
  • Women were granted the right to vote
  • Women were granted the right to run for any elected office in the country
  • Extensive land reforms (see "White Revolution" of the Shahanshah)
  • Greatly reducing illiteracy
  • Creation of middle class
  • Creation of an economical and military power in Eurasia/Middle East
  • Defending Iran's territorial integrity from enemy forces (liberation of Azerbaijan; see "Iranian Azerbaijan")
  • Creation of the "Literacy Corps" to serve villagers across Iran even in the most isolated parts of the country

Please visit: for more information regarding the achievements of the Pahlavi Era.

Click HERE for more pictures of Shahanshah Aryamehr.

This Great man dedicated his life to serving Iran. He gave his everything to you and to restore Iran's rightful place in the world of nation's after so many years of backwardedness! Now my question to you so-called Iranians who are 45+ of age is (those whom i'm addressing know exactly who you are): How did you show your appreciation to your King and country? How did you show your appreciation of Iranian culture and values? I won't list the answers to these questions here because it truly is an unforgivable shame that has been clearly present for 27 years now - bestowed upon our nation and people of my generation.
Are you aware of what you've done to an entire nation? Are you aware of how some people look upon you as worthless traitors to the motherland and wish all the ills in the world upon you?!

Shahanshah, history can be very cruel, unjust, and even treacherous. You were witness to this in 1979. Those ungrateful and treacherous people who destroyed our country in 1979 changed the course of our history - we were on our way towards the "Golden Civilization" under your leadership, today these anti-Iranian Arabo-Muslims that have occupied our nation are leading this country towards darkness and destruction; and they've achieved great strides in this endevour in the span of 27 years!

Shahanshah, despite all of this I do have hope. I have hope in my own generation whose hands are clean of blood and treason! I have faith in the 70% of our nation whose hands are clean of the blood and treason that took place in 1979. I have faith that this generation can wipe away this mark of shame in our history. I have hope that this generation will undo past mistakes. I have hope that our nation can once again be put on that path towards the "Golden Civilization" which you dreamt of and which we were marching towards.

Today I pay tribute to your Imperial Highness for all good that you did for our motherland despite the hardships which Iran faced during your leadership. Today we rejoice knowing that a Great and patriotic Iranian was born on this day. Today the Iranian Nation celebrates HIM Shahanshah Aryamehr's birthdate.


Zaadrooze Shahanshah ro be hameye shoma hamihanane gerami shaadbash migooyam!


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Without ANY shame!!!

Well just recently I viewed and read some really BLOOD-BOILING material by three shameless ENEMY's of the Iranian Nation! How someone can have the audacity to belittle the Iranian Nation and defend its oppressors in such a manner is really beyond me - how they can be so shameless is beyond me. These low-life individuals would sell their mothers just to make a profit. They've sold their souls to the devil and will pay for it.

They are:

SIAMAK ZAND - CBS / Sky News producer in Tehran; Islamic Republic's mouthpiece on western media stations - denies gross human rights by the Islamists and promotes a democratic picture of the terrorists occupying Iran.

KAVEH L. AFRASIABI - "Political Analyst" a.k.a "Political Prostitute" and Associate/Friend of the terrorist Islamic Republic's former President, Mullah Khatami!

HOSSEIN DERAKHSHAN - Idiot Blogger and Crypto-Islamist Supporter who'se become a darling to the leftist media! He's compared Iranian freedom activists to Guantanamo Bay TERRORISTS on his blog! He's also referred to some of the most radical elements of the Islamic Republic who have Iranian blood on their hands as "reformists"! He's a useful idiot that the Mullah's use from time to time!

Why has my blood come to boil because of these three SCUM in the past 48 hrs (besides the above-mentioned FACTS)! Just have a look at the below links:

Siamak Zand (VOA Interview):

Windows Media Player:

Kaveh L. ("Lajan") Afrasiabi (CNN Interview):

Haj-Agha Hossein Derakhshan:

I don't have much more to add than what is self-evident in the links i've posted!


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Islam the religion of "peace"...

This picture was taken during Muslim-reactions to CARTOONS of the Arabo-Muslim prophet Mohammad.

Keep on fooling yourself that there are moderate and radical muslims.
Keep on fooling yourself that Islam is a religion of peace - even when literally "Islam" means SUBMISSION.

Click HERE for more pics.


Monday, October 23, 2006

This week in the land occupied by mullah's...

Once called the Land of King's...once the land of Aryans...once the land of Noblemen...once the land of Iranians...has today been reduced to "Land of Mullah's and Terrorists" in the span of 27 years?!?!

President AN of the Islamic Republic occupying Iran has ordered Iranians to make more babies that can be indoctrinated into Islamic ideals and eventually become good terrorists! This is a land where the Mullah's own parliamentarians say that:

"90 percent of the population are living under the poverty line and only ten percent of the people have access to social services provided by the government" - Islamic Republic's parliamentarian from Urumiyeh (northwest Iran); Mohammad Abbaspour [CLICK HERE for full article]

Whilst the Islamic Republic's own public servants put the number of people living UNDER the poverty line at 90%, the United States' CIA's figure stand ONLY at 40%!

Official unemployment figures by the Islamic Republic stand at around 13% with the CIA's figure being 11.4%. Unofficial figures which in this case would be much more reliable are more than double that figure!

Unemployment figures for the age-group 15-29 stand at anything between 31% to over 50%!!!

CIA figures on inflation in Iran stand at 13.5% when again that figure is most likely much higher!

A report by the United Nations has found that Iran has the highest drug addiction rate in the world. “According to the U.N. World Drug Report for 2005, Iran has the highest proportion of opiate addicts in the world -- 2.8 percent of the population over age 15”! Official estimates of drug-addiction in Iran by the Islamic Republic's officials range from 4-11 million of a total population of 68 million! That's 6-16% of the total population being drug-addicts! And the Islamic Republic continues to distribute drugs amongst the Iranian populace at ridiculously low prices, especially amongst the youth - so as to keep them from posing any threat to their savage regime.

With prostitution estimates ranging from the hundreds of thousands to figures in the millions (!) and Iranian women being sold as sex-slaves in Arab sheikhdoms!

2 out 3 teens in Iran suffer from depression! Which in many cases have led to suicide!

Homeless figures probably lie in the millions if only in Tehran there are 300,000 homeless WOMEN!

You cannot turn a blind eye to what is happening in Iran! You cannot reduce Iran to your yearly trips to NORTHERN TEHRAN (rich area) where you spend your DOLLARS/POUNDS/EUROS...!!!

