Saturday, December 27, 2008

Iranian Emperor on CBS 60 Minutes - Oct 23, 1976

Shahanshah Aryamehr, the late Iranian Emperor, on CBS 60 minutes responding to the foreign/islamist/leftist propaganda aimed against Him and specifically created as an excuse/reason to topple the Iranian Government and prepare the grounds for an Islamic takeover.

This is another CBS 60 minutes clip with the late Emperor of Iran:

The foreign media - mainly the U.S., U.K., France, & Germany acted as conduits to the Islamist/Leftist alliance in Iran who used this powerful channel (in terms of influence) in laying out their exaggerated claims of use of force by certain elements in the Iranian intelligence organizations against their terrorist members who they potrayed as "democrats" and "freedom fighters", and furthermore used these channels to deliver their utter fabrications that were meant to malign the Iranian Government and the late Shah specifically.

The United States and the United Kingdom were the two principal backers of this unholy alliance of Islamists and Leftists, and the Islamic Republic is a direct creation of their tireless efforts to undermine the Iranian Government and the late Shah's campaign to make Iran a secular, democratic, and model state in that part of the world - which of course was not in the interests of the "superpowers".

It is funny to what degrees the enemies of Iranian prosperity, progression, and national integrity are willing to go in their propaganda full of lies. On one side a patriot like the Shah of Iran, with a solid vision and loving devotion to his country, was labeled a "megalomaniac" by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and by the Leftist/Islamist Alliance as an "American puppet" and "blood thirsty dictator"!!! It seems these parties were trying to outdo each others' lies by coming up with the greatest untrue characterisations they could possibly produce! As it has been said in the past...repeat a lie a million times and the masses will buy it in the end...and that is exactly what happened.

Shame on the governments of the U.S., U.K., France, Germany and their puppets proxies in the Islamist/Leftist Alliance that destroyed a booming country under the leadership of a loving and devoted leader like the late Shah of Iran. They were able to kill a Great patriotic leader and destroy a booming country but they were not able to kill His Imperial Majesty's vision, goals, devotion, and love for His country.

UPDATE 1: It is of note that back then when the "superpowers" saw the late Shah of Iran as a threat they would continously repeat lies and exaggerations about human rights abuses in Iran, however today with their puppets in place not one single question asked of them, like AhmadiNejad, pertains to the countless human rights violations that take place daily in Iran. It is either questions which aim to portray Iran under Islamic Occupation as a progressive state by comparing it with other slightly more backward states like Saudi Arabia or the attention is solely on the for-show nuclear programme/AhmadiNejad's statements - not one second is devoted to the courageous people who are being executed and killed across Iran on a frequent basis by this hell-sent regime - whose only crime has been to stand up against the anti-Iranian, occupational, illegitimate Islamic Republic.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Confederation of Iranian Peoples and Nations

Under the comments of my previous entry an anonymous commentator laid out his anti-Iranian, secessionist, pro-disintegration agenda and presented himself as a Kurd supporting the "President" of the short-lived soviet puppet state called the "Republic of Kurdistan". I just happened to come across this clip today, by Pari Saffari, which serves as an appropriate reply to that anonymous commentator:

Persian, Kurd, Azeri, Balouch, Gilaki, Mazandarani....have given blood to maintain Iran's territorial integrity and now a few, ignorant, but loud individuals claim to be sons and daughters of that land yet they shout for secession!

Iran Hargez Nakhahad Mord! Payandeh Iran!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Food for thought...

Some naïve Iranians & foreigners criticize the former Shah of Iran and the founder of modern Iran (Reza Shah the Great) for being too authoritarian. The naïvety of these individuals does not allow them to look at the full range of issues and circumstances which the Iranian nation faced during those respective periods of time when attempting to make informed evaluations which they can later base their judgments on (i.e. taking into consideration social, economical, political factors).

Hopefully this quotation may explain why an authoritarian approach was necessary to attempt in rescuing Iran from 1400 years of foreign domination (physically or ideological-wise), nation-wide poverty & disease, dis-integration of the territorial integrity of the country, banditry and lawlessness, nation-wide illiteracy, a superstitious society governed by an anti-Iranian Islamic religious establishment, and a thousand other ills which faced Iran at the time that the founder of modern Iran (Reza Shah the Great) decided to put the country on the path towards modernity, progress, and prosperity. Imagine that society, facing the thousands ills that were present at that time, being given full democratic rights, as suggested by these gullible individuals a 100 years after the realities of that period in history, the results would have been nothing short of anarchy or the powerful anti-Iranian Islamic religious establishment capitalizing on their stronghold of Iranian minds and bring further misery to a country that had at that time suffered for 1400 years...

“Authoritarian political structures sometimes work well. They offer opportunities to make rapid change and to impose firm leadership which more accountable systems lack. In the hands of honest leaders of determination and vision, they give opportunities for stability and long-term planning which democratic regimes often find difficult to achieve.”

(Kay & Silberston, 1995, National Institute Economic Review, Aug: 84-95)

Certainly authoritarianism may also lead to negative outcomes if those that exercise it do not have the interests of the nation at heart - but again any sane human being that makes an informed evaluation of the efforts of modern Iran's founding father and his successor will come to the conclusion that their actions were made with nothing but the interests of their countrymen and future generations to come. Also, it need to be said, that even with the best interests at heart there may also be negative outcomes to decisions that are made, however in general the approach that was adopted was the only feasible and realistic approach that could have been taken.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sina Tehranchi - Photobucket

Visit Sina Tehranchi's photobucket page for many interesting images. Sina is currently updating his archive of images related to the Iranian Imperial Family.

Sina's photobucket page:

Speech by the Shahanshah of Iran to the nation

Monday, November 17, 2008

The late Shah's "Great Civilization" plans & projects

Visit the following link to review some of the late Shah of Iran's future plans for Iran and the realization of the "Great Civilization":

It is noteworthy to mention here that the recent completion of the "Milad Tower" in Tehran by the occupational Arabo-Muslim regime was part of an urbanization project that had been drafted over 30 years ago during the reign of His Imperial Majesty, Shahanshah Aryamehr.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Field Marshal Bahram Aryana

An old interview with Iranian patriot and Field Marshal Bahram Aryana in Paris, uploaded by SarbazeKuchak.

Iran neshaste ast! Clip by Mani Turkzadeh.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Shahanshah's resting place.

An Iranian compatriot visiting our Emperor's temporary resting place in Egypt.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Remembering two Great Iranian Emperors

July 26 and 27 marks the passing away of two Great Iranian Emperors - their Imperial Majesties Reza Shah the Great and Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi (Shahanshah Aryamehr).

The Empress who on the invitation of the Egyptian government is staying in one of the Presidential Palaces in Cairo is joined by Iranians from across the world who have joined her to pay their respects to the memories of these two great historical figures of Iran.

A special note of gratitude is also due for the late President Anwar Sadat of Egypt (later assasinated by Islamists) who at a time when foreign leaders had turned their backs on the Iranian Emperor and Empress for their petty political games did not let himself sink to their levels to betray a long-standing ally and friend in a very sensitive and difficult time.

