Saturday, May 19, 2007

Shahanshah's eternal flight

May God bless the President of Egypt, Anwar Sadat, for his humanity, brotherhood, and loyalty to Iran.
At a time when Iranians where committing treachery, killing brothers (baradar-koshi), and disgracing Iran's name through their actions against our nation, culture, and King, we can at least find some solitude in what this Great man did to honor the late Shahanshah of Iran; his noble actions will not be forgotten.

Dorood Bar Ravaneh Paakash. Rahash Javdan.


Winston said...

SADAT was a true friend of the Shah when every other idiot politicians turned their back to his majesty.

Anonymous said...

And President Sadat's Assassin gets honored by having his name decorating an avenue in Tehran. Khaled Eslamboli Ave.

Anonymous said...

Good evenning to all of you Anwar Sadat was a real man a reall friend a true honnest person, when our late majesty shahanshah aryamehr wanted a refuge he gave his country with his open arms. now after almost 29 years the 2 men the 2 heros the 2 reall muslims, are remmebered by all the world, and every leader in every country is asking now why why??but its too late?? i never changed colours i will never change colour and people like us me you dear friend who has this website and alot of others who never changed colours we have always kept our dignity and the day that i will leave this world i want every one to know how much this young man who ownes this website aryamehr is a great hero. may god bless anwar sadats soul may god bless richard nixons soul and may god bless our late majesty the king of kings. sou; sleep well my dearest majesty i love you always and forever, tirdad gharib.