Thursday, September 28, 2006

President Carter's involvement in the betrayal of the late Shah of Iran

I'd just like to post this for historical records.

President Carter's involvement in the betrayal of the late Shah of Iran and the establishing of a backward/terrorist Islamic Republic in Iran.

Please see the following thread where i've included various articles regarding this topic:

You be the judge on the degree of U.S. involvement in the anti-Iranian Islamic takeover of Iran in 1979 or facilitating such an event to even take place.

This post is not meant to point the finger at one entity alone but is solely for educational purposes in giving my readers a better picture of the forces involved in the Islamists Revolt of 1979 - be they the Iranian people themselves, the U.S., the U.K., Palestinian merceneries etc.

Again, judge for yourselves.


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

ATT: "Iranian Muslims" RE: Ramadan

As this month of horror begins i'd like to bring some attention to a boy no longer with us. A boy whose life you took a way from us last year during this "holy month" of yours.

It was during this month last year that a 14 year old Iranian Kurdish boy, from Sanandaj, inhaled his last breath of air, on this earth, after having received 85 lashes according to the islamic sentence passed down on him by your religious men - the same religious men of this Arab religion/ideology/culture which you proudly follow and whose name you've tattoed on your foreheads ("muslim").

This 14 year old Iranian boys' crime was to have been spotted eating during this "holy month" of yours, and for this you decided to murder him. I expect nothing less savage from this ideology/religion/culture which you proudly adhere to. A culture which has no respect for life must not have much difficulty in executing young children. This very Arab religion is the cause for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iranians; amongst them being your very own ancestors - but what do you care. Carry on with your "submission" because you are good at it.

Those who weren't as submissive as you left us long time ago on battlefields which you probably have never heard the names of.

After sunset when you like pigs begin to stuff yourselves with food, I hope that those of you who have lost any respect for humanity, for Iranianhood, choke on it. No self-respecting Iranian who knows about Islam and its coming to Iran would ever allow himself/herself to be referred to as a "muslim".

P.S. This year, in Mashad, the muslim disciplinary guards command has announced that anyone breaking the fast will be punished by being forced to dig graves; if they are lucky it won't be their own graves they're digging.

Happy Ramadan/Ramazan whatever you call it.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

VOA Interview with H.E. Ardeshir Zahedi

Here i'd like to share a very interesting and informative interview with Iran's last Ambassador to the United States H.E. Ardeshir Zahedi. The interview is 1 hr long and is conducted in persian.


Who is H.E. Ardeshir Zahedi?

Please see the following links:

H.E. Ardeshir Zahedi's recent VOA interview:


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Political Prisoner Ahmad Batebi's life is in grave danger!

Fear for Safety/Medical Concern/Torture of Ahmad Batebi

September 20, 2006
Amnesty International
Urgent Action

Former student activist Ahmad Batebi is now known to be held in Evin prison in the capital, Tehran. His relatives have been permitted to visit him there three times. He called off his hunger strike shortly after his family's first visit to him in detention on 21 August. However, he is still said to be seriously mentally and physically ill. Prison authorities are reportedly denying him access to the medical treatment he needs.

Ahmad Batebi was re-arrested on 27 July after failing to return from a period of temporary leave from prison, which began around March 2005. He is serving a 10-year sentence in connection with involvement in student demonstration in 1999. Following his re-arrest his family was not told where he was detained until 12 August, when he was permitted to telephone his wife, Somaie Baiienat, and confirm that he was held in Section 209 of Evin prison. His family have only been permitted to visit him three times. During their first two visits, Ahmad Batebi's family were accompanied by four prison guards, although their third visit, on 18 September, was reportedly less heavily supervised. Ahmad Batebi is not permitted to see his lawyer.

Ahmad Batebi is reportedly in poor physical and mental health, which is said to be deteriorating. He suffers from a number of medical problems as a result of being tortured and ill-treated during his previous period of detention, including stomach and kidney problems. He has lost some of his teeth, and has permanent hearing problems and poor vision. He has suffered from repeated lung infections and breathing difficulties.