God bless these Great men.

HIM Empress Farah Pahlavi of Iran next to the late Iranian Emperor's resting place in Cairo (Egypt).
Click here for more info.

Sepas va Dorood bar Ravaneh Paakeh Shahanshahane Pahlavi

Monday, July 14, 2008

Shahanshah & Shahbanou's state visit to Australia 1974

State visit by their Imperial Majesties the Shahanshah and Shahbanou of Iran to Australia - 1974

Dorood bar ravaneh paakeh Shahanshah Aryamehr!

Monday, July 07, 2008

18 Tir

Che kassi mikhad man o to ma nashaveem?! Khaanash viran shavad!!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Ahmad Batebi has safely arrived to the U.S.

Ahmad Batebi, the Iranian student who was sentenced to death by the occupational Islamic Republic for holding up the bloodied shirt of a fellow student during nation-wide anti-regime demonstrations in July 1999, but whose sentence was reduced to lifetime in prison, has escaped on a short leave from prison. He is now in Washington D.C. and had a tv appearance on VOA Persian a few days ago in which he spoke of the horrific torture he endured at the hands of his interrogators for 9 years!!! Batebi stated in his first appearance since fleeing occupied Iran that the Islamic Republic uses both physical and psychological means of breaking political prisoners. He spoke of physical torture such as having his head forced into a toilet full of feces, being beaten and of psychological torture such as being told his mother had died, solitary confinement, being deprived of any source of light, or holding mock executions. Batebi also paid homage to his friends and their undying bravery who had died under torture, in particular the savage killing of Iranian student activist Akbar Mohammadi.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Iranians converting OUT of Islam infuriates Islamic clergy

A mullah in the occupational Islamic Republic's state television expresses his anger at the increasing number of conversions out of Islam! The mullah is worried about the growing numbers of Iranians that are beginning to see the chilling truth about islam and its child-molesting "prophet", and are re-discovering/reverting back to their rich pre-islamic history which the muslim clergy had tirelessly tried to hide, deny, and eradicate.

Zoroastrianism is Iran's ancient faith whose tenets are summed up by "Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds", and which many Iranians are now reverting back to after 1400 years of savage Islamic occupation and indoctrination. The end 1400 years of brutal and savage Islamic domination over Iranian people is slowly coming to an end.

Iranian culture has endured and persevered many brutal occupations throughout history and will come out of this ordeal victorious, stronger than ever before.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Infighting within the occupational Islamic Republic escalates

Recently a member of the occupational Islamic Republic's "Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission", Abbas Palizdar, spilled the beans on several of the regime's senior clerics. Despite its clear significance this revelation merely touches the tip of the ice-berg when it comes to the deep-corruption that runs rampant in the Islamic theocracy's leadership. It should also be mentioned here that Abbas Palizdar has been singled out as belonging to the Ahmadinejad and Revolutionary Guards faction since none of the revelations mention any individuals connected to this faction - which itself is marked by perhaps even deeper corruption and stealing of Iran's wealth than the former!

For those who follow Iranian affaires these revelations are old news (not this much details though) but the fact that an official has come public with them makes this an opportunity for the Iranian people to capitalize upon in building further pressure on this occupational regime. Nevertheless our compatriots should not be fooled to think that characters like Abbas Palizdar who are involved in this kind of infighting are on the peoples' side. In fact this might very well be one of the goals of Palizdar in duping people into believing he represents the "innocent faction" or better yet that he is "with the people" when in fact that is as far away from the truth as possible. Iranians should not be so gullible to make heroes out of these criminals who change colours whichever way the wind is blowing. Apart from being political infighting these individuals hope to be able to manipulate public opinion in a near future by appealing to the overwhelming resentment of the regime through the disclosure of this kind of information that targets regime officials (although in this case targeting only one faction of the regime).

Therefore my take on this story is that these now official revelations need to be capitalized upon in order to build further pressure on the occupational regime and to bring greater awareness to those Iranians who are not privy to these kind of revelations, yet at the same time we should not be fooled into building heroes out of these criminals who are only looking after their own and their own self-interest.

For further news on this story please see fellow blogger Potkin Azarmehr's posts on this topic:

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Haft-Tapeh Sugar Cane Factory Workers' Strike

Iranian Sugar Cane Workers Enter Sixth Week of Strike

June 16, 2008

Workers of the Haft-Tapeh Sugar Cane Factory in Shush escalated their fight for unpaid wages this morning by blocking the main highway into the factory. The blockade of the factory is the latest in a series of actions undertaken by workers, who are continuing their strike in the face of brutal repression by security forces.

Workers at Haft-Tapeh started their strike on May 5 to demand immediate payment of wages, which had not been received for three months prior to the strike.

Demonstrations by workers and supporters through Shush have been repeatedly attacked, with many suffering beatings and arrest at the hands of the police. A gathering outside the governor's office by 5,000 people in support of the strike on May 17 was broken up by police with clubs and tear gas, as was an attempt by workers to block a road three days later.

May 21 saw an attempted march by workers attacked by special police units who had arrived on buses the previous evening. Having taken up positions around Shush, the police, acting under orders from the Governor General to prevent any protests, were ready to arrest many workers during the day.

Several thousand workers again marched on June 10, this time on Haft-Tapeh company headquarters in Shush. They were again set upon by security forces with the resulting clashes leading to a number of arrests.

Dozens are believed to have been arrested during the strike, and remain in police custody.

Meetings held in the grounds of the factory have elected representatives to form the basis of an independent trade union, although the representatives are refusing to meet the management of Haft-Tapeh as workers insist that any offer made by management must be in the presence of the entire workforce.

In addition to the payment of outstanding wages, workers are now also demanding the removal of the factory director general and the entire management committee, the removal of the head of factory security, the release of arrested workers and dropping of all charges and legal proceedings against them, and the right to form an independent trade union.

Footage of demonstration in support of Haft-Tapeh workers in Shush, 19/05/2008 -

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Support the Iranian people

Power to the Iranian People: The Only Realistic U.S. Policy

June 11, 2008
World Tribune
Assad Homayoun

Over the past three decades, American policy towards Iran has drifted from ineffectual to misguided while the Islamic Republic has remained an enigma for most western strategists. The regime’s rule is defined by oppression at home and aid to terrorists abroad. It routinely threatens Israel and challenges American interests where and when it can. Yet, successive American administrations have failed to develop a coherent, decisive strategy to face-down the fundamentalist regime.

Three basic strategies are in play today — one already deployed, another being flirted with, and the third ominously hinted at. Economic sanctions have been imposed since the mid 1990s with little if any effect on the regime. Much as in Iraq under Saddam Hussein, the regime has oil to fill its trough, but it is the Iranian people that bear the brunt of the economic pressure and are ultimately hurt.

