Friday, July 24, 2009

Iranian freedom-fighter shot in the head by the Islamic Republic's savage security forces


An Iranian student participating in the ongoing anti-regime demonstrations in Iran is seen here with a head-wound. It appears he is loosing massive amounts of blood from the head, where the bullet(s) from the regime security forces has hit, with his body twitching in pain - given the condition he is in and the circumstances I do not believe this compatriot survived this fatal shot. People around him are hysterical shouting that he should be taken to a hospital, that he should be positioned differently, and the compatriot who is trying to stop the bleeeding keeps shouting that his brains have come out - towards the end of the clip you can hear the crowd chanting "i will kill whoever killed my brother". Hundreds of people are being massacred in Iran by the savage anti-Iranian Islamic Republic and no concrete support is given to the Iranian people who are standing up against these band of savages!

Potkin has more detailed blogs on the ongoing anti-regime demonstrations and the heroes who have lost their lives fighting for liberating their country from this hell-sent Islamic regime.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Islamic Republic shooting Iranians at point blank

Recent video from Iran showing the Islamic Republic's thugs and security forces opening fire on anti-regime demonstrators. One demonstrator is shot and is carried away by fellow compatriots, his fate is unknown:

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Massmurder of freedom-loving Iranians by the Islamic Republic

Over 100+ Iranians have been killed by the Islamic Republic during the past few weeks of anti-regime unrest in Iran. Eye accounts of dead bodies stacked upon each other in secured rooms in hospitals have been reported by doctors and nurses that work in hospitals. A young woman who was detained during the demonstrations called Taraneh was severely raped at a detention centre in Tehran and had to be taken to hospital - eyewitness accounts state that they saw this young woman being brought into the hospital unconcious and only after a short period of time taken out again by the Islamic Republic's security forces. Her body was found burned, chucked away in the desert, in hope that nobody would know of her horrific fate at the hands of the savage animals working for the terrorist Islamic Republic. Below is a photo of a young man called Mohammad.

Even when Mohammad was brutally tortured and there was almost no life in him anymore, he was still "locked" to his bed so he could not scape,in the Loghman hospital by the security forces!!

After his pressure from his family he was moved to Mehr hospital!! But the doctors in Mehr Hospital said that becouse of the infection, the life of Mohammad Kamrani could not be saved!!

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Peaceful Iranian protestors in Cyprus attacked and detained by Cypriot police!

Cypriot police on order by their government disperse and arrest a small peaceful protest by Iranian exiles against the terrorist Islamic Republic - economic ties with a murderous terrorist regime is worth more to the cypriot government than human life and they make it clear with this visible public action of theirs which they do not try to conceal. Iranians inside Iran are being attacked and tortured inside their own country now Cyprus has to add to the flames and attack us abroad as well?! Is there nowhere we can be free?! Shame on the government of Cyprus and the Cypriot police! If any cypriots reads this and have more insights to this particular action please share your comments.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Yesterday's criminals today's human rights activists: Abdol Karim Lahiji

A post by "Khorshid" (aka SarbazeKuchak) posted on a forum I frequented years back. I thought I had this posted already but I can't find it through the search mechanism so am posting it here just in case. It's important to know who some of these terrorists of yesterday posing as human rights activists today actually are.


Murderers as human rights advocates

In this "exclusive" interview with RFE/RL

, conducted on May 4, the “deputy director of the Paris-based international Federation of Human Rights” and head of what is called “League for Defense Of Human Rights in Iran”, Abdolkarim Lahidji (or Lahiji), who is apparently very hard to reach, condemns the recent arrest of Canadian scholar Ramin Jahanbegloo. Jahanbegloo, who like most supporters of the republic of terror (read his interview with Noam Chomsky has been critical of Ahmadinejad’s betrayal of the true face of the Islamic Republic---and thus the undoing of years of work by the types of Mullah Khatami, Lahidji and (Ayatollah) Shirin Ebadi (
---was arrested earlier this week on charges of espionage. As one blogger correctly put it
“those who defend the theocratic regime in Iran are one by one being bit by the hand that feeds them.” I have nothing to add to that.

