Thursday, May 24, 2007

Liberation of Khorramshahr

Today marks the liberation of the Iranian town of Khorramshahr which was occupied by Iraqi forces during the Iran-Iraq war. The liberation of Khorramshahr led to the retreat of Iraqi forces from Iranian territory - however the Islamist regime decided to prolong the war to continue for 8 more years which led to hundreds of thousands of Iranian deaths. The Islamist regime also sent hundreds of young brainwashed Iranian children between the ages of 9-16, equipped with "keys to heaven", onto mine-fields with the promise that they would be going to heaven!

Despite Iran's top military General's having been executed by firing-squads of the newly created terrorist Islamic Republic, leaving the Armed Forces without any kind of competent supervision and leadership, Iranians from all walks of life were able to unite in an ultimate bid to save their country from Saddam's forces. Let us not forget though that the only reason that the dictator Saddam Hussein even started contemplating invading Iran was because the powerful Imperial Iranian Armed Forces had been disbanded and its leadership executed by the Islamists. Previously Saddam had not dared to utter a threatening comment towards Iran let alone contemplate an invasion! Thanks to the Islamic Republic this wet-dream of Saddam was made possible and hundreds of thousands of Iranians gave their lives defending their country in a war that need not have happened.

The Islamist regime seized on the war-opportunity in continuing to kill any opposition to its illegal rule while hundreds of thousands of Iranians were dying on the battle fields to protect their country. Tens of thousands of Iranian anti-regime opponents where swiftly executed by the Islamist regime at the same time that the Supreme terrorist Leader of the Islamic Republic (Ayatollah Khomeini) prolonged the war for 8 long years in order to solidify his power and divert attention from the mass-killings taking place within the country.

It is noteworthy to mention here that Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi, a trained fighter jet pilot, had expressed his desire to serve in his nation's air force but had been rejected by the Islamists.

May our martyred Generals and soldiers rest in peace. And may the terrorist Islamic Republic soon face justice for the misery that it has brought upon the Iranian people.

Fellow blogger Potkin pays tribute to the war-dead.

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