Then there is the misguided counsel of direct negotiations with the regime. The only result of direct negotiations would be bestowing legitimacy upon the reviled apocalyptic regime. Is it wise for the U.S. government to help legitimize an oppressive regime that has lost the support of its own people?

The third, and most wrong-headed option regularly hinted at in government circles is military confrontation. This short sighted, ill conceived option is another example of what ails American foreign policy today — lack of knowledge and understanding of the adversary. It fails to differentiate between the Iranian people, who genuinely like the Americans, and the Islamic regime ruling Iran, which despises all things American. Besides, who in their right mind would seriously think that the American people are ready and willing to sacrifice tens of thousands of their sons and daughters yet again?

The Islamic Republic would actually welcome either of the two misguided U.S. strategies — negotiations or war. Both strategies will strengthen their repressive control over Iran and will allow them to extend their strategic hegemony over much of the Middle East, into parts of Central Asia and the Indian Ocean region.

The Islamic Republic has a long record of using negotiations as a tactic of buying time to further its illicit policies. Besides, official negotiation means officially recognizing the legitimacy of the other side — which is something the clerical regime has longed for. Official negotiations will also be interpreted as the U.S. government’s concession to the clerical regime.

Do the prime supporters of global terrorism deserve rewarding? No matter how one considers this dilemma, the fact is that the regime is despised by the majority of the people because, besides oppressing the people, it has mismanaged the economy to the point that the per capita income of an Iranian, corrected for inflation, is one third of what it was 30 years ago.

Inflation today is 24 percent according to the regime's official figures, unemployment for men is 30 percent and for women is 50 percent. The people are on the brink and the society is ready to explode, but lack of perceived international support and a vacuum of leadership has postponed the inevitable.

Bombing Iran would be militarily ineffective, and would lead to enormous, and protracted difficulties for the U.S., including tremendous loss of life as well as loss of meaningful U.S. influence in the region. It would almost certainly lead to a much more virulent conflict in Iraq, while the possibility of a full-scale war against Israel will increase exponentially. Moreover, military attacks of any nature against Iran, by the U.S. and/or Israel, would result in the devastation of Iran and un-accepted loss of life of the people — a people who, as mentioned earlier, are not the enemies of America or Israel, but who have genuine affection for both. Bombing Iran could also precipitate the balkanization of the Greater Middle East.

War has been the great ally of the clerical regime. In 1982, after only 2 years in power, the regime was almost swept from office by a groundswell of public outrage against the clerics. Khomeini embraced the war with Iraq — a war that could easily have been avoided — and used the Iranian people’s patriotic zeal to guarantee the survival and longevity of the Islamic Republic. Ahmadinejad and the clerics in Tehran once again see the possibility of using the people’s greater hatred of a foreign aggressor to dissipate their lesser hatred of the fundamentalist regime. By taking the bait, America will guarantee the longevity of the clerical regime.

But there is a ‘Fourth Option’ forward. The Iranian people, so far pawns in this political morass, have always been there, patiently waiting for any sign of real support to mount a challenge. The political history of this people is rife with examples of a seemingly oppressed and passive people suddenly rising to challenge the powers that be, when the right leadership as well as the perception of support converged. The Iranian people are fast approaching that point today.

To help leadership emerge from among the Iranian people, Washington must take a very strong, clear-cut, unequivocal stand in support for the people. The Iranian people must be assured that the U.S. government and the American people stand with them in their quest for freedom.

As a prelude to this new approach, all saber rattling must cease so that the American people and the U.S. Government are once again accepted as friends and supporters and not as possible aggressors. Then the President of the United States — the leader of the Free World — must demand that they be treated with respect and dignity. If the Iranian people are convinced that when they stand up for their own freedom, there will not stand alone, there is little doubt that they will take decisive action. Again with history as our guide, stabilizing Iran would have a tremendously positive effect on stabilizing the region.

The reality is that the U.S. should have already been following this ‘Fourth Option’. The Option should include a comprehensive psychological strategy which would empower the Iranian people to seize the situation. To keep control of the people, the clerics have artificially created a sense of siege within Iran. The siege needs to be broken.

So far, conventional policies have been the norm. The State Department’s role is to seek diplomatic solutions and open official lines of communications with foreign powers. Some quarters are also charged with finding military solutions. But no one is charged with thinking outside the box. It is time to take action and implement this logical, low cost strategy. But it is a call to help empower the people to take charge of their own lives and to bring about the changes they desire. Also it is time and absolutely necessary for internal/ external Iranians to put away their tactical differences to come up with acceptable, untainted national democratic alternative to replace the corrupt clerical government.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Attention! Imminent Execution of Iranian Activist!!!

Iranian Activist Faces Imminent Execution Friday, May 30, 2008 By: Kenneth R. Timmerman

Dr. Forood Fouladvand, a self-styled monarchist who disappeared along with two associates on the Turkish border with Iran on Jan. 17, 2007, faces imminent execution by the Iranian authorities, Iranian exiles in London and former colleagues tell Newsmax.

According to these sources, Fouladvand will be executed in the coming days, on trumped-up charges of supporting terrorism inside Iran.

"He is the Robert Spencer of Iran," one supporter in London said, referring to a U.S. expert of Islam who has used Islamic texts to warn the West about the violent side of orthodox Islam doctrine.

“Dr. Fouladvand has studied Islamic texts in the original Arabic and has been using them to convince Iranians to abandon Islam on radio and satellite television broadcasts from London,” he added.

Fouladvand heads a group called Anjoman-e Padeshahi Iran (API), the Kingdom Assembly of Iran, which advocates restoration of the constitutional monarchy abolished by the Islamic Republic in 1980.

Unlike many monarchists, however, he is not a supporter of Reza Pahlavi, the son of the former shah, but believes that Iranians should restore the 1906 constitution that imposes real limits on the power of the monarch and guarantees a form of parliamentary rule.

Fouladvand used his satellite television broadcasts into Iran to advocate the overthrow of absolute clerical rule under the Islamic republic.

A colleague in Europe, who contacted Newsmax by phone on Thursday, said the group has received detailed information in the past three days confirming that Fouladvand was kidnapped in Turkey by Iranian government agents and is now being held along with two colleagues in an Iranian prison.

“We have been told he could be killed very soon, and we are appealing to Amnesty International and to other human rights groups for help,” Fouladvand’s colleague said.

In January 2007, Fouladvand traveled to Romania and then to the Hakkiri mountains along the Turkish border with Iran, apparently lured by promises from individuals claiming to be his supporters who were either working for the Tehran regime or had been co-opted by them, Iranian exile sources told Newsmax.

These would-be supporters claimed to have blown up the Sivand Dam in August 2006, which if completed as planned by the regime would have destroyed the ancient Persian city of Pasargard.

Iranian opposition groups have made common cause in recent years to preserve Persian heritage sites, Persian names, as well as symbols of Iran’s pre-Islamic Zoroastrian culture.

Many Iranians have rejected the Islamic names they were given by their parents, at the instigation of the state, in favor of Persian names.

