Monday, April 13, 2009

Reza Fazeli

Reza Fazeli passed away today after having struggled with an illness for some time.

Mr Fazeli was the target of an assasination attempt by the Islamic Republic occupying Iran in the late 80's/early 90's. Mr Fazeli survived the assasination attempt however his son who was with him during the attack died from the injuries he had sustained. Having buried both his son and later on his daughter, these events only lead to Mr Fazeli's convictions being further strengthend and kept him going stronger than before - his main message which he conveyed through his television programmes/documentaries was to teach Iranians to use their own brains and think for themselves rather than following others like sheep. Mr Fazeli was a vocal educator on Islam to a population who for 1400 years have been indoctrinated never to question or second-guess this backward ideology and furthermore brainwashed with lies and exaggerations about Islam. Along other notable individuals who have mustered the courage to stand up and speak up against the taboo topic of Islam, Mr Fazeli helped educate many Iranians in regards to the backward and downright anti-human/anti-Iranian teachings of the Arab ideology of Islam. His service to the Iranian nation will not be forgotten and his presence will be direly missed.

Homer Abramian at memorial of Reza Fazeli: