Thursday, May 24, 2007

We want freedom! We don't want veils!

The above clip is taken on the same scene which you saw pictures of in my post entitled: Iranian woman beaten by Islamist thugs.

An Iranian woman takes off the imposed Islamic veil and shouts: "We want freedom, We want freedom, We don't want veils, We want freedom". The Iranian woman whose face is covered in blood in the pictures, which I had posted earlier, is in the taxi after people intervened and saved her from the hands of the Islamic Republic's security forces. You can see this woman in the last seconds of the clip - enraged about the situation in her country that is occupied by anti-Iranian Islamists that treat women in such a savage way.

UPDATE 1: Kamangir who's persian is much better than mine has a full transcript of what can be heard on the tape:

[What is] this country? [A woman to the Police] You filthy people! [A man] She is beaten up by the Police. [Woman to people] You have no honor [that let the Police beat women like this]! [A woman takes off her veil shouting] We want freedom! [A man] Take pictures! [The woman continues] We want freedom! We do not want the veil! [A woman] Take pictures! [Another woman] Maryam! [a girl’s name] Capture it on tape! [The injured woman to the Police] You are not human!

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