For example, Foulodvand’s real name is Fatollah Manouchehri, but he cast aside his Islamic/Arabic first name (which means “Allah’s victory”) in favor of the more Persian-sounding Forood.

Fouladvand set off for Turkey in the company of two colleagues, whom his associates confirm were kidnapped with him.

The associates identified the other two missing persons as an Iranian-American dual national, Nazem Schmidt (also known as “Simorgh”), and an Iranian-German dual national, Alexander Valizadeh, who called himself Kourosh Lor.

(Kourosh is the Persian name of the emperor Cyrus the Great who released the Jews from captivity in Babylon; “Lor” is the name of a famous Iranian tribe from southwest of Tehran, long-known for its opposition to the Tehran regime).

Until now, the Tehran government has not acknowledged the arrest of Fouladvand or his two colleagues. But recently, they accused his group, the Kingdom Assembly of Iran, of having carried out the bombing of a mosque in Shiraz on April 12, that killed 12 persons and injured dozens more.

In initial press statements, the regime said that explosives on display devoted to the Iran-Iraq war had caused the blast. Only later did they try to blame various opposition groups.

It is well-known inside Iran that the bassij militia, nominally under the leadership for the Revolutionary Guards, stockpiles weapons and munitions in mosques around the country to use to counter anti-regime demonstrations.

“The bassij are notoriously badly trained and are sloppy,” says Sardar Haddad, a Texas-based Iranian dissident with close ties to the Iranian military. “So an accident is the most likely scenario for what actually caused the Shiraz mosque explosion, but this is too embarrassing for the regime to admit.”

In recent weeks, regime officials have tried to pin the blame for the Shiraz mosque explosion on a variety of opposition groups.

“The blast ... was caused by a bombing by a terrorist group with links to Western countries, especially Britain and America,” intelligence minister Gholam Hossein Mohseni-Ejeie said on May 9.

One week later, Ejeie accused a blogger in Germany of having financed the explosion, which he now blamed on “monarchist elements.”

On May 17, Ejeie changed tact, this time alleging that the bombers were linked to a British-based television station run by Fouladvand.

“My guess is that it’s highly unlikely – close to zero percent chance – that Fouladvand’s organization was behind the Shiraz bombing," said Texas-based Sardar Haddad.

“It may be that the regime wanted to use the bombing to close his case before they executed him, claiming that they had videotape or a transcript of him confessing” to plotting the attack,” he said.

The allegation that Fouladvand’s organization had support from the United States or Britain is particularly ludicrous, given the difficulty Fouladvand has encountered in Britain in recent years.

After staging a number of high-profile protests against the regime in Europe, British authorities raided Fouladvand's offices in London on June 17, 2005, the day of the Iranian presidential elections, severely beating him and seizing documents and computers.

According to the official police report, Scotland Yard issued a search warrant under the Terrorism Act of 2000 on the grounds that "Fouladvand has been been campaign for the overthrow of the Iranian government via satellite broadcasts" and was "raising money to facilitate this action" on television.

In addition to beating Dr. Fouladvand and several supporters, and confiscating computers and other documents, the British authorities seized a briefcase containing thousand of dollars in cash which they claimed had been raised "for the unlawful overthrow of the Iranian government." So far, the British government has not apologized for its action or returned the money.

No one from Fouladvand’s family or his organization has heard from him since his cellphone went dead on Jan. 17, 2007, in Turkey. The local police found his rental car with broken windows and other signs that it had been attacked.

However, members of his organization say that they have been approached by an individual in Iran who has demanded large sums of money in exchange for a video-tape of Fouladvand in an Iranian prison. Until now, the group has refused the exchange.

“I’ve heard nothing definitive to suggest that he’s still alive,” said Sardar Haddad. “If he was captured more than a year ago, given his background, it’s quite likely that he has been treated badly and could already be dead.”

The Department of State refused to comment on the detention by Iran of U.S. citizen, Nazem Schmidt, citing Privacy Act restrictions. “Unless an American citizen has delivered a signed Privacy Act waiver, we cannot say anything whatsoever about them,” a spokesman told Newsmax.

Friday, May 23, 2008

HIM Reza Pahlavi II of Iran's warning to the occupational Islamic Republic

Unoffical translation of HIM Reza Pahlavi II of Iran's warning to the leader of the occupational Islamic Republic. The official persian version can be found here. For a persian audio commentary (by Nader Sadeghi) please see here.

A word of warning to Ayatollah Ali Khameini and his collaborators.

May 21, 2008

It has been some time that, like the majority of my fellow countrymen, I have regarded your oppressive and selfish rule without any lawful legitimacy and ethical credibility.

If there was any credibility to be gained from the unwise participation of the Iranian people at the beginning and continuation of the autocratic revolution that you and your collaborators brought upon Iranians like a grave nightmare, then even the slightest standing with the people is all but lost.

Validity and legitimacy of every government is conditioned by the judgement of its citizens and more importantly it depends on it capabilities to comply with the legitimate wishes of the people and their civilized ideals. A government that is not devoted in answering to its citizens' issues and attending to their problems is as illegitimate as a foreign occupancy. Without a doubt, the ramification of a 30-year autocracy has resulted in such a regime in our beloved country.

You would be hard pressed to find one person in Iran , or even the world, who is not aware of your incompetence when addressing the peoples' wishes.

In almost 30 years you and your collaborators have used oppression, intimidation and fear in an attempt to deny the peoples right to self-expression and freedom of speech.

In a prison as big as Iran there is neither the freedom of press that might reflect the peoples voice nor is there any independent political parties which can represent and defend the different interests of the diverse issues and opinions of the people.

Factory workers and government employees who during these difficult years have suffered most, have not had the right to establish any kind of professional syndicates or trade unions and have not had the right for peaceful gathering and demonstrations in protests against a government that has brought misery and degradation upon them.

When defending their national interests and trying to express the bitter truth of their lives, millions of Iranian students, these true representatives of the nation, these wise and intelligent spokesman of Iranian people face torture, imprisonment and death.

The courageous and lionhearted women of Iran , deprived mothers and daughters of our motherland have paid the same price just for standing up for their rights. When these brave women have tried to defend their fundamental rights, the regime has accused them of crossing the established medieval lines.

Even the righteous and moderate clerics who have learned about your role in destroying the people's religious beliefs have realized that any criticism of protests against you would not survive your wrath and retaliation.

The institution of government and system of elections that should represent and translate the true will of the masses has been reduced to instruments of shame to deceive the people. In the absence of diverse political parties, any free press and an independent judicial system the Iranian people have not benefited from your election system any more than the people of the former Soviet Union did under Stalinism.

It is here, Mr. Khameini, that we should refer to the second reason why your credibility and legitimacy as a supreme leader must be completely stripped. It is because of your incompetence and those before you in failing to provide the people of Iran with even the minimum economic requirements. The catastrophic scale of this enormous failing is highlighted more when during this time Iran has had a 30 overflow of oil income.

