Monday, May 07, 2007

Ten Commandments for Iranians!

This is based on a list of ten commandments sent to me by fellow blogger friend "Winston".

Send this to your friends and family.

1. You must not go to work in Islamist offices.

2. You shall do a bad job for the Islamists (Islamic Republic).

3. You shall work slowly for the Islamists (Islamic Republic).

4. You shall destroy important machines and tools.

5. You shall destroy everything that may be of benefit to the Islamists (Islamic Republic).

6. You shall delay all transport.

7. You shall boycott Islamist (Islamic Republic) films and papers.

8. You must not shop at Islamists' stores.

9. You shall treat traitors for what they are worth.

10. You shall protect anyone chased by the Islamists (Islamic Republic).

Join the Struggle for the freedom of Iran!

1 comment:

Winston said...

i wanted to post this first but you beat me to it... LOL

good job