Despite the seriousness of his medical condition, prison authorities are allegedly not permitting Ahmad Batebi to receive any medical treatment beyond a few pain killers. According to a press report, Dr Hesam Firouzi, Ahmad Batebi's doctor, wrote to the authorities on 6 August stating that his patient was at risk of paralysis or heart attack, and needed to receive specialist treatment outside prison.

Ahmad Batebi has reportedly been subjected to psychological ill-treatment since his re-arrest. He is reportedly denied the opportunity to see daylight, and is forced to wear a blindfold during exercise sessions in the prison yard.


Hundreds of people, including Ahmad Batebi and fellow student activists Akbar Mohammadi and his brother Manuchehr Mohammadi, were arrested following violent clashes in Tehran in July 1999, known after the Iranian date as the 18 Tir demonstrations. Dozens faced torture and ill treatment in incommunicado detention, followed by manifestly unfair trials and imprisonment. The events leading up to the violence began on 8 July 1999, when a small number of students gathered in a peaceful demonstration outside their university to protest against the closure of the daily newspaper Salam.

Ahmad Batebi was detained and sentenced to death on charges relating to endangering national security following an unfair and secret trial by a Revolutionary Court in Tehran, but his death sentence was commuted to a 15-year prison term by Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Sayed ‘Ali Khamenei. His prison sentence was reduced to 10 years on appeal in early 2000. Around March 2005, Ahmad Batebi was reportedly temporarily released, in order to allow him to get married. The period of leave was then extended, but Ahmad Batebi failed to return to prison after it had expired. On 23 June 2005, an interview with Ahmad Batebi appeared in the US newspaper, the New York Sun. The article described Ahmad Batebi as being "currently on the run, avoiding the authorities in Iran". On 28 June 2005, a Judiciary spokesperson announced that an arrest warrant for Ahmad Batebi had been issued after he had failed to return to prison at the expiry of his leave.

Ahmad Batebi suffers from a number of medical problems as a result of being tortured and ill-treated during his previous period of detention.


Saturday, September 23, 2006

10,000+ views since March 22, 2006

10,000+ worldwide views since March 22, 2006 (6 months ago; birth of this blog). It's not yet a one-year anniversary but still an important milestone.

I'm glad I started blogging as it allows me to have a personal space to jot down my thoughts, and post articles regarding Iran which I deem important for others to take note of. Also i've been able to make some new e-friends like Ardavan, Azarmehr, Chester, Winston, and many others. We've had some interesting discussions on here and on each others' blogs where we have been able to exchange views/opinions and learn new things from each other. I hope to continue and improve the blog and together with my friends be able to come up with a positive contribution to the Iranian cause for freedom and liberty.



Screenshot from one of the Islamic Republic's propaganda stations...

Screenshot from one of the Islamic Republic's propaganda stations; it reads:

"Arab States Urge UN to Condom Israel"

The Islamists will have to buy a lot of condoms or a pretty huge one to "condom Israel"; whatever that means...


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Denigration of History And the Mocking of the National Flag

Last year I came across a translation (by a fellow compatriot) of an article by the respected Iranian scholar Shojaedin Shafa entitled "Denigration of History And the Mocking of the National Flag". I would like to share the translation of that excellent article with you. The author of the translation is "Khorshid" from Sarbaze Kuchak.


"I translated this article two years ago, and every time I read it I too become choked with tears. It was written by the great Iranian scholar Shojaedin Shafa during the St. Petersburg Jubilee in May 2003, which celebrated the city’s founding by Peter the Great. It was published in Asre Emrooz."

