Thursday, March 23, 2006

I Miss You, Shahanshah

I'd like to share this poem written by "AmirN" on Shahanshah Aryamehr; this great Iranian patriot who dedicated his life for the betterment of his country and people but who in return did not receive the praise he was worthy of.

I myself did not have the privilege to live during the reign of Shahanshah Aryamehr, since I was born after the Islamic takeover of my motherland, but through my own study on the era I've been able to conclude that us Iranians are indebted to the Pahlavi's for all their work to progress/modernize our country. The mollah's who took Iran hostage in 1979 have tried very hard to portray the two Great Pahlavi Kings as ruthless dictators but the facts and information all points to the contrary. The Pahlavi's after 1400 years of Arabo-Muslim domination in our country revived the Iranian soul and promoted "Iranism", to the contrary the mollah's have imposed a doctrine of eradicating anything Iranian and any progress made during the Pahlavi era. They will pay dearly for what they have caused our country and people. Iran has been under horrific occupations before and will overcome this one as well.

For now I leave you with this poem...


I Miss You, Shahanshah

I miss you, Mohammad Reza Shah
I miss your father too, the first Reza Shah
I miss both Pahlavis, kings of mine
I miss the recent past, when Iran was fine

I miss 1941, the year of your ascension
I miss that young man, who lacked apprehension
I miss your resolve, your unbreakable determination
I miss you saving Iran, defying foreign intervention

I miss your noble venture
I miss your kingly adventure
I miss your firm, Persian gaze
I miss your speeches, never ceasing to amaze

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I miss your grand plan
I miss the pride you brought to our clan
I miss your peace, and prosperity
I miss your calm, and tranquility

I miss your military might
I miss your uniform, shining so bright
I miss your solid, imperial power
I miss how you made our enemies tremble and cower

I miss your Royal Air Force, the guardian of the sky
I miss your Imperial Army, waving our flag high
I miss your Imperial Navy, sentry of Persian Gulf’s coast
I miss the message they all sent: “attack Iran and you’re toast”

I miss your love of country, your patriotism
I miss the principles you fought for, your idealism
I miss your sense of honor and duty, above all
I miss the Commander in Chief, who always answered Iran’s call

I miss your palace of Golestan
I miss the beauty you brought Iran
I miss your ambassadors’ receptions
I miss their envy, their awe stricken perceptions

I miss your class, your opulence
I miss your demeanor, your elegance
I miss your walk, an effortless glide
I miss your head held high, emanating pride

I miss your fair and just reign
I miss your benevolence, lending a hand to those in pain
I miss the kindness you showed your subjects
I miss how you treated them as people, not as objects

I miss your building style, your architecture
I miss your improvements, of Iran’s infrastructure
I miss your commitment, to health and education
I miss the progress, of our once proud nation

I miss your endeavors, your dreams
I miss everything you did, everything that gleams
I miss the unity of our Persian quilt
I miss the nation you once built

I miss your peaceful, White Revolution
I miss your land reforms, ridding us of an old pollution
I miss the champion of women’s rights
I miss the champion of literacy; all just fights

I miss your love of Kourosh, and his heirs
I miss your homage, to the glory that was theirs
I miss your gala event, the Persepolis celebration
I miss your parade in time, presented in gradation

I miss your tough, yet gentle love
I miss how you looked as an eagle, but acted as a dove
I miss your show of power and strength
I miss also your restraint, avoiding bloodshed at great length

I miss that cold, dark, January day
I miss your last day as king, alas you couldn’t stay
I miss your sad farewell, before boarding that dismal plane
I miss that last day, before Iran became insane

I miss your last day of life, in a foreign but friendly land
I miss the pain I felt, unable to lend you a helping hand
I miss the humanity you received from Sadat, a true Pharaoh
I miss both of you now, leaders joined by sorrow

I miss our freedom, something we should have cherished
I miss our dignity, which with you also perished
I miss our happiness, which left with you as well
I miss our dreams and hopes, we’ve bid them all farewell

I miss you Shahanshah, our just and noble king
I miss a nation unable to laugh, dance, or sing
I miss not just the king, but more so the man
I miss the simple person, who like me, had just a simple plan

The evil acts of the wicked serve to show the righteousness of the just


Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Iranian Year 2565

The name of this blog has been chosen in honor of two Great Pahlavi monarch's of Iran -
Reza Shah the Great and Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi.

This blog is dedicated to the freedom-fighting people of Iran who despite the atmosphere of repression created by the terrorist Islamic Republic continue to fight for their freedoms and who will fight until victory is achieved.

On this blog my aim is to post relevant topics on politics, culture, history, and religion that relate to Iran.

In hope of the liberation of Iran, at the hands of the Iranian people, from the anti-Iranian Islamic Republic that has been occupying this ancient land for 27 years.

Payandeh Iran va Irani!