Monday, April 28, 2008

Gole Sangam - Emel Sayen

Turkish singer "Emel Sayen" sings an Iranian song called "Gole Sangam":

"Pre-Islamic icons symbolize Iran's confused present"

Before i highlight the article below i'd like to share this clip of a young Iranian-Belgian compatriot, Guiv, playing Javad Marooufi's "Les rêves dorés":


After 1400 years of savage Islamic Occupation, brainwashing, indoctrination, and historical revisionism Iranians are beginning to reject this hell-sent ideology that has infected their minds for far too long and are returning to their true roots:

There are few avenues for defiance in this Shiite Muslim nation, but one of them is in the past, where the emblems, folklore and images of old Persia mingle in quiet protest against the mullahs. The pre-Islamic era is alive in jewelry, architecture, decals, books, videos and websites that feature Cyrus the Great and gold-horned bulls.

"It's a psychological reaction to the Islamic regime," said Naser Shahbazi, a drama teacher and bookseller, who sat in a shop of cracked bindings and dust. "Many Iranians hate the regime, but they're scared. The pre-Islamic motif is the least dangerous way to express yourself. . . .

"There is a backlash against Islamic culture," Abedi said. "When I study pre-Islamic texts, I often find that Islam has taken from our [Zoroastrian] history. So why not go to the original? When I give gifts now, I give a pendant or something that signifies the past."

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

To the attention of the world community!

Please help us, the Iranian youth, to liberate ourselves from the chains of Islamic domination and oppression that has forcefully reigned in our motherland since the inception of the terrorist Islamic Republic in 1979! We the youth under 30 years of age constitute 70% of Iran's population and we deserve better! We have already lost many years of our lives under this barbaric Islamic regime!

We are sick and tired of having to live double-lives!
We are sick and tired of being treated as second-class citizens in our own country!
We are sick and tired of being imposed a foreign ideology and culture (islam/arab) upon us!
We are sick and tired of not being able to breath, think, exchange opinions, and to socialize as free human beings!
We are sick and tired of being associated with an illegal regime that doesn't represent us or the Iranian culture!
We are sick and tired of western governments trying to appease this barbaric regime by buying into the regime's deceptive game of "conservative" vs "reformists"!
We are sick and tired of seeing our cultural heritage sites being undermined and destroyed by these savages who don't have any respect for Iran's cultural heritage!

Help us help ourselves! and by so doing help you in eliminating the threat which this barbaric Islamic Republic poses to us and the free world! Give us your loud, clear, and concrete support!

Shahanshah of Iran - Parliament 1970's

Shahanshah of Iran addresses the Iranian Parliament (early 1970's):

Nefrin Nameh - TaaziNameh