Denigration of History And the Mocking of the National Flag

By Prof. Shojaedin Shafa

Among this week’s exciting international events, the celebrations in the Russian republic marking the 300th anniversary of the founding of St. Petersburg hold a special place. Forty heads of states, hundreds of renowned political and cultural figures from around the world, and countless reporters and journalists from the international press have come here for the ceremony. Although the event is very interesting in itself, it is of particular interest to me as an Iranian. As I see it, the hundreds of thousands who shall come to the city for the celebration in the future will have the opportunity during their stay to visit the world’s most beautiful museum, and to be dazzled by its treasures of pre and post Islamic Iranian art, the most extensive and the most illustrious of its kind. I’ve visited this city in the past (when it was called Leningrad), spending hours upon hours looking at the most extensive display of Sassanian ceramics or the world’s largest display of Persian handicrafts, succeeding, however, to see only but a fraction of the assortment. Perhaps the reader is herself aware of the museum’s possession of the one of a kind 2500-year-old Persian rug, the oldest rug in the world.

However, it is not the collection of Persian art in the Hermitage or St. Petersburg libraries’ huge holdings of Persian manuscripts that have inspired me to write today. I’m impelled to write by the recollection, brought forth by the present ceremonies, of an important and notable event in our own nation’s contemporary history; recollections which, although very bitter for our generation, can in retrospect bear a constructive message for Iran’s future generations.

Thirty years ago, our own nation witnessed a celebration of similar international dimensions, hosting even more heads of states, cultural and political figures, and representatives of the world press to honor an occasion designated as the 2500th anniversary of the founding of the Persian Empire by King Cyrus the Great. Just as the founding of a large city by Peter the Great is being celebrated today, that day the founding of a vast Empire by King Cyrus the Great was honored and celebrated. However, with the important difference that if king Peter was a reformer, he was at the same time so selfish and brutal as to send thousands, including his own son, to their death, whereas Cyrus the Great, a reformist Monarch, was also so enlightened and compassionate as to found his nation’s throne, that of the world’s oldest Monarchy, upon the world’s first ever declaration of the freedoms of thought and religion. In the Torah, Cyrus is referred to as a messenger from God and the liberator of the oppressed. And Hegel, founder of the philosophy of history, considers his reign as marking the commencement of the historical period in the true sense.

This fact is reflected in all other aspects of the comparison as well. If according to the contemptuous and raging words of George Ball (an American statesman during the Persian Centennial) the host of honors Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi was nothing but a low-born Cossack who hosted the ceremony in order to convey himself as a descendant of Cyrus, then by the same calculation the host of honors in St. Petersburg today is an ex-Soviet KGB agent in need of conveying himself as a follower of the Romanoffs. Needless to say, American statesmen are making no such declarations today. If according to some, Iran’s economy at that time was in such dire states that it did not allow for such commemoration, the same can be said of the Russian economy today, for the present Russian annual income is hardly any higher than the annual income in Iran thirty years ago. However, American “experts” feel no need for such a warning today. If there was talk of human rights violations in Iran at that time, today we can also find much commentary on “Chechnya” in the international press, yet not a single commentary by human rights defenders in protest against celebrating the founding of St. Petersburg. Quite the contrary: In Russia or outside Russia, no newspaper, no radio station, no television channel, no human rights organization, no economist and no intellectual can be found who is raising his or her voice in protest.

Let us not forget that the denigration of the ceremony honoring Cyrus the Great and the Persian Empire was instigated by a number of Iranian groups themselves, acting in opposition to the reigning monarch at the time. But this unique occasion did not involve the Shah only. It involved the history of Iran. It involved the culture and civilization of Iran. It involved our national honor and prestige. It involved an old Nation that after 1400 years of defeat, occupation, mass slaughter, annexation and decline, once again rose---at a time when the majority of the people around the world knew very little of Her---to show the world Her historic identity and individuality. She demanded Her designated and rightful place among the greater family of Civilization, a place rightfully reserved in the Third Millennium for what Hegel called “the first nation that made history”; a place for a nation civilized and full of life, not a third world country with no honor and prestige.