In other words in addition to violating the Iranian peoples rights and freedom and, despite accruing an unexpected windfall of wealth, your regime has dragged a prosperous and proud pre-revolution Iran, which had been the envy of its neighbouring countries, down to the depths of economic bankruptcy and brought nothing but life draining unemployment and inflation upon its talented and hard working people.

All over the world there are not more than a handful of regimes like yours, who treat their citizens as you do, depriving them of their fundamental human and economic rights. Not surprisingly, amongst those handfuls of regimes are some of your international allies, namely Syria , Sudan , and North Korea .

However, Mr. Khamenie, violating Iranian peoples rights and freedoms and bending their backs under the ever increasing weight of the economic hardship, as important as this is, does not measure up to the dangers and threats facing our country due to your ignorance and warmongering that endangers our security and territorial integrity of our beloved country.

The true fact is that years before you and your collaborators came to power, it has always been your vision and highest priority to exploit religion as a lever to interfere in the affairs of Iran's neighbouring countries. In fact written in the introduction of the Islamic Republic's constitution, it clearly states such a purpose and in reality a more fitting and accurate definition of that constitution should be (a deed for the denial of the peoples' rights).

Your pursuit of confrontation and hostility to divert Iranian public opinion has a long history. Right from the commencement of your dominance you have ridiculed Iran's renowned and historical heroes, thus confirming your animosity towards ancient Iranian culture and identity, which has been the very foundation of the Iranian peoples solidarity and strength for thousands of years.

Right from the beginning by destroying Iran's well-equipped armed forces and the executing its commanders, you had provided the opportunity for the Iraq government to attack our beloved country.

Right from the beginning you have suppressed all ethnic and religious minorities, terrorizing and attacking non-shia believers, thus weakening Iran's age-old peaceful co-existence and national solidarity and strength.

With the intention of dominating Iraq and the reaching Quads, you prolonged the war with Iraq at the heavy cost of sacrificing hundreds of thousands of youths and teenagers and foolishly squandered the countries enormous wealth and resources. The war lasted for so long that Iran , the victim itself, became the aggressor in the international community and United Nations. By violating one of the oldest and most obvious principles of International law, you occupied the American Embassy and arrested and tortured its diplomats and by forcing the United States to cut its relations with Iran , you brought unprecedented and costly economic and political hardship upon the Iranian people.

With direct and indirect interference into the affairs of the Iran's neighbouring countries such as Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and Afghanistan; and by creating propaganda and providing military and financial support to the most hard line and fierce enemies of freedom and harmony in these societies, not only have you put the name of Iran in the world community alongside terrorists and criminals but you have added a number of big and small countries to its list of enemies.

And if by now some of the worlds naive people have not yet realized your regimes direct role in the carnage and chaos it has created within the lands near and far, then they can take heed of your old accomplice Mr. Mohammad Khatami's clear admittance to this.

However by provoking international confrontation and animosity toward Iran , you are trying to accomplish your main goal of distracting Iranian public opinion. Hence, under the pretext of having nuclear energy for peaceful use, instead you plan to obtain weapons of mass destruction so that once again Iran becomes the target of aggression and attack. Because of your insistence in pursuing your goals, today our dear country is facing a very dangerous crisis that none of our peace loving countrymen had any role in creating.

The wise and foresighted people of Iran neither see their interests in your armed interference in the fate of Palestine , Lebanon and Iraq nor in your animosity toward progressive free societies and frantic persistence in pursuing weapons of mass destruction. Iranians have not forgotten that before the revolution Iran had nuclear competence and the right to use and develop Atomic Energy, alongside the cooperation of the International community, because at that time no country in the world had any fears of the goals and policies of Iran .

You and your predecessors' aggressive goals and provocative policies have not only destroyed the atmosphere of trust and harmony but have deliberately turned the majority of the worlds governments into Iran's enemy so that you can have another excuse to suppress the noble people of Iran.

Although at the beginning I stated that your regime has no credibility and legitimacy in the eyes of my fellow countrymen, but I should not have even acknowledged you and your regime by writing this letter. However my love for my four fathers land and my concerns for the fate of Iranians, forces me to warn you that if any harm comes to the Iranian people or to our territorial integrity the main responsibility will be on you and your collaborators shoulders!

I warn you, that if you cause such a catastrophe your fate will be the same as all those other tyrants who in recent years have stood trial in the International courts accused of crimes against humanity.

If you don't learn from their fate, if the freedom and well being of Iranian citizens have no place in your heart and your mind, then at least you should be concerned about the land in which you were born.

Today there is an opportunity to ask for the peoples' forgiveness but be aware that if you do not accept the peoples' wishes then their anger will crush your pharaonic rule and in the end will place you to answer for 30 years of depression and injustice.

God Bless Iran !

Reza Pahlavi

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shahbanou - "Innocence in Danger" gala Berlin

For accompanying article CLICK HERE.
Radio Farda interview can be listened to HERE.


Monday, April 28, 2008

Gole Sangam - Emel Sayen

Turkish singer "Emel Sayen" sings an Iranian song called "Gole Sangam":

"Pre-Islamic icons symbolize Iran's confused present"

Before i highlight the article below i'd like to share this clip of a young Iranian-Belgian compatriot, Guiv, playing Javad Marooufi's "Les rêves dorés":


After 1400 years of savage Islamic Occupation, brainwashing, indoctrination, and historical revisionism Iranians are beginning to reject this hell-sent ideology that has infected their minds for far too long and are returning to their true roots:

There are few avenues for defiance in this Shiite Muslim nation, but one of them is in the past, where the emblems, folklore and images of old Persia mingle in quiet protest against the mullahs. The pre-Islamic era is alive in jewelry, architecture, decals, books, videos and websites that feature Cyrus the Great and gold-horned bulls.

"It's a psychological reaction to the Islamic regime," said Naser Shahbazi, a drama teacher and bookseller, who sat in a shop of cracked bindings and dust. "Many Iranians hate the regime, but they're scared. The pre-Islamic motif is the least dangerous way to express yourself. . . .

"There is a backlash against Islamic culture," Abedi said. "When I study pre-Islamic texts, I often find that Islam has taken from our [Zoroastrian] history. So why not go to the original? When I give gifts now, I give a pendant or something that signifies the past."

See entire article HERE.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

To the attention of the world community!

Please help us, the Iranian youth, to liberate ourselves from the chains of Islamic domination and oppression that has forcefully reigned in our motherland since the inception of the terrorist Islamic Republic in 1979! We the youth under 30 years of age constitute 70% of Iran's population and we deserve better! We have already lost many years of our lives under this barbaric Islamic regime!

We are sick and tired of having to live double-lives!
We are sick and tired of being treated as second-class citizens in our own country!
We are sick and tired of being imposed a foreign ideology and culture (islam/arab) upon us!
We are sick and tired of not being able to breath, think, exchange opinions, and to socialize as free human beings!
We are sick and tired of being associated with an illegal regime that doesn't represent us or the Iranian culture!
We are sick and tired of western governments trying to appease this barbaric regime by buying into the regime's deceptive game of "conservative" vs "reformists"!
We are sick and tired of seeing our cultural heritage sites being undermined and destroyed by these savages who don't have any respect for Iran's cultural heritage!