The most interesting part of this interview however, for me at least, is towards the end:

RFE/RL: You have been fighting for the improvement of the human-rights situation of Iran for more than three decades. What has been your lowest point? What is your worst memory?

Lahidji: My worst memory is from the early 1980s, when every day dozens of people were being executed in Iran; and in the 1980s, when thousands of people were executed in Iran merely because of their political, social, and religious activities. In my opinion, this is one of the darkest pages in Iran's modern history.”

Iranians reading this excerpt are either laughing at Lahiji’s attempt to “rewrite yesterday’s weather” or shocked by his dishonesty
I’ll explain to non-Iranians why this is so, for most have no way of knowing:

The truth is that this charlatan was himself one of the strongest advocates of executing opponents of his, and his “Imam’s” revolution and republic. Below is something I wrote last year, in reaction to yet another interview by Radio Farda with Lahiji as a human rights expert. I hope that it will shed some light on his character, and prove, much to his handlers’ chagrin, that the victims of the 79 disaster will not allow “Radio Free Europe” to rewrite Iran’s history:

Yesterday, February 24, 2005, Radio Farda conducted yet another interview with Abdolkarim Lahiji about human rights issues. As Radio Farda is paid for by the US congress and operated by the Department of State’s International Broadcasting Bureau, I believe US citizens who are friends of Iran (not to mention President Bush’s supporters) should know how their hard earned money is being spent by a department supposedly in line with the President’s views on Iran. This, regardless that the radio may further the interests of others. Needless to say, the role of Radio Farda in promoting views against Iran's interests has been clear to Iranians themselves since this radio's inception. Guests such as Hooshang Amir-ahmadi of the AIC, the pro-Islamic Republic US lobby, and Sadegh Zibakalam , a Lebanese trained Islamist terrorist who is now a Tehran University "professor" and an adviser to the fascist regime do not exactly attract Iranian listeners. As to Lahiji, Ayatullah Shirin Ebadi's friend and contact in France!

Abdolkarim Lahiji’s role in the Islamo-communist reaction:

Jan 25, 1979---“Human rights” defined:

Addressing the employees of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Abdolkarim Lahiji, spokesman of the “Lawyers Committee of Iran” and secretary of the “Iranian Committee for the Defense of Human Rights”, stated: “All acts by agents of the Pahlavi regime carry the death penalty. These individuals have repeatedly revolted* against the national government and against the constitution, and against the spirit and thoughts and beliefs and freedoms of the people. When a revolutionary court is formed, we will set forth new views on laws from a correct revolutionary position so that all learn what it means to revolt against the people.” (*”repeated coup d’etats,” literally!)

April 1, 1979---On Hezbollah’s Referendum:

Abdolkarim Lahiji, spokesman of the “Committee for the Defense of Freedom and Human Rights”, who on behalf of the interim government had invited a group of international legal experts for their observations on the referendum, said: “This group visited a number of districts and their opinion on the referendum is generally positive.”

July 21, 1979---The same day two Iranian women, Turan Karimi and Alam Jahedi are executed, one for “corruption on earth”, another for carrying a concealed weapon:

Runs as a candidate for the Assembly of Experts; he is one of the candidates of a coalition of political groups including MKO, Revolutionary Movement of the Moslem People of Iran (JAMA), Jonbesh, Movement of Moslem Fighters, and the Islamist organization SASH.

July 25, 1979

One of the candidates of the Moslem People’s Republic Party as a representative in the Assembly of Experts.

Feb 4, 1980

Pars News. “Moslem Students Following the Line of Imam” had released documents showing Nasser Minachi to have been in contact with the US Embassy and the CIA [this was during Jimmy Carter’s administration]. In an interview with Pars News Agency on this date Minachi admitted that the contacts concerned only human rights issues, saying that the contacts were made on behalf of “Committee for the Defense of Freedom and Human Rights”, whose members included Mehdi Bazargan (Khomeini’s first Prime Minister), Karim Sanjabi (head of Jebhe Melli), Ali-Asghar Haj Seyd Javadi (Jonbesh), and Abdolkarim Lahiji, the committee’s spokesman. Minachi added that in addition to these members, religious leaders and Mullahs in the Office of the Islamic Revolution Affairs were well aware of these meetings and talks. In this interview Minachi also spoke of the services of the “Committee for the Defense of Freedom and Human Rights” in the realization of the Islamic Revolution: "During the Cinema Rex fire in Abadan, we along with Students' Islamic Association organized a meeting in front of Washington Post's Tehran office, where we succeeded in representing the Shah's government as the culprit, thus preventing the blame being put on the Mullahs and Moslems. We completely changed US public opinion regarding the Cinema Rex fire." (Later, on March 2, 1980, more documents would be released on Lahiji’s past contacts with the US embassy)