Choked with tears and with a heavy heart I write: The celebration of 2500 years of a history and culture which from the beginning formed one of the pillars of civilization---bearing in mind Her role and responsibilities in the history of culture and civilization---was the most unique and home-born of its kind in the entire 20th century.

The denigration of such a dignified and prestigious ceremony by pointing fingers at this or that person in the most miserly and ignoble manner (for some negligible abuse in connection with the service provided for the guests or the purchase of tents for Persepolis) was like punishing an entire population for this or that man’s petty crime, particularly as the alleged abuse would be incomparable either with the wheeling and dealing (on the scale of hundreds of millions of dollars) behind the American Bicentennial celebrations (1976), or the multi-billion dollar grand larceny perpetuated by the Mafia of a republic which today celebrates the 300th anniversary of the founding of its former capital.

What I can conclude from these facts and pass on to the next generation of Iranians is this: Every flaw and imperfection in our country during the celebration honoring Cyrus and the founding of His Monarchy also exists in a country where the founding of St. Petersburg is being celebrated today, but even the most radical and extreme opponents of the Russian leader, whether inside or outside Russia, fully comprehend that where the history and prestige of Russia and her people are concerned, there is no place for personal vendettas or friendships to make a show of themselves, because to denigrate a nation’s history, identity and culture is to thoughtlessly slander and mock her flag. That if this truth of history is snubbed, the result would be the coming to power of such entities as the Islamic Republic, whose head of radio and television networks---precisely the very instruments that should assert Cyrus’ national prestige---can make the claim, in a “very scientific speech”, that Iran before Islam had no history and no civilization, and that all she possesses today she owes to a culture and civilization delivered to her through Islam courtesy of sword-wielding Arab bandits.


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

President "AN" has arrived in New York!

Iran’s Ahmadinejad arrives in New York
Tue. 19 Sep 2006

Iran Focus

London, Sep. 19 – Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has arrived in New York where he will address the United Nations general assembly later in the day.

His plane touched down late Monday night in New York, and he was received by members of Iran’s UN delegation.

Iranian exiles are planning to hold a rally outside the UN headquarters to protest Ahmadinejad’s presence at the world body.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Upgrade: Blogger Beta

I've updated the blog to the beta version that is available so you might see some slight changes and modifications in the template. Those of you who haven't upgraded yet I highly recommend it as it has some new options that makes life a whole lot easier!!!


Saturday, September 16, 2006

Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi of Iran offers U.S. Senators a three-pronged approach towards the Islamic Republic

Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi of Iran offers U.S. Senators a three-pronged approach towards the Islamic Republic and again reiterated that any military escalation with the Islamic Republic would not serve U.S. interests nor benefit the freedom-seeking Iranian people. The three-pronged approach consists of "confrontation, pressure, and support".

Elaborating on his three point policy recommendation, the Iranian opposition leader said Prefacing his second point by emphasizing that "Where ever the regime is up to mischief, it needs to be confronted."meaningful pressure needed to be applied on the regime in such a way as to avoid hurting the Iranian people, he prescribed "a progressive set of smart and vigorous sanctions targeted at the economic, political and personal interests of the regime's inner circle and power base." The third and what he referred to as the most critical point of his policy recommendation was the need for the "free world to provide unapologetic and robust support for the democratic aspirations of the Iranian people."
For more on this please see the below link:

Reza Pahlavi Offers Senators Three-Pronged Approach on Iran


National Press Club, September 2006, Iran Democracy Movement video (CLICK)


Friday, September 15, 2006

Pope Benedict XVI classes Islam as inferior

I certainly hope that there was no misunderstanding and that there will be no apologies. Islam is lowest of the low - its "creator" a lowlife rapist, pedophile, bandit... Arab who devised it to fit his peoples'/tribes' (Arabs of the Saudi Arabian peninsula) way of life and then decided to impose it on other nations through force and deception. This Arab religion has to be exposed to what it really is and the appeasement by western governments of this virus and those who adhere to it has to come to an end!