With the above-mentioned disasterous situation amongst a wider catastrophic environment in Iran this ape-like creature - President AN - has come and asked Iranians for a 50 million increase in the population to "dominate the enemies"!!! Does he want 50 million more drug-addicts!? prostitutes?! unemployed?! backward Islamists?! because these are seemingly the only kind of result the Islamic Republic can achieve!

These incompetent and viciously anti-Iranian Mullah's and Islamists have already reduced Iran to a country where poverty, unemployment, drug-addiction, prostitution and a hundred other social ills are prevalent and now he wants to increase the population by 50 million - who will grow up in the backward environment of the Islamic Republic and be denied a bright future!

If you are Iranian and have one bit of honor, dignity, sense of patriotism left in you, get your act together and put petty differences aside! Today we have to stand united against this barbaric Islamic regime that is destroying our country and society! We have to stand united against this enemy force and lead the nation towards a national referendum.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Innocent Iranian woman on death row in the Islamic Republic...

Painting exhibition of a young woman on death row

Iran Press News: Delara Darabi’s painting exhibition entitled “The prisoner of colors" opened in Tehran. Delara is one of the young women who is on death row in Iran. The poster announcing her exhibition depicts one of her paintings. The text of the poster reads:

"Do you know what the prisoner of colors mean? It means that when I was four, I had broken down my life by colors; at 17, I lost them. I mistook deep Red for blue lapis. Instead of sky blue, I painted gray. I lost the colors and now the only silhouette I see everyday is the [prison] wall. I am Delara Darabi, 20 years of age, accused of murder, sentenced to death; it has been 3 years that I defend myself with colors, shapes and words...These paintings are an oath to an uncommitted crime...would that colors were to bring me back to life again. I send you who have come to see my paintings, greetings from behind these walls.”


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Civil Disobedience!

For each day that passes...

  • The terrorist Islamic Republic get closer to aquiring a nuclear bomb
  • Innocent Iranian freedom-fighters are executed by the Islamic Republic
  • Innocent Iranians are beaten, tortured and kept in solitary confinement in the Islamic Republic's prisons
  • terrorist organizations across the globe are benefiting of the Iranian Nation's money to fund their activities
  • An Iranian takes his/her life because of the unbearable atmosphere the Islamic Republic has created; be it social/economical
  • Iranian cultural heritage sites are being destroyed and/or neglected by the occupational Islamic regime
  • Iranian women continue to live as sub-humans who have to follow orders from the Muslim Clergy
  • Iranian children are denied a bright future in their own homeland
  • And a thousand other "bad-bakhti's" (unbearable conditions, sufferings...)
The Iranian Nation has three ways to free themselves from this misery and save their country from further destruction:

  1. Peaceful Civil Disobedience
  2. Violent Disobedience
  3. A combination of the two above
Personally I believe in the third choice as being the one that can once and for all eliminate this occupational force that has hijacked our country for 27 years. I believe in the third option because we should always have that option of violent disobedience to protect ourselves if we are faced with such a situation that requires it, we need to be prepared for all eventualities, but in general if civil disobedience is implemented correctly the chance of the blood of our compatriots being spilled will be reduced greatly.

The Iranian opposition (abroad) needs to form its Central Command with immedieate effect! It has been 27 years now that infighting between 1001 different groups has been going on but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! During these 27 years Over a million Iranians have lost their lives at the hands of the Islamic Republic. An 8 year long war, executions, torture, and oppression is what the Islamic Republic has brought upon this nation during the past 27 years and believe me they will continue down this path if given the chance! The democratic Iranian opposition abroad needs to unite and form an Overthrow Committee or Transitional Government in exile.

I think the Crown Prince of Iran, would serve as a unifiying figure in this council/government in exile and can contribute immensly towards this cause ; which he himself has worked tirelessly on in bringing the democratic opposition groups together under one roof. This council/transitional government will fill the administrative gap once the Islamic Republic has been eliminated. It will also help coordinate opposition activity outside the country (media campaigns, demonstrations etc). The council also needs to have representatives inside Iran who can be in direct contact with leaders in various sectors and help coordinate activities. We need not one or two leaders but hundreds across the country! This will ensure the success of our goals.

On the issue of leadership. The Iranian Nation needs leaders. Iranian society is not that developed yet for them to consider themselves individually as leaders. They need leaders to take the initiative, the first step, and to give them courage, and guide them. They need leaders to rally them to the "battlefield".

I think it's imperative for us to have leaders ready to take the first step in each sector of society (economic, social, political, & military) - these are the people who will initiate the change and whose actions will encourage people to follow.

These leaders need to conduct acts of civil disobedience (which will raise dissatisfaction and lead to the "final eruption") such as cutting electricity to homes, teachers and professors not showing up to their respective institutions, writing revolutionary slogans on walls, distributing pamphlets (etc), boycotting the regime fully, and constantly staying in communication with each other "spreading the word". As these kind of activities progress, labour unions, teachers unions etc will have already coordinated with each other to stage mass-demonstrations which much be coordinated across the country. It's these mass-demonstrations that will cripple the Islamic Republic forever (especially with the oil industry following suit) and which will empower the military to join the Iranian Nation. It's also important for the leaders in each of these sectors to prepare those "under them", if you will, to be informed, aware, and organized when time comes for them to initiate the process of regime-change and overthrow of the Islamic Republic; this is key along with the overall coordination and organization between the various sectors ACROSS the country when the time is ripe!

In light of all this the Islamist regime will try to infiltrate the command & control and leadership of this national movement. It is up to those responsible inside the country to see to it that their efforts are not successful. The more "leaders" we have across the Iranian society the more difficult it will be for the Islamists to try and infiltrate all these resistance cells. Iranians inside Iran really need to start thinking about this and planning. You cannot go on like this. You cannot let your country be reduced to ashes because of these Islamists! You cannot take away the future of our children by staying idle. You have to ACT!


Saturday, October 14, 2006

Happy Birthday Empress Farah Pahlavi of Iran!

Today we celebrate the birthday of Her Imperial Majesty the Shahbanou (Empress) of Iran!
I'd like to send my most heartfelt congratulations to our Empress and wish her all the best on this joyous occasion!

Her Imperial Majesty the Shahbanou of Iran served Iran with great effort in the areas of social welfare and culture; she's probably best known, amongst Iranians, for her visits to small villages/towns across Iran where she would meet and spend time, close-up and personal, with her compatriots.