Help us help ourselves! and by so doing help you in eliminating the threat which this barbaric Islamic Republic poses to us and the free world! Give us your loud, clear, and concrete support!

Shahanshah of Iran - Parliament 1970's

Shahanshah of Iran addresses the Iranian Parliament (early 1970's):

Nefrin Nameh - TaaziNameh

Friday, March 28, 2008

Geert Wilders "Fitna"

This short 15 minute movie on Islam (koran) is not revolutionary per se as it's basically a collage of clips from MEMRI, however the more important contribution that this film offers the free world and the world public is enhanced publicity and awareness on this ideology from the deserts of Arabia. What everyone should be very clear about is that there is but one true Islam and that is the one prescribed in the koran - so opting to use terms such as "moderate muslims" or "peaceful muslims" is grossly misleading the public. The founder of Islam intended people to follow his ideology not to pick and chose things they like about it and still go about calling themselves muslims. Islam is an ideology, a set of inseparable thoughts, a world outlook which cannot be separated into bits and pieces that suites oneself. You do not sugar-coat a savage ideology by referring to those who don't follow it as "moderate muslims", technically they are not. And if they technically do not adhere to the prescribed muslim life then what is the point in calling yourself muslims in the first place? A man could drink, womanize and eat pork but still pray or perform certain islamic practices and still call himself muslim in that case! This obviously defeats the whole purpose in being a muslim! (the same goes for any other religion). Therefore it's very simple where we draw the line - you either fully follow the koran and thus are a muslim or you don't and you aren't - this clear distinction needs to be understood fully by all the millions of "false muslims" who only refer to themselves as "muslim" simply because it was passed on to the by their fathers or because they have picked and chosen what they like.

Well done to Geert Wilders who went ahead with this project knowing full well that muslims will be thirsting for his blood! (and when i use the term muslim I mean it in its true sense and not the false and misleading politically correct one)

Also on the topic I came across this other clip on my friend Winston's blog (again note the speaker still doesn't go all the way in that he still wrongly opts to use the term "radical muslims" when there is only one kind of muslims, other than that I fully agree with his sentiments):

UPDATE 1: Well as those of you who are trying to access the liveleak link will see - the staff at this hosting website have received numerous death threats by muslims and have had to surrender to these terrorist threats. The links to the movie are still up on YouTube which you can access from the below links:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Qadissiya - 1368 Years Later - Iran's real day of mourning

Commemoration of Battle of Qadissiya - 1368 years later

Derafsh Kaviani

To all true Iranians:

Feb 19 is the commemoration day of the start of the battle of Qaddissiya.
Qadissiya battle started on Monday February 19, 636(A.D) and lasted for four(4) days.

On the flat plains near the Euphrates river in modern Iraq between Kufa and abu sukheir.

The Sassanian army under the command of Lt. General Rostam-e-farokzad(In Pahlavi- Eran- Sepah-bod) and the Arab army of caliph Omar under the command of Sa'd ibn Abi waqqas clashed.

Many Iranians fought bravely and died( more than30,000 dead) in this battle trying to defend Iran from the nomadic Arabs attempting to convert Iranians to their Islamic religion.

At the end of the battle Lt. Gen Rostam was killed and the national flag (Darfash-e-Kavian) was captured by the Arab nomads.

This flag was taken to Caliph Omar who promptly removed all of the magnificent jewels set on it and then ordered it to be burned.

After the battle the Arabs went to the capital Ctesiphone, the glorious capital of Sasanian empire and the largest city in the world at that time, the city was invaded, sacked, and functionally destroyed by the armies of Islam.

The great Carpet of BAHARESTAN, woven with threads of gold and silver in the great arched hall of the palace of Ctesiphone was cut up by the Arab nomads and distributed as war booty.

Note:- this looting is still going on 1368 years later.

Gondi Shapour university and library were destroyed and its books were burned by the invaders. Most of Sasanian records and literary works were destroyed.

This day Feb 19 should be commemorated by all Iranians nationally and internationally.

This is our real national "Ashura" not the one the Mullahs force us to commemorate.

Instead of going on a pilgrimage to Mecca and Karbla we should all go to Qaddissiya to remind ourselves of the truth of what has happened to us over the past 1368 years.

It is our duty to inform the world as well as remind the Arab world itself of their crimes and barbaric behaviour against the people of Iran during this period.

Arabs should be reminded of their massacres of Iranians in the city of Estakher and other areas.

They should be reminded of their racist policies and their looting, pillaging, raping and abuse of Iran and its people for the 200 years of their rule.

We should do our utmost to ensure that it will never happen again.

In memory of the fallen of battles of Qadissyia and Nahavand.

Payandeh Iran


Commentary by "AmirN":

It is by forgetting our real history that we have allowed Islam to continue to strangle our country. Any Iranian who chooses to follow the bogus religion of the Arab pirates of the desert must question whether he or she is true to Iran.

By forgetting or neglecting Iran's history we only bring shame to the memory of our forefathers and to ourselves. We bring shame to the great nation of Iran.

I will now leave you with a few verses from Persian's Poetic Past:

The sands of time have always known
That civilization which has grown
In that plateau we call Iran
Land of the lion, land of the sun

Kourosh brought unmatched glory
Dariush’s Persepolis told the lasting story
Strength came from tolerance and freedom
Justice and nobility flourished in this kingdom

The greatest empire ever seen
Their lasting legacy was unforeseen
Masters of the world
The Persians’ achievements must be told

Wise words of Kourosh, baked on a cylinder of clay
Respected foreign cultures, and their right to freely pray
Women were respected, and slavery abolished
Kourosh was Great, for the human rights he polished

To conquer foreign lands requires minimal exertion
But to unite an empire, is a remarkable contention
Always building and improving, and never standing still
Dariush was Great, for his administrative skill

The Royal Road, with Sardis at the end and Shooshan at the start
Was an awe of transportation, connecting Persia’s heart
Who carved the Suez Canal, giving commerce speedy wings?
King Dariush, son of Hystaspes, an Achaemenid, the King of Kings

The father, with passion and pride, passed to his son
His love of law, beauty, architecture, and care of Iran
Dariush began building, but Xashayar finished these perfections
Xashayar was Great, for his magnificent creations

And what of Marathon, Thermopylae, and Salamis?
Did the Greeks truly receive such bliss?
Herodotus embellished, told lies for the West
For the Persians, these were skirmishes at best

But every golden era must someday end
So too Achaemanesh’s dynasty would bend
Alexander’s army won, but could not see
Win or lose, Persians’ hearts always stay free

Revenge, envy, and wine made Alexander yearn
The pride of Persia, Persepolis, to burn
The labor of years, by a thousand artisans employed
Took one lunatic one night, for this jewel to be destroyed

Greatness comes, from a worthy contribution
To humanity, to art, to law, or a scientific institution
Those who burn and loot deserve our hate
So answer this, was Alexander truly Great?

