Monday, May 14, 2007

Association for Democracy in Iran condemns Swedish Deputy PM meeting w/ terrorist

Yesterday the Association for Democracy in Iran (ADI) - a Sweden based political group founded by politically active youth in Sweden - mailed a plastic hand to the Swedish Minister for Enterprise and Energy and Deputy Prime Minister Maud Olofsson. The reason for this symbolic gesture is Maud Olofsson's not so well-thought gesture towards the Islamic Republic's Foreign Minister - Manochehr Mottaki - to shake the latter's hand despite knowing that he would not agree to shake the hand of a woman because of his Muslim ideology - particularly not an "infidel woman's" hand!

Alongside the 79 SEK (8.5 EUR) worth plastic hand, ADI is also sending a critical letter to the Deputy Prime Minister. In the letter, which is signed by the association's chairman - Ardavan Khoshnood - it is written amongst other things:

"That you through your gesture, keep the critique on such an elementary level, is either a very sly move by yourself as Minister for Enterprise and Energy not to hurt trade between the Islamic Republic in Iran and Sweden, or you really believe that diplomats should converse like kindergarten children?"

The Chairman finishes the letter by writing:

"In order for you not to feel offended/upset that Mottaki did not shake your hand, and so that you in the future will not come up with such ridiculous excuses and hopefully deal with real and serious problems, instead of teaching murderers "how it is done in Sweden", I am sending you on behalf of the Association for Democracy in Iran a hand which you can shake whenever you please."

The Association for Democracy in Iran views dialouge with the terrorist Islamic Republic as futile and demands that the Swedish government seize all diplomatic relations with the Islamic Regime in Iran, and for them to support the democratic opposition.

It's noteworthy to state that Ardavan Khoshnood clarifies in the letter that the practice of not shaking a woman's hand is not an Iranian practice but is an Islamic practice.

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Anonymous said...

This is a very clever way to get your point across. I like it.

Hidden Author said...

But can the opposition help the West deal with Islamic extremism in Iran? I'm sure that the IRI will *eventually* be destroyed by the opposition--but how long will it take? 20 years? 50 years? 100 years? It might even take *1000 years* and so the West is in need of a swifter, more effective means of restraining IRI terrorism than the means provided by the opposition!

Aryamehr said...