Her Imperial Majesty the Shahbanou was the first Iranian lady to be crowned Empress after 1400 years of backward and disasterous Islamic occupation and influence in Iran! Before the Arabo-Muslim invasion/occupation of Iran we had many women rulers such as Empress Poorandokht and Empress Azarmidokht from the Sassanian Dynasty. Thanks to their Imperial Majesties Reza Shah the Great and His Imperial Majesty the Shahanshah of Iran, Mohammad-Reza Pahlavi Aryamehr, Iranian women were once again able to regain their valued position in Iranian society; and with this, the Muslim Clergy's 1400 year-long domination of Iranian society came to an end!

For the past 27 years our Imperial Family has suffered the life of exile due to the 2nd Arabo-Muslim Occupation of Iran which took place in 1979. However the Islamic Republic's lifetime is ticking closer to its end and by the will of the Iranian people it will soon be terminated.

I pray for the speedy return of our Empress to her homeland - that very homeland and people which she loves dearly and which she has served tirelessly.

I'd like to repost a link regarding the Empress, which my fellow compatriot "Winston" has posted on his blog (CLICK HERE).

As our beloved Empress has said, despite all the hardships and darkness that has engulfed our nation for the past 27 years, "victory of light over darkness is near".

The Iranian Nation awaits the return of their Empress.


Associated link hosting photos of Her Imperial Majesty:


Friday, October 13, 2006

Blog sidebar updated!

Blog sidebar has been completely updated/reorganized with many new links added. Check it out!


Imperial Family of Iran (rare footage)

His Imperial Majesty, the Shahanshah of Iran.

Very rare and beautiful footage of our Imperial Family (in french).



Thursday, October 12, 2006

Islamists Hurl Petrol Bombs at Danish Mission in Iran

What a coincidence that a HANDFUL of club-wielding muslim thugs (who themselves work for the Islamist Republic) is quick to gather the complete attention of the western press but when THOUSANDS of Iranians come out, putting their lives at danger, protesting against the savage Islamist Republic one would be extremely lucky to hear any MENTIONING of it on Al-Reuters! AP! The Guardian! CNN! CNBC! SkyNews!.....


Protesters Hurl Petrol Bombs at Danish Mission in Iran

October 10, 2006

TEHRAN -- Dozens of protesters pelted the Danish embassy in Tehran with stones and petrol bombs on Tuesday after Danish television broadcast footage deemed insulting to the Muslim Prophet Mohammad, witnesses said.

Denmark's state TV aired footage on Friday of a number of members of the youth wing of the anti-immigrant Danish People's Party (DPP) drawing cartoons in August mocking the Prophet. Iran condemned the broadcast.

Reuters witnesses said protesters hurled stones and petrol bombs into the embassy compound. The crowd chanted "Down with Zionists" and "God praise the party of God".

Riot police guarded the embassy and two fire trucks stood nearby. Firefighters extinguished a tyre which was set alight next to the embassy compound wall, the witnesses said.

Denmark's ambassador to Tehran was summoned to the Foreign Ministry on Monday to complain about the video clips, which follow cartoons published in the Danish press last year that sparked outrage in the Islamic world.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has condemned those who made such insults as "low life".

In September last year Danish daily Jyllands-Posten printed cartoons, including one showing the Prophet with a bomb in his turban.

Those cartoons sparked protests across the Middle East, including Iran where protesters also pelted the embassy with stones and petrol bombs.

Some 232 lawmakers from Iran's 290-seat parliament urged Ahmadinejad on Tuesday to cut Iran's trade ties with Denmark over the latest footage, the semi-official Mehr News Agency reported.

"The past attempts of the Danish government regarding this insult (to the Prophet) have been repeated, this time, by the visual media," Mehr reported.

"Since this is not tolerable, we call for cutting the economic ties to Denmark and if continued, cutting the political ties," the lawmakers said.

Islamic Regime Spends US$420.000 in Construction of Toilets in Iraq!

In the early days after the Islamist takeover of Iran in 1979-1980 the Mullah's were going to demolish PERSEPOLIS -which is SACRED GROUND for any true Iranian- with bulldozers! Mullah Khalkhali and a group of Islamist thugs were onsite and ready to carry out their orders. If it wasn't for a brave group of Shirazi compatriots who defended that SACRED GROUND from the hands of these TAAZI's there would be no Persepolis left!

See back then, it was just after the Islamist takeover and people's stomach's were still full from what Shah and the Iranian Government had given this ungrateful people which enabled them to carry out this kind of protest action - but today, if the mullah's decide to go ahead with their Sivand Dam project, which will flood an immense area filled with our cultural heritage, none would be able to even object! let alone carry out any kind of protest action! they are too busy SURVIVING!

I get goose bumps just thinking of how much of Iran's (our!) cultural heritage these Muslims have quitely destroyed, in these past 27 years, without any resistance by the Iranian Nation!

Mullah's are descendants of Mohammad the Arab! They do not have any feelings towards Iran! When will this nation understand this!? When they spend millions of dollars on Mosque lavatories in Najaf and Karbala in Iraq whilst Iranian cultural heritage sites are being neglected, is it really that difficult to conclude where their loyalties lie!?!

OUR CULTURAL HERITAGE SITES ARE IRREPLACABLE! I hope everyone understands this! I hope the Iranian Nation understands this!


ICHHTO Short of Funds and Islamic Regime Spends US$420.000 in Construction of Toilets in Iraq
07 October 2006

LONDON, (CAIS) -- Nearly 3,800 Iranian historic venues have been registered on the National Heritage List over the past year.

Head of Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO), Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei, made the remark while presenting a report on his one-year record since he took office last year.

He predicted that another 780 ancient sites would be listed as national heritage by the yearend (March 20, 2007). The official put the total number of registered sites at 16,400.

Rahim Mashaei was quoted by the Persian daily Jaam-e Jam as saying that close to 28 billion rials has (US$ 2.94 million) been allocated for restoring old textures.

“Even if the current budget is doubled, it would fall short of requirements,“ he stated.

This claim came amidst of a news by the Persian service of ISNA on October 1st, that the Islamic Regime is spending millions of Iranian dollars on Iraqi religious buildings.

According to ISNA, the Islamic Regime has contributed 4 billion rials (US$420,000) for the construction of a sanitation system for ablution and toilets in Na'l-Jin street, near the tomb of Hussain (3rd Shi'a imam) in Karbala, to be used by visitors during the Islamic month of Ramadhan; this is while Persepolis lacks 3 billion rials (US$ 315,000) to carry out urgent restoration works, in which the authorities in charge of the historical edifice are humbling themselves for handouts

According to the report, the cost of retiling and masonry of the tomb of the 11th shi'a imam in Kazamain (in Iraq) have cost Iranians 15 billion rials (US$1.57 million).

The regime is also constructing "the Apron of Fatimja Al-Zahra", an extravagant 35,0002 two story extension in Ali's (first Shi'a Imam) tomb complex in the Iraqi city of Najaf, which its' massive cost has not yet been declared.


Monday, October 09, 2006

"Western" politicians shamelessly try to depict Iran as a "democracy"!

A few years back an idiot to U.S. Deputy Sec. of State, Richard Armitage, called Iran a "democracy". Now it's the turn of some bastard British politicians to follow suit!

"Iran is a democracy, however odious parts of the regime may be. North Korea is a dictatorship led by a man who people don't know very much about," said a source in Whitehall, seat of Britain's government.
Surely these kind of insulting statements must somehow be in line with some "western" politicians' agenda of fooling public opinion that the Mullah's are a democratic society and that Iranians live in a democracy!

Someone tell these fools that elections in democracies do not filter out "un-desirable individuals" - in this case those who oppose the Islamic Republic in any shape or form, women, and non-muslims (that would be anything from Christians, Zoroastrians, to Atheists!). Only those deemed friendly to the Islamist regime are allowed to run in the sham-elections! They are hand-picked from amongst themselves! These "elec-shows" which the Mullah's hold every 4 years seem to be for the sole interest of their European partners in crime to be able to justify and fool public opinion into believing that this terrorist and savage theocracy is a "democracy"!

I won't even go into the crimes against humanity that this disgustingly backward Islamic Republic has commited upon the Iranian Nation!

I've said it before and i'll say it again . The enemy of the Iranian Nation is a much larger force than some backward mullah's ! The Iranian Government and the late Shah had to deal with and face this enemy before the Islamists were able to destabilize and hijack the country. We where well on our way to be able to confront this enemy but we suffered a terrible loss in 1979! Lets learn for the future!

Do these "peepole" have no shame in saying something so absurd as "the Islamic Republic is a democracy"!!!?


Hugh Fitzgerald offers a polite recommendation to Iranians- Zoroastrianism

Iranians cannot go un living under the misery of Islam. Although educating all Iranians will undoubtedly take time, this Arab religion's expiration date in Iran is long overdue. Personally I do not adhere to any kind of religion - I still do have faith in God and try to be as "good" as possible in my actions but I see religion as a tool for various religious establishments to control people; weak people seek guidance in these religions when they should be seeking guidance from within themselves. If it's guidance we seek then we should look for it within ourselves, religious clergymen do not have a monopoly on being able to communicate with God; if only more of us understood this we wouldn't have all these religious conflicts that plague our planet.

Zoroastrianism which isn't really a religion, as many refer to it as, is more a philosophy of life which encourages mankind in its three fundamental principles to follow through with "Good Thoughts, Good Words, & Good Deeds" in life. This ancient Iranian philosophy does not incite hatred, call for the deaths of others, or try in any shape or form to impose itself on people.

Iranians cannot go on living fake lifes. One cannot be a Muslim and an Iranian at the same time. Being a Muslim means you hate Iran, Iranians, Iranian Culture and Values. The "fake muslims" (due to their ignorance) who compromise the majority in Iran need to be educated on Islam. Our nation needs patriotic IRANIANS not backward superstitious fake/true muslims.
Iranian culture and Islam cannot co-exist peacefully because they are at strict odds with each other. For 1400 years Islam has been able to impose itself on the Iranian Nation and we need to make sure that this long-time threat to Iran and Iranians is neutralized and hopefully in the end disposed of.

Please have a look at the "polite recommendation to Iranians" below.


Hugh Fitzgerald offers a polite recommendation to Iranian- Zoroastrianism

One wonders how many intelligent people in Iran, or among the Iranians in intelligent exile, wish that Islam had never arrived, that "gift" from far more primitive people, the gift that for the Iranians keeps on giving -- giving trouble, pain, anguish, mental desarroi. How many secretly would wish they could tow their own country out to sea somewhere, away from the Arabs and the other Muslims, adopt Zoroastrianism or Christianity or nothing at all but the cult of poesy (Sa'adi, Hafiz, Firdowsi, Omar Khayyam) and let Persians, as they see it, be Persians? How many secretly nurse an increasing distaste for the Iranian regime – which after all was founded by that thoroughly learned Shi'a theologian, the Ayatollah Khomeini?

If you have forgotten what the Ayatollah Khomeini was all about, or his hanging judge Khalkhali, consider that virtually his first act was to reduce the marriageable age of girls to nine (and by now you know why), and to start executing the leaders of the Bahai and Jewish communities. Later on his followers would polish off the naive leftists who had initially thought they could use him, though it turned out to be the other way round; Shahpour Bakhtiar was the most deplorable example. Over twenty-five years of terror, idiocy, and boredom have had one unintended benefit: Islamic rule, at least for those Iranians who think and feel, is beginning to be understood as the problem. There are still those "reformers" who pretend that the problem is not deeply rooted within Islam (i.e., Shirin Ebadi). There are others who allow themselves to believe the same thing, more out of ignorance than calculation: they have never studied what actually has been the treatment of Armenians, Jews, and Zoroastrians ever since the Arabs came to town, bearing as their little gift (in the shape of a Trojan Horse) the mental straitjacket of Islam.
And lest anyone forget the quality of Khomeini's Muslim-drenched thought, the fons et origo of the Islamic Republic of Iran, reread just the words (indeed, print them out, put them under a magnet on your refrigerator, every time you feel your resolve beginning to weaken) quoted in Ibn Warraq's Why I Am Not a Muslim (p. 11-12) and Robert Spencer's Islam Unveiled (p. 35).

