Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mullah Khatami condemned during Norwegian visit

On his recent visit to Norway the former terrorist President of the Islamic Republic, Mullah Mohammad Khatami, received a strong condemnation for his regime's human rights violations. Another Mullah, which was part of Khatami's terrorist lobby-delegation, was grilled by a Norwegian journalist on human rights and democracy in Iran to which the Mullah replied "we have Islamic democracy and human rights in Iran which is different to the western kind" with a smirk on his face; when further probed on the issue the mullah excuses himself and leaves not to further loose face.


Anonymous said...

The psycho mullahs and their leftist apologists seem to use the same exact handbook on propaganda. The reason women did not attend schools during the Shah era was not because they didn't have equal rights in the eyes of the law. Their Parents *chose* and *forbid* their daughters to go to school because they deemed as "Un-Islamic" because of the Shah's Women Emancepation decree, which in the end gave women a choice to wear or not wear the hejab.
Here's what Potkin wrote about it a while ago:
Before 1979, many religious families in Iran, nothing to do with working class many of the super religious families in Iran were Bazaaris, middlemen and street peddlers, would stop their daughters from going on to further education, because they thought they would become corrupt. Once the Islamic revolution came about and the "cultural revolution" Islamized the universities, these families felt more relaxed about letting their daughters to go to universities - Read Shirin Ebadi's book on this. Yet this in itself has become a thorn in the side of the clergy and now they are blaming the ills of the society on too many women in universities, so they are talking about "sahmiehbandi jensi" - "gender allocation" in higher education. Don't you follow the news on Iran?

Yet these demagouge dimwits and the treacherous pseudo-left string pullers like Edalat and Rostami, scraping the bottom of the barrel, use this to credit the regime with. Shame on all of them!

Aryamehr said...


You've tried to post that comment twice now and i've rejected them both times because I do not want to lower the standards to a level of explicit profanity - if you are genuinely against the Islamic Republic you can still convey that in a more moderate language. Although I might feel the same, I don't think it's necessary to convey our message in that manner.

Anonymous said...

good job