Now who were the barbarians, the Persians or the Greeks?
Our lowest troughs, still higher than their highest peaks
The art of empire, the Greeks could never master
Constant feuding and civil wars, left Greece in a disaster

Parthians picked up the torch of our land
Put Iranian rule back in Iranian hand
They showed Greece and Rome, to name just two
That Iran possesses great horses, and great men too

Like a Phoenix, from the ashes rising
The Sassanians arrived, with Iran reorganizing
Power, wealth, and wisdom again flourished
The rule of Ardeshir, Shapur, and Khosro let Iran be nourished

Life was based on three simple needs
Good Thoughts, Good Words, and Good Deeds
Monotheist religion, for all its evil and its good
Came from Iran, from where Zarathustra stood

Rome, for all its power and its legions
Couldn’t touch Iran’s vast regions
Many times Rome tried but failed
Every time cataphract armor thundered and hailed

But Sassanian wealth and beauty caught the eye
Of a desert tribe, whose religion was a lie
Like desert snakes, they ruthlessly attacked
Until beautiful Ctesiphone was sacked

Rostam-e-Farokhzad, the brave and capable general
Fought till the end, though his wounds were several
At Qaddissiya, he came to Iran’s defense
Alas, the Taazi army was too dense

With coercion and the sword
Islam was able to spread its word
A dark and sinister force was born
That to this day brings Iran much scorn

Some to India had to flee
Iran’s destruction was unbearable to see
Parsees, they are called to this day
Ahura Mazda, with them will always stay

But Iranian roots are strong and hard to kill
Iran was freed again, with such a thrill
The Saffarids would answer the nation’s call
To make Arab tyranny shamefully fall

Don’t mourn the Ashura, weep a Taazi’s death
Hassan and Hossein were foreigners, who weakened Iran’s breath
If mourn you must, then mourn, a national event
Like Gaugamela, or Qaddissiya, places of great lament

While Europe was stagnant in its Dark Ages
Persian scholars thrived, free from mental cages
From algebra, to astronomy, and architecture
Persians wrote the book, and gave the lecture

A time of great Persian thinkers had emerged
Where poetry and science, love and knowledge, easily verged
Saadi, Hafez, Rumi, Omar Khayam to name a few
Thanks to them, humanity exponentially grew

Arabs from time to time, try to falsely claim
These brilliant men, and their golden works of fame
Dream on, Taazi, and of this be sure:
These men were always Persian, and completely pure

Who could forget Ferdowsi, the greatest poet ever?
He gave us Sam, Zal, and Rostam, heroes both brave and clever
The Persian language, so eloquently resurrected
As The Shahnameh was written with all Arabic words neglected

Many other invaders would come again, much the same
From Genghis Khan to Teimur the Lame
They would loot, burn, and murder
The cities too proud to surrender

Though Turks and Mongols had military strength
They were lacking in cultural length
The Persian culture was too rich, to be absorbed into theirs
Instead they settled in Iran, and joined her proud heirs

It’s clear from this short and simple recap
That Iran had its share of glory, as well as mishap
Our generation is unfortunate, assigned the station
Of another dark chapter, in the book of our nation

Once again Zahak is in power
His snakes consume and poison every flower
He uses religion and superstition
To enforce his selfish and malicious mission

So once more dust off the Kaviyani banner
And fly it high, in a proud and fitting manner
Zahak and his snakes will die once more
And our nation we shall yet restore

Arabs, pack your camels, and form a line
Leave this land, let the lion roar, let the sun shine
Or get thrown out, by Kaveh, and his noble flame
Return to the desert sands, from whence you once came

Iran in its infancy reached the sky
Will faravahar’s wings expand, will Iran soar that high?
Just lift the veil, you’ll surely see
Iran’s brightest days lie ahead, when the Aryans are again free

Those who know not their history are deaf to the past, mute to the present, and blind to the future

Poem by Anonymous (persian):

begardan dinat ey irani ze eslam degar ,
ke eslam nist ze ma o bozorgan pedar ,
nadarim ma niyaz bar an dine arab ,
keu babdi konad azade ra dar dine bad ,
be xoda sharm ast in pishe pishinian ,
ke kardand o dadand dad bar iranian ,
che dad o che niky kashtand iranian ,
che azadi o giti bardastand an zaman ,
che goft an iranipiyambar zartohesht ,
be niky geray keshvarat ra behesht ,
ke irani o iran bar dinash azade ast ,
ba xubi o niky bar dinash varzide ast ,
pas ey azade tora joz azadi mabad ,
gereftari o tariki tora harges mabad ,
key tavanad molla dar iran guze boland ,
gar iranian tark guyand dine gazand ,
gar to xahi ey hamdard ze mollaha rah ,
bekesh giveye tang ra az ranje pa ,
qatre qatre jam gardad vongahi darya shavad ,
az xod aqaz kon ta keshvarat azad shavad

UK/US involvement in the overthrow of the late Shah of Iran

Shirin Neshat: 22 Bahman 1357 (February 11, 1979)
What It Meant Then and What It Means Now

February 8th, 2006

To The People of a Future Free Iran and to the Entire World

22 Bahman 1357 (February 11, 1979) must be marked as the darkest day in the history of the Iranian nation. The return of Khomeini to Iran from France on that ignominious day in history launched the manifestation of a demonic evil upon the land that continues to eradicate human rights and to murder the innocent with apparent impunity. My father, General Ali Neshat, the Supreme Commander of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi's Imperial Guard, was martyred on April 10, 1979. He was not the first patriot to give his life for a Free Iran. Neither will he be the last.

The story of some of the brave pilots of the Imperial Iranian Air Force (IIAF) who refused to bend the knee to Khomeini and his cabal of Mullahs is worth retelling to a new generation of young Iranians not yet born when the malignancy of the Islamic Revolution first began, and for the world at large. One may access part of this story at This moving testimony must be read as an eternal testament to a patriotic resistance unto death to the parasitic criminals of theocratic fanaticism who worked to destroy the 2500 year Persian Monarchy, the human rights of the average Iranian, and any principled opposition to their Reign of Terror. The public record of the laundry-list of the crimes of the Islamic Republic in Iran (IRI) regime in the years which followed this initial principled resistance to their tyrannies, is simply too voluminous to recount here. A simple look at their outlandish thievery at the expense of the Persian Nation, recently published by Iran Focus at is entitled, "Iran's Rulers Amass Fortunes Through Sleaze." It summarizes what was stolen from the Iranian people over a quarter of a century ago on 22 Bahman 1357. And as we approach the 27th anniversary of this unspeakable tragedy, may we be recommitted to the recovery of the Iranian Nation from this turbaned cabal, even as we are sworn under solemn oath before God to never again experience what Islamic theocracy has wrought in the homes and communities of the Land of King Cyrus the Great.