Here they are:

Islam makes it incumbent on all adult males, provided they are not disabled or incapacitated, to prepare themselves for the conquest of [other] countries so that the writ of Islam is obeyed in every country in the world. . . . But those who study Islamic Holy War will understand why Islam wants to conquer the whole world. . . . Those who know nothing of Islam pretend that Islam counsels against war. Those [who say this] are witless. Islam says: Kill all the unbelievers just as they would kill you all! Does this mean that Muslims should sit back until they are devoured by [the unbelievers]? Islam says: Kill them [the non-Muslims], put them to the sword and scatter [their armies]. Does this mean sitting back until [non-Muslims] overcome us? Islam says: Kill in the service of Allah those who may want to kill you! Does this mean that we should surrender [to the enemy]? Islam says: Whatever good there is exists thanks to the sword and in the shadow of the sword! People cannot be made obedient except with the sword! The sword is the key to Paradise, which can be opened only for the Holy Warriors! There are hundreds of other [Qur’anic] psalms and Hadiths [sayings of the Prophet] urging Muslims to value war and to fight. Does all this mean that Islam is a religion that prevents men from waging war? I spit upon those foolish souls who make such a claim.
These are not the words of a "Wahhabi" extremist, but of a learned Shi'a theologian. He says nothing that does not have complete support in Islamic theology and ideology. No one has been able to show that Khomeini misuses the Qur'an, Hadith, or Sira -- for he does not.

It is the "reformers" who will have to jettison the texts, or play fast and loose with them, or pretend they can do things with them that almost no one will accept -- and that, in any case, Infidels cannot assume that enough Muslims will have really accepted. One does not bet one's civilization, or one's immigration or military policy, on the possibility of something for which there is no evidence that it could ever happen, that it has ever happened in 1350 years, or that somehow, all of a sudden, Muslims around the world will now start to learn an entirely new Islam. If Jihad is removed from Islam, if the relentless and aggressive desire to spread Islam and to create the conditions in all the lands of the Infidels so that Islam may rule and Muslims may dominate is removed from Islam, so many Muslims would say that the result was not Islam at all as to render the reform moot. If Islam were to be "reformed" so as to dissolve the strict boundary distinction between Believer and Infidel, which Muslims are urged to maintain in every way, it would no longer be Islam. If Islam were to be "reformed" so that its Total Explanation of the Universe became subject to modern science, if it became "reformed" so that its similar Total Regulation of Life were no longer merely ignored by many, but actually tossed out, it would no longer be Islam.

It was the real Islam, the Islam of Khomeini, which still prevails today in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Isn't it time for dissident Iranians to give the religion of their ancestors -- Zoroastrianism -- a try? Whatever the precise doctrines of Zoroastrianism (and as Zarathustra has not spoken to me, I'm in no position to say) really are, they are irrelevant. Zoroastrianism is not Islam; it predates Islam; it was more or less suppressed and almost entirely destroyed by Islam; it could be taken as a symbol of a revived sense of Iran and Iranian nationalism, in the same spirit in which Firdowsi's Shahnameh is seen not only as a great national epic, but as the literary defense that preserved Persian from the religiously-supported onslaught of Arabic.

Sounds crazy, does it? Well, is the Muslim world one that strikes you as defined by its rationality? Down with the ayatollahs and the money-mad mullahs. Up with Zoroaster. Meanwhile, Persians in exile, including those in Los Angeles who may be horrified to see their own children now speaking of Islam with too much interest and sympathy (in the same horrified way that refugees from the Soviet Union may find their own children, from the safety of the United States, now spouting left-wing platitudes), should look into Mary Boyce's scholarship and her own reports about the Zoroastrians with whom she lived in Iran in the 1970s. They should also consult the reports of Napier Malcolm, from the 1890s, on the mistreatment of Zoroastrians, and the consult other reports, other scholarship, much of which has been completely ignored (Graduate students of Iranian descent: look into this -- you have your dissertation topics ripe for the plucking).

Also sprach Zarathustra.


Saturday, October 07, 2006

More than 5% of Iran's total population are DRUG-ADDICTED!

Heroin! Opium! You name it! The Islamic Republic has it and is willing to give it to you CHEAP! Currently regular drug addicts/users total 4 million (out of a total population of 70 million) according to the U.N. World Drug Report for 2005. Drugs are given out like candy amongst Iran's youth by the filthy Islamic Republic - this takes care of any threat of rebellion!

If the Islamic Republic is allowed to continue like this we will surely be setting new records unimaginable before!!! Once a mighty and glorious EMPIRE today reduced to a disgustingly backward Islamic theocracy setting records in drug/opium-addiction!

I wasn't there to ruin and destroy Iran in 1979 but those who were should really be ashamed of themselves for what they have done to an entire nation, people, and culture. This is what the ANgohlabi generation has passed down to us, the generation born after the Islamic takover of 1979.

RISE UP NOW! or continue rotting away in what has become a hellhole!


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Islam: The greatest threat to modern civilization

I'd like to bring to your attention this article published by a fellow compatriot, Amil Imani (see his website for more on his works).


Islam: The greatest threat to modern civilization Print E-mail
Saturday, 23 September 2006

Nearly 1400 years ago, a group of nomads from across the scorching Arabian Desert conquered Iran (Persia), the greatest empire known to the history of man. With that, they almost destroyed one of the most benevolent and beautiful religions of all humanity, Zoroastrianism, often called the mother of all revealed religions. Due to its antiquity and subsequent influences on later Judaic beliefs, Judaism as we know it has endearingly been dubbed by some scholars as "Moses through Zoroastrian eyes." It is no coincidence that the Old Testament was put into written form during the height of Persian predominance, when Zoroastrian ideas, such as the triumph of Good over Evil, and concepts related to an after-life, such as Heaven, Hell, Resurrection, and Paradise (itself a Persian word) found their way into ancient Judaism, especially in the post-exilic period.

Dr. W.Y. Evans-Wentz, an Oxford professor who was one of the world's leading authorities on Eastern mysticism and religion, was quoted in the book, "In Search of the Birth of Jesus: The Real Journey of the Magi", by Paul William Roberts, as saying: "Without Zarathushtra there would be no Christ". He was essentially making a strong statement about the immense stature and profound influence of Zoroastrianism at the time, since the religion of Zoroaster had been in existence for at least 2000 years before the birth of Christ.

Ironically, though, the acknowledgment of the birth of Jesus by the Three Magi or the "Wise Men of the East", who were Zoroastrian priests, has been celebrated in the setting of the Nativity scene during Christmas celebrations by believers all around the globe, yet little or no attention is given to the fact that the three men bearing gifts for the infant in the manger made their journey from Iran (or ancient Persia) and were in fact Zoroastrians who welcomed the birth of a new religion.

