Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Islamist police shoot to kill in Tabriz!

I'd like to bring yet another heinous crime of the terrorist Islamic Republic occupying Iran to your attention and underscore that these atrocities occur on a daily bases, yet nothing is ever mentioned by the main-stream-media who prefer a game of deception in trying to portray "moderate/reformist elements" in a regime which knows nothing about being moderate. This anti-Iranian Islamist regime cannot even hold a civilized dialouge with the people it (illegitimately) rules over yet pursues a "Dialouge amongst Civilizations" through the United Nations with European countries who are more than happy to pursue such farcical processes which only end up in lucrative trade agreements in their favour!!!!

A few days ago, in the north-western city of Tabriz, two Iranian boys were confronted by an Islamic morality security guard of the Islamic regime over "un-Islamic" music that the boys were listening to in their car. In pure Taliban fashion the Islamic morality police ends up shooting one of the boys and arresting the other - the wounded boy who lost a lot of blood, sustained from his wounds, is in critical condition and hospitalized. These are some very disturbing pictures especially knowing the bizarre situation which led to these Islamist animals shooting an Iranian boy! Please give international coverage to this horrific event!

My fellow blogger friend City Boy has an entry regarding this as well which is worth reading.

Also yesterday I watched a VOA program in which a certain Mr Pourzal from an IRI lobbyist group called CASMII (Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran) appeared as a panel member on the daily roundtable programme. This shameless person proceeded in questioning the moderator (Mr Farhoodi) why VOA does not cover police brutality in Turkey as a means of justifying the recent intensified repression in Iran by the Islamic Republic when asked about that topic!! This shameless individual proceeded to condemn the late modern and progressive government of the late Shah of Iran and claimed that the terrorist Islamic Republic is a much more democratic and better place than the former!! The lies of this terrorist lobbyist are too numerous and outrageous to be listed in one entry but I simply want to highlight that such individuals and "anti-war groups" are trying hard to influence public opinion and white wash the Mullah's savage atrocities!

A female rap on oppression in Iran by the Arabo-Muslim occupational government!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome video. Thanks. People like this idiot are scum of the earth and will someday will get what they deserve.