It is essential that Iranians and Westerners learn the truth about Khomeini, Khamenei, and Company. These Mullahs were brought to power by sinister forces in the Western World, specifically identified today by William Bowles in Countercurrents at This record of betrayal must be repeated and retold. It can never be forgotten. The historical responsibility for this horror must be chronicled for eternity past. When understood in its proper context, decent Americans and Europeans will recognize their moral imperative to support freedom-loving Iranians around the world in the achievement of victory over the Mullahs, and the reclamation of their homeland in this righteous struggle with radical evil.

It is a story that shadowy Western political and economic elites do not want their people to read, to hear, or to act upon.

Who are the forces cited by Mr. Bowles?
His article today states the following:

By 1978 Iran had the fourth largest nuclear power programme in the world and the largest by far among Third World nations. The [then] Shah's plan called for the installation of 20 nuclear power reactors by 1995, to provide some 23,000 megawatts of electricity. The Shah saw nuclear electricity as the rational means to diversify Iran's dependence on petroleum, and as a means to counter the enormous pressure from Washington and London to recycle his petrodollars to New York and London banks.

The contracts were made not with US corporations but with German and French companies, and the US government which up until this time had been the Shah's main backer and had installed him following the US/UK overthrow of the anti-US Mossadegh government, did everything in its power to try and block the deals, not surprising considering the role of Iranian oil in the US economy and continuing the hegemony of the petro-dollar. [Note: This mention of the US and UK overthrowing Mossadegh is a false one which I have addressed before SEE HERE] We must not lose sight of the fact that since the late 19th century, Iran's vast oil reserves, at first the exclusive domain of British imperialism and its joint government-business owned company, British Petroleum, and later the US when it took over the reigns of empire, has been the major motivating force behind Anglo-US machinations in the region.

The question to ask is why the Shah Pahlavi should have fallen out of favour with his Anglo-US sponsors? To answer this question we have to look at the central role of the petro-dollar in propping up Anglo-US imperialism.

There is no doubt that the US and the UK were behind the removal of the Shah. The problem for the US/UK was that the leading force inside Iran working to remove the Shah were progressives, led largely by the Iranian Socialist Workers Party. Therefore, in November 1978, President Carter named the Bilderberg group's George Ball, another member of the Trilateral Commission, to head a special White House Iran task force under the National Security Council's Brzezinski. Ball recommended that Washington drop support for the Shah of Iran and support the fundamentalist Islamic opposition of Ayotollah Khomeini.

Their scheme was based on a detailed study of the phenomenon of Islamic fundamentalism, as presented by British Islamic expert, Dr. Bernard Lewis. Lewis' scheme was unveiled at the May 1979 Bilderberg meeting in Austria, endorsed the radical Muslim Brotherhood movement behind Khomeini, in order to promote balkanisation of the entire Muslim Near East along tribal and religious lines. The chaos would spread in what he termed an "Arc of Crisis" which would spill over into the Muslim regions of the Soviet Union.

The coup against the Shah, like that against Mossadegh in 1953, was run by British and American intelligence, with the bombastic American, Brzezinski, taking public "credit" for getting rid of the "corrupt" Shah, while the British characteristically remained safely in the background.

The major reason for removing the Shah was the oil. During 1978 negotiations were underway between British Petroleum and the Shah to renew the 25-year old extraction contract, negotiations which collapsed and with the collapse, Iran was for the first time since 1953, once more in control of its oil resources. Cross the imperium and experience their wrath.

In September 1978, the Iranian publication Kayhan International stated in its editorial:

"In retrospect, the 25-year partnership the [British Petroleum] consortium and the 50-year relationship with British Petroleum which preceded it, have not been satisfactory ones for Iran. Looking to the future, NIOC [National Iranian Oil Company] should plan to handle all operations by itself."

"The British retaliated by cutting the amount of oil they bought from Iran by 2 million barrels a day. At the same time it is alleged that British Petroleum was organising capital flight from the country and the BBC, through its Farsi service, gave Ayotollah Khomeini a major propaganda platform. The Iranian economy was in dire straights and in January 1979, the Shah went into exile and in February the Ayotollah was flown in from exile in Paris. In May 1979 Khomeini cancelled the nuclear power programme."

"As a result Iran was once more totally dependent on the sale of oil to the West, for what was and still is, at stake here, is the right of developing countries to pursue an independent course."

Now, in the aftermath of the evil unleashed upon Iran and the world on 22 Bahman 1357, which resulted in the horrors of the 8 year Iran-Iraq War beginning in Shahrivar 1359 (September 1980)--and every horror of the IRI regime thereafter--we see the road of Iranian history in the last 27 years strewn with the body and blood of the innocent and the defenseless. How many more will die in our Nation--and around the world--at the hands of the Mullahs, Mr. Ahmadinejad, Mr. Khamenei, and the unseen actors in the international shadows who support these murderers for their own purposes, and who have nothing in common with the peace-loving and the law-abiding, either in Iran or on the entire planet?

One thing is sure on this night that I write this message from the City of the Angels in Southern California. A cosmic struggle with evil is coming. And as surely as the sovereign God of history controls the times and the seasons--and deposes despots and vindicates the innocent--I can assure you of yet another great truth:

Those of us who oppose evil in this coming cosmic struggle will win. Join us and help us, in any way you can, wherever you may be in this present moment in time.

Payandeh Iran,

Shirin Neshat
P.O. Box 16166
Beverly Hills, CA 90209
Phone: 310 863 8218

Friday, March 21, 2008

Dr Manouchehr Farhangi assassinated in Spain

My friend Arvin Khoshnood reports that Iranian businessman and philanthropist, Manouchehr Farhangi, has been stabbed to death outside his home in Spain. Mr Farhangi was an Iranian zoroastrian and monarchist who supported various opposition groups against the occupational Islamic Republic through financial, political, and cultural support. Mr Farhangi founded the "International College of Spain" which today is a very prestigious academic institution.

This could be yet another assassination of an Iranian patriot abroad by the Islamic Republic's terror forces.

Condolences go out to the family and friends of Mr Farhangi whose new year had to begin in this tragic way.

UPDATE 2: Sarbaze Kuchak has translated a Spanish article on the assasination of Dr Farhangi which includes the prospect that this could have been a politically motivated murder by a supporter of the terrorist Islamic Republic occupying Iran.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Norooz - 2567 - Khojasteh Baad!

I couldn't find a better way to convey my best wishes to all true Iranians on the occasion of the Iranian New Year (persian: "Norooz") than our compatriot "GardunehMehr's" comments:

faraa residan'e khojasteh norooz'e jamshidi'ra beh hameh rasteen iranian'e paak'dell shad'bash migoyam!

norooz'etan pirooz!
harooz'etan norooz!

beh omid'e aan roozi keh norooz'ra dar irani azaad va abaad jashn begirim!

With best wishes of health, happiness, and prosperity in the New Year (Iranian Imperial Year 2567) and with the hope that this year will be the last year that our motherland is under Islamic occupation!