Although enumerating the influences of Zoroastrianism and Iranian Civilization on the world cultures is not the primary objective of this author and is out of the scope of the present article, it is important to demonstrate the salient point of how Islam has been on a collision course with great civilizations from its inception. Just as it brutally conquered and bitterly stifled one of the fountainheads of progress in ancient Iran, Islam still remains a very real threat to Western Civilization and to any progressive civil society in the 21st century. It is virulently capable of great destruction and retardation of minds, as we have seen in the past two decades, and the clear and present danger should be taken very seriously by any open-minded citizen of this planet who cares about freedom, human rights and progress.

It is noteworthy that Zoroastrianism was the official religion of all Persian kings, yet it was never forced onto the non-Zoroastrian subjects of the Persian Empire. Of all the great Aryan Kings of Iran (Iran means "Land of the Aryans"), Cyrus the Great, more than 2500 years ago, represented the true embodiment of Zoroastrian beliefs. Cyrus attributed his conquests to Ahuramazda, the Creator of Life and Wisdom, the One and only God of the Universe. This Zoroastrian King and his descendants, who called themselves Aryans (not to be associated with the false and negative connotations during WWII), which literally means "Nobles," freed the Jews from the captivity in Babylon (present-day Iraq) and assisted them in re-building their Temple in Jerusalem. For his noble act, Cyrus is praised in the Hebrew Old Testament as the "Anointed of the Lord", a title never before given to any gentile, past or present. "Thus saith the Lord to his anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I have holden" (Isaiah 45:1). Thus Cyrus, an Iranian of Persian lineage and a follower of Zoroastrianism was immortalized in history.

This benevolent deed, in fact, was the action of a true Iranian. The protection of the weak and the down-trodden is a fundamental belief, which is incorporated into the daily prayers of Zoroastrians to this very day. Indeed, tolerance and understanding toward peoples of different cultures, races, and religions, was the hallmark of Zoroastrian teachings, unlike in Islamic teachings, and were codified in the famous Cyrus Cylinder that laid down the principles of human rights as we know them today. Even though a replica of the Cyrus Cylinder adorns the lobby of the United Nations building in New York City, alas, very few visitors truly appreciate its Iranian and Zoroastrian origin.

Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, tragedy reigns in the "Land of the Nobles". The remnants of the great Persian Empire were swallowed up by the Muslim conquerors storming out of Arabia, and a tyrannical version of Islam eviscerated the spiritual life of tolerant old Persia. Regrettably, Zoroastrianism, the original Iranian religion, was not an effective barrier against the radical and backward religion from the Arabian Desert, and to this day, despite renewed waves of Iranian nationalism, neither Zoroastrianism nor Iranian culture have fully rebounded from this tragedy. In fact, the Islamic regime in Iran has actively down-played the ancient Iranian and Persian cultures and continues to suppress any sense of nationalism that may be perceived as a "threat" to Islam or the Islamic regime.

The prophet of Islam motivated his rapidly growing body of followers to rally around him by proclaiming: if they are victorious they will have the treasures of the infidels as well as their women and children as slave to hold or sell; if the faithful kill the infidels in doing the work of Allah, further reward awaits them in paradise; and, in the unlikely event that they are killed, they find themselves in Allah's glorious paradise for eternal life of joy and bliss.

The outlandish, frequently confused and often contradictory incoherent rhetoric of Muhammad made the less gullible few question his sanity. They dismissed him as an "Insane Poet". Yet, the generality of the savages found in him their savior -- the one who would lead them to all the good in this world and the next. It was a win-win proposition for them: win and you are rewarded handsomely; lose your life, and you go directly to heaven. How could they refuse?

Muhammad preached that earthly life is a small price to pay for eternal life; it is the next life that the faithful should seek. Hence, Islam can rightfully be considered a cult of death, not life; it will never run out of volunteers to sacrifice their lives until Islam itself expires.

All pre-Islamic achievements that may strengthen the attraction on the part of the Iranian populace are de-emphasized and sometimes even falsely attributed to Islam, to prevent the average Iranian and the world at large from finding out the historical truths about the destruction and retardation Islam has brought to the region. Let it be known that Islam has not given anything to the civilized world, but continues to take credit for the arts and science produced by peoples it has conquered.

Others lost their identity and heritage and embraced the ways of their new rulers. It is this band of savages, an oppressive tyrannical minority, which is presently ruling Iran. Yet even under the rule of Islamofascism, the overwhelming majority of Iranians of various ethnicities and religions remain faithful to their ancient creed – a creed that was given to the world by Zoroaster. The faith of Zoroaster, based on the triad of Good Thoughts, Good Speech and Good Deed, constituted the standard of life for the Persian. Other teachings of the faith of Zoroaster, arguably the most ancient divine religion, have inspired the teachings of other faiths.

Islam, as it is officially practiced in Iran today, is a stultifying, iron cowl. After 1400 years, militant Islam is again the greatest threat to existence of the free world and Judeo-Christian civilization. The very same evil force that set out to destroy the Iranian civilization partially succeeded in ancient times, and still strives hard to deliver the coup de grace to the Iranian people. The modern manifestation of the Islamic Caliphate has reincarnated into the "Islamic Republic" of Iran, which has been holding the majority of Iranians hostage for the past 28 years. Islamofascists ruling the country hope to realize their expansionist master-plan after defeating the people of Iran first, and ultimately unleashing their reign of Islamic terror on the rest of the world in succession. Hence, the importance of American support for the Iranian people cannot be overemphasized.

Let us remember that the Arabs who sallied out of the deserts did not fan out to the outside world with the Quran in one hand and flowers in the other, preaching love and peace from street corner to street corner, aiming to capture the hearts and minds of the people. Islam was forced on every culture it encountered at the point of the sword. The kinder, gentler alternative was the imposition of the backbreaking jizyah (poll tax) levied on those who were spared the sword and allowed to retain their religious beliefs as "infidels." In spite of paying the heavy jizyah, non-Muslims were consistently treated, at best, as second class citizens in their own homelands all across the Middle East.

Islam once again, 1400 years later, is seeking world domination through worldwide Islamic terrorism. It is seeking the destruction of everything in the world that is good, and intends to replace it with the most barbaric ideology known to the history of man. Islam sees Christian America as a formidable enemy standing in its path of world-domination. Hence, it has waged a war on Christian America.