Feb 25, 1980

Reuters. Members of the United Nations commission ask Abdolkarim Lahiji (naturally) to write a report about the political situation during the reign of the Shah and of the human rights violations during the period.

March 8, 1980

Runs as a candidate for the Islamic Majless.

Freedom for Iran!

Following the anti-regime unrest in Iran

My fellow bloggers Potkin & Winston have done some great reporting on the recent anti-regime demonstrations in Iran and continue to closely follow the situation:

Potkin Azarmehr


Tomorrow, 9 July, marks the anniversary of the 1999 inhumane attack by the Islamic regime on Tehran University dormitories - leading to the deaths of several innocent students, and as has been commemorated each year following that date will be marked by more anti-regime demonstrations.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Iran Body Count

A website dedicated to document the names of innocent freedom-seeking Iranians who have been killed by the Islamic Republic

Sunday, July 05, 2009

A criminal like Mir-Hossein Mousavi is NOT our leader!

The following is a recent communique by the Communist Party of Iran. The reason I am posting this communique by a known treasonous and terrorist organisation (link 1, link 2) - given their past armed activities and vicious untrue propaganda against the Iranian Government pre-1979 and finally participation in the foreign-instigated coup against the Iranian state in 1979, in which they gave full backing to the reactionary and backward islamic zealot Ayatollah Khomeini.

Despite this when I read their communique warning people not to fall for Mousavi as some type of "resistance leader" I could not help but feel that it mirrored to a great extent my own stance regarding this issue. As should be expected this treasonous party still tries to portray the 1979 coup against the Iranian government as a "peoples' revolution that was stolen" when that is furthest from the truth - the only reason they continue to hold on to this lie is for them to save face in light of their support and participation in the foreign instigated coup of 1979 which had Ayatollah Khomeini as its public leader and later becoming the founder of the terrorist Islamic Republic.

In regards to Mousavi, this is a person that was involved in establishing this terrorist and criminal Islamic Republic, held the post of PM during the provoked war with Iraq which cost hundreds of thousands of Iranian lives, and which during the same period a massacre of political prisoners took place under his direct leadership. The current friction between the two principally selected candidates in the Islamic Republic (Mousavi & Ahmadinejad) represents nothing more than a clan war, a mafia war, between two factions of the same system who are vying to have the greatest amount of power. Mousavi being the opportunist he is, capitalized on Ahmadinejad's extreme unpopularity amongst the populace by playing the "reformist card" - as an alternative to the status quo. The same card was played by the Islamic Republic's smiling oppressor Mullah Khatami - in which miniscule superficial changes did take place, which seemed to please a small portion of society that had been living in the dark since the inception of this hell-sent regime, however the oppression and killing of innocent freedomseekers continued unrepentantly.

My opinion regarding the recent unrest is that after 30 years Iranians have taken this opportunity to show the world their rejection of this system that has been oppressing them by using Mousavi as a pretext to carry out these mass-demonstrations, thus giving them some degree of protection (since he is part of the regime) - however as we have witnessed no such pretexts sit well with the Islamic Republic's ultimate decisionmaker - the "Supreme Leader" Ayatollah Khameini.

A criminal like Mir-Hossein Mousavi is NOT our leader! At best he is an excuse to the discontent witnessed in the past few weeks showing the peoples' rejection against an oppressive system that has been in place for the past 30 years!


People Beware! Mousavi is not your brother and he is not on your side!

June 2, 2009. A World to Win News Service. Following are excerpts from Communiqué no. 6 of the Communist Party of Iran (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist), put out on the morning of June 20.