This is the quote used by the Pope when speaking on Islam and its justification for "holy war" (jihad):

"Show me just what Muhammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached."

See below link for an article by Stratfor on this topic:

The Political Fallout from the Pope's Speech


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Call for Nationwide Strike by Oilworkers (20th Shahrivar/11 September)!

Please see the following translation by a fellow compatriot, Maziar, on this call for a nationwide strike by oilworkers on 20th Shahrivar (Iranian calendar) / 11 September, and spread this around to as many people as you can so that it gets the attention it deserves! If it doesn't get the attention it deserves nothing will change and the status quo will remain indefinately! Spread the message orally and through written forms of communication (emails, letters, pamphlets, slogans on walls etc!). We cannot sit idle. Lets see for how long the terrorist regime of the Islamic Republic can survive without the Iranian Nation's oil income!

The call for this grand action has been posted on the following (persian) site:


First paragraph reads:

20th of Shahrivar, day of unity of patriotic oil industry workers with the Iranian nation.


Abadan, Masjed Soleiman, Omidieh va Miankooh, Aghajari, Raamshir, Khark, Lavan, Kanga (Gas Co.). We will show the regime that it can not fight the great force of the workers and any harshness by the Islamic Republic will only create greater problems internally and externally for the Mollah regime.




Iran Photos UPDATE!

So i've undergone a major update of my photobucket page: and uploaded hundreds of new pics. Please see the end result below, categorized for your convinience. Please send this on to everyone on your contact lists if you think it would be of their interest.
May our dormant nation soon awaken!

Payandeh Iran!


Our Motherland Iran in Pictures:

People of Iran:

Flavours of Iran:



Iranian Currency:

Various Artwork related to Iran:


The Grandeur of Persia - The Ancient Civilization:

Soldiers of the Persian Empire:


2500 Years of Monarchy Celebrations:

Coronation Ceremony 1967:

Reza Shah the Great:

Shahanshah Aryamehr:

Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi:

Princess Soraya Esfandiari-Bakhtiari:


Imperial Family of Iran:

Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi:

Pahlavi Era (Political):

Pahlavi Era (Social):


Imperial Armed Forces of Iran:

PM Mossadegh:

PM Amir-Abbas Hoveyda:

PM Shapour Bakhtiar:

Zahedi Family:


Imperial Family of Iran (1979-1980):

Islamist takeover of Iran (1979):

Anti-Regime Demonstrations (Iran):

Anti-Regime Demonstrations (Abroad):

Islam in Pictures:


Political prisoner Feyz Mahdavi executed by the Islamic Republic!

This is an entry made by Potkin Azarmehr in regards to the execution of political prisoner Feyz Mahdavi by the barbaric Islamic Republic occupying Iran; this news comes only a few weeks after another political prisoner Akbar Mohammadi (detained during the nationwide student unrest of 1999) was killed during his detention in the notorious Evin prison.


From Potkin's blog:

"I wrote about Feyz Mahdavi before. At the time he was facing execution. We all wrongly thought that the threat of his execution had subsided. Today I learned that he died in a similar fashion to Akbar Mohammadi, while staging a hunger strike. Right now while Khatami is trying to present a deceiving shop front window of the Islamic Republic to his credulous audiences in America, the security forces in the Islamic Republic seem to have devised a new method of killing political prisoners. If the world stays silent, there will be more such tragedies in the coming days.
After Akbar Mohammadi was murdered, I wrote to Clare Short. I asked her to gather a few MPs and protest to the Islamic Republic in the same way that the Swedish Liberal Party had done so. I was confident that the more international protest is made against Akbar Mohammadi's murder the less likely it would be for more such assassinations to follow.

Sadly Clare Short never replied again, and today one more young man opposed to the Islamic regime, was eliminated. Well, if Europe has no guts in facing the Islamic threat, if the Western media finds it more fashionable to write about Guantanamo prisoners than those opposing Islamic fundamentalism, why are they so surprised at their "home grown" threat??"