The death of Jesus on the Cross is a symbol of love by God who was willing to sacrifice His Son to show that love. Yet, Islam's ultimate goal is to obliterate this symbol of love and forgiveness, which also were the words of Jesus Christ and what He stood for. Militant Islam intends to bring down Christian America by hook or by crook. How are they are going to achieve this lofty goal? By creating chaos and crisis, by bringing the Islamic suicide bombers into the new world, by weakening the American people, and by casting terror, intimidation, fear and uncertainty into the lives of the American people.

The Constitution of the United States is the most glorious liberty document ever written for free men. It protects the friends as well as the foes of the land. Militant Islam plans to take advantage of the vulnerability of the United States Constitution. They will attack every living organism under the aegis of the "Religion of Peace." The time seems to be ripe for this action.

Islam will destroy one's moral power, it saps the foundation of Christianity, and it disturbs and endangers one's union with the true God. It fetters one's progress and free will. Islam is the enemy of improvements and the deadly foe of education. It demolishes one's pride, it breeds insolence, it promotes vice, it shelters crime, and it is a curse upon the free world.

Islam is the greatest threat facing Christian America today. Mosques have been popping up all over the free land. It won't be too long before we see our glorious constitution replaced by the Islamic Sharia. The Persians have learned this hard lesson, so, let us make sure that Americans learn this lesson from the Persian experience.

The overwhelming majority of Iranians of today stand shoulder to shoulder with the civilized free people of the world to defeat Islamofascism. The Iranians have not forgotten their heritage; they take pride in their ancient creed of light -- that of Zoroaster; they see themselves as inheritors of a great culture and tradition -- that of Cyrus the Great, the exemplary just king; and are determined to pay any price to put an end, once and for all, to the virulent disease of Islamofascism

"The light of American freedom must be preserved for humanity. To save our democracy, all Americans must unite!!" -- Thomas Jefferson

Monday, October 02, 2006

"Most Wanted" IRI Leadership lists!

This thread has been created to post information on "Most Wanted" members of the Islamic Republic occupying Iran. These are the criminals and mass-murderers who must stand trial before the Iranian Nation.

Remember these names (click to view thread)


"The Water Is Polluted In Its Source"

A very interesting and enlightening essay that i'd like to bring to your attention.
Posted and translated by our compatriot Khorshid on

Link to ActivistChat: An Essay By Amir Sepehr


The Water Is Polluted In Its Source (click for original persian link)

By Amir Sepehr
Hezbe Mihan (Monarchist)
Jan 2005
(Unauthorized translation)

In evaluating our problems, we’ve fallen into the habit of occupying ourselves more with speculative discussions. I have personally experienced that those of us who are political occupy ourselves with opinions before dealing with facts. The same is true when we try to get a message across. We spin the morsel some fifty times before feeding it to the mind of our readers and listeners. We subject our speech to a thousand bends and turns and deliver it using unfamiliar terms to demonstrate our level of understanding. The result is that in our country they take people’s eyes out and cut off their limbs, but we style ourselves as the greatest intellectuals on the planet!

We’ve yet to learn that showing off in speech is a sign of ignorance and that it is such displays of talent (which would have no buyer even in the Bazaar for the artless) that has been the cause of our miseries and misfortunes. If I don’t write in such a way so that more than 70% of my readers get my message and comprehend what I’ve written, then I’ve only been showing off, that’s all. Even the learned among us confuse addressing ordinary people (and who isn’t one) with academic and specialized discussions of the university. This disease has even affected the clergy, so that these days, just about every Mullah in every single idiotic writing of his, will refer to two or three philosophers, and four or five world famous authors to imply his proximity to the society of the masters of Arts and letters!

I write this preface to underline the bitter truth that, alas, a society seemingly full of thinkers and intellectuals has fewer intellectuals in the true sense than the number of one’s fingers. If it had, how could it be in such a state of disgrace, helplessness and confusion? It’s not my intention to recite a mournful song, and begin a sorrowful story by recounting for the thousandth time, that which has brought us to this point. But if you and I remain silent, if you and I don’t try to understand, we will once again fail to recognize what we’ve been doing wrong. We are still going the wrong way, and not just one or two, here and there, but probably in tens or hundreds of thousand. And that, apparently the most educated among us (at least they regard themselves as such!). You may then add this to the preface: You know best!

What pained my illiterate mother (a most frugal woman from a village) or your house-owning aunt that, in order to have it relieved, they had to follow the likes of Mullah Khalkhali and Hadi Ghaffari? What about my poor late uncle, who had no idea what an Islamic revolution meant? Once he came to visit us from Ardabil, thinking of joining the protesters. When I objected, he shouted “Sonny, you mean to say that all these university folk, doctors, engineers, and intellectuals are all a bunch of donkeys to have chosen Imam Khomeini as their leader?” Perhaps, were he alive today, he would have realized the truth in the reply by hearing of which he then really lost his temper. Laughing

Let us go back twenty-five years. Our hopes had been met sooner than all other nations in that part of the world. We were, perhaps, the first to reach liberty. To reach the 1979 juncture, our parents had labored for some 200 years. We were two steps, yes two steps, away from liberty. I’m referring to the Shah’s last Prime Minister, Shapour Bakhtiar, who sacrificed his life for his country. His government was the result of several generations’ struggle and self-sacrifice. But where was one to find an intelligent person who understood the pulse of the nation. One may not have expected much from the “common” people, who with the flimsy rope provided them, had entered a bottomless pit looking for a treasure box. None among the self-styled intellectuals and political types understood that incomparable and unique window of opportunity, and did not realize that: Hey, enough! Henceforth we must protect what we’ve gained, and not continue burning banks, destroy governmental buildings, and sacrifice our reason, our mind, our country, our honor, our prestige, our history, our culture, our dignity, our good name, and our nation’s wealth to welcome the arrival of the Mullahs.

If our “intellectual” was intellectual, if our “nationalist” understood nationalism, if our political types had a clue about politics, you may judge for yourselves where we would be today. I wont pretend that we would be a Switzerland or Sweden, but I write without any doubt that not only we would be one of the wealthiest and most prosperous nations in the world, but that we would also have a democracy proportional to ourselves as well, along with a secular government, which we already had! Our children too, instead of starving in schools, would benefit from free milk and fruits, as they already did! Had we intellectuals and political activists worthy of such designations, would we have incurred a million dead and invalids from the war alone? How many millions of drug addicts would we have? Would we see our loved ones displayed for sale in Arabian slave markets? Would our honor and prestige been as blemished in the world? Would our national resources been put on sale?