These words might sound unpleasant for many of you engaged in bloody battle with the enemy, but open your eyes and ears!

Mir Hossein Mousavi called on you to "consider the Basiji your brothers." This means you should consider your brothers those who used knives and machetes on the bodies of your dearest sons and daughters. Mousavi told you "not to consider the army to be against you." This means considering to be your friends those who under the orders of Khamenei are trying to smash your uprising and are shooting our youth in many corners of the country.

Young people, be alert!

Mousavi claims that "the genuine call of Islamic revolution" is what has moved you. This is a blatant lie. He knows very well that what has moved you is a burning desire to change this world. It's impossible to change the existing order without overthrowing the Islamic Republic.

Mousavi claimed that "the heritage of the far-sighted Imam [Khomeini]" is what has inspired you. This is also a blatant lie. Khomeini's first measures after taking power were to slice women's faces with knives, force them to cover their heads, and take away their basic rights. He sent the army to suppress the people of Kurdistan, Khoozistan, and Turkmen Sahra. Is that what has inspired you?

Brave young women and men, pay attention to Mousavi's real demands!

He calls you to "the Islamic revolution as it was and the Islamic Republic as it should be." He tells you, "You are not against the sacred Islamic Republic system and its legal structures." He tells you that you must seek reform, "a reform with a return to the pure principles of the Islamic Revolution...."

Look at this society drowning in corruption, destruction, superstition, dark religious ignorance, drug addiction, and prostitution. These are the fruits of those pure principles. Principles against which you have courageously risen.

Mousavi says, "Many of our problems are the consequence of lies." But he himself is lying... One of Mousavi's big lies in 1981 was to slander the Sarbedaran uprising in Iran as "inspired by the Shah." The Sarbedaran uprising was waged to overthrow the Islamic Republic and save the people's revolution, but it was defeated. These are facts that you all must know.

In these decisive days, besides bravery and perseverance in the battlefield, you must arm and strengthen your mind with the truths of the last 30 years. These truths light up our road and further strengthen us. Mousavi, with his religious preaching, wants to numb your searching brains. If you know the truth—that the quarrel between Mousavi, Rafsanjani, and [opposition figure Mehdi] Karoubi on the one hand, and Khamenei and Ahmadinejad on the other, is a quarrel between two power- and money-hungry Mafia gangs and has nothing to do with your interests—then you can find the real liberating road and dare to scale the heights for your liberation.

Young women and men—fight! But fight with open eyes and lofty goals!

Mousavi's trademarks are the slogan "God is great" and the [Islamic] color green. Many of you think that these symbols are important for your unity. But they are first and foremost the symbols of the society that Mousavi promises to build—nothing but the same Islamic Republic with minor reforms to make it stronger.

Is this really the kind of society you want? Is it worth so much sacrifice? Why can't we make sacrifices for much higher and loftier goals? Why not struggle for a fundamentally different society and future? A society free of all oppression and exploitation. A society where everyone shares and cooperates. Where the equality of women and men is a fundamental and self-evident principle. Where the beautiful scenes of collaboration, mutual help, and consideration we are witnessing in our common battles today would be institutionalized. A society that is rid of boredom and stagnation, and always lively and active.

Shouldn't we think about these things and debate them even in the midst of the battle? In fact it is decisive for the future of our uprising to know what kind of society we want and how we can bring it about. This view, perspective, and commitment must be linked up broadly with your anger and struggle today against this bigoted and fraudulent rule. This is the only way to prevent our efforts in this historical juncture from going to waste and prevent us from confusing friends and enemies.

Let's raise our level of consciousness! And widely stir debate among the masses!

Form revolutionary cells of the most advanced young women and men in each neighborhood, factory, and university to widely distribute leaflets, do exposures and raise consciousness among the masses and bring more people into the various militant struggles.

Iran - July Update

Although the Islamic Republic's heavy security presence in cities across Iran seems to have temporarily ended the mass-demonstrations of previous weeks, under the surface the Iranian peoples' hatred for this occupational regime continues to gather force for another day. Sporadic clashes between smaller groups of anti-regime demonstrators and the regime's mercenary security forces continue to take place.

People defend themselves against the Islamic Republic's mercenary