Ebrahim Yazdi, himself a key figure in the transformation of Sheiks and Mullahs into the lords and chieftains atop the Iranian people, and the person most responsible for handing over the elites among the brave officers of the Iranian Imperial Armed Forces to the lunatic and bloodthirsty Mullah Khalkhali, happened to give an interview this year on the occasion of the anniversary of the occupation of the US embassy. Do you know what he said? I shall quote him verbatim so that we learn the condition of our economy as the Shah was leaving Iran. I do not have the slightest doubt that while speaking of these figures, Yazdi was not even a bit embarrassed or felt any pain of conscience. Let us understand what has happened to us in these dark years; let us think why the Iranian people are reduced to selling their kidneys in order to survive. Readers will note that the figures concern our holdings in the US government alone, as in the period under discussion we had tens of other investments in the US private sector. One of these was the ownership of one of the tallest buildings in Manhattan, which, when I was young, I had visited as an observance of my national pride. I had my picture taken in front of its entrance. It was 1977, two years before the revolution. The Islamic Republic sold the skyscraper and the Mullahs pocketed the money. A few years ago, when I chanced to pass by it again, I saw standing about a few Iranian-speaking drug addicts. One of them, who had a dog, and was about the same age as I, when I had first visited the building, stood begging near the spot where I had taken my picture. (Is it even possible not to burn with rage when thinking of common thieves who style themselves after “intellectuals”?)

In addition to investments, we had reserves of ready cash in all other industrial nations of the world. France had borrowed a billion dollars from us; so had Britain. But here is an excerpt from Yazdi’s interview with ISNA (Nov 2, 2004):

“Billions of dollars of US weapons, including strategic weapons, fighter jets and submarines had been paid for and needed spare parts, and we had to settle this. There were unfinished projects that had already been fully paid for, and we needed to settle that. In Iran’s revolving funds account in the US Department of Defense, there was some 33 billion dollars. Spare parts and military equipment for the Iranian armed forces were all paid for and waiting in US airports, ready for delivery. Before the revolution the surplus from the oil revenue was looked after in US banks. In the United States we had some 14 billion dollars of ready cash.”

I wrote that it is not my intention to bemoan the past; what has passed has passed. But have we, the intellectuals and the politically minded among us in particular, learned anything from the experience of our destructive acts? Have we? Perhaps I should share with you a day’s observation on the subject, leaving you to make your own conclusions. Of course, this is a simple and commonplace illustration. The individuals I’ll refer to I consider victims themselves, victims of those, whom from intellectualism have only learned how to abandon a nation wandering in the desert, and how to mistake the realm of the fantasy and the intangible with obvious things and actual potentials in the world of politics. Oh! May they have never read those 15 or so volumes they did read!

As you know I live in Stockholm. Here all the residential buildings have their own laundry room below the ground floor, normally used by the residents through reserving a time slot on a computerized board. Three days ago it was my turn. It usually takes about an hour to wash your clothes. After placing their washables in the machines, people either return to their apartments and return an hour later, or take a seat and pass the time by reading a book or newspaper.

Anyway, after throwing my clothes in the washer I returned to my apartment. I turned on the television. They were showing a ceremony in remembrance of the Swedes who had lost their lives in the Southeast-Asian Tsunami, in the same hall where the Nobel ceremonies take place. Their King, seated; the Queen, accompanied by their three children. The Prime Minister, all the ministers, present. Members of the Parliament. The clergy. According to the reporter in the live telecast, some 700 cultural and intellectual figures, the main leaders of all Swedish political parties, lawyers, artists and in short all the important people in Sweden are present in this gathering.

First, His Majesty Carl Gustaf, the King of Sweden, gives a very emotional and moving speech. This is followed by a speech by Prime Minister Goran Persson. A chorus of female students, beautifully and impeccably dressed, sings a very emotional song. A few religious songs in soprano follow. The musicians play their instruments so emotionally that one’s entire body becomes affected. In between, the clergy perform ceremonies of prayer and eulogy. The poets recite humanist poems, poems that bring people together. National harmony, the spirit of helping and cooperation, unity, sympathy, dignity, civilization, respect, proper attire, culture, humanism, serenity and, in one sentence, the poetic, intelligent and dignified aspect of humanity is displayed at its peak. I look at my watch. I’ve been so engaged with this program that I am 15 minutes late already to pick up my clothes. I’m very much moved by these aspects of civilization and social-cultural progress. I cry in my heart, “Until when…”

I enter the laundry room. As I enter, I see two Persian speakers engaged in a political discussion. (May God Bestow His Abundance! Thanks to the Mullahs’ “Justice of Imam Ali” regime, Iranian refugees can be found in every nook and corner!) I know one of them very well. Like 93% of all Iranians, he is a poet. But he had had money, and had published a few 17-paged booklets of poetry, thenceforth becoming one of the thinkers and intellectuals. He is a radical member of the MEK, and not very warm toward other views.

I know the other a little. I know that he calls himself a communist. The subject of their conversation is ideology (Mine is better than yours!). Besides a courteous hello, I have no desire at all to enter their discussion. But how is that possible, when they don’t leave you alone! Our Mister Communist regards Sweden, a country that has provided him with asylum and opportunities, a backward capitalist country. He speaks of nothing but Mansour Hekmat and labor issues in Iran. He is of the opinion that in a not so distant future his party will not only free Iran, but will free the world from the shackles of capitalism. Why did you settle in a backward monarchy like Sweden, I ask; why didn’t you go to an advanced country like Cuba or North Korea? He answers in a derisive tone, “Is that what your Shahzadeh Reza has been telling you?” He adds, “Really, one has to be pretty backward to want a monarchy.”

As to Mister Mojahed, well, he believes that Monarchy is the disgrace of history. When I remind him of the glories of history, that he and his friends began suicide missions long before the likes of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, he replies furiously that that is exactly what the Mullahs say! Adding: that’s why Masoud has repeatedly said no Shah and no Mullah! I tell him dear friend, I wish you had seen the ceremony I was just watching. I add, every nation has its own particular culture and history. Every country’s democracy is the result of struggles and historic events shaped and supported by its people. They reply, one somewhat differently than the other, that Sweden too should do away with all this Monarchy nonsense; these are all swindles by capitalism and class society. I reply with just one more sentence and pick up my laundry. Of course, I say it in my heart:

Why did God short-change the Swedes on the number of thinking poets and intellectuals so that the country’s backward and poor Shahollahi (Monarchist) population could too enjoy the benefits of a Supreme Leader, a Revolutionary Guards, and an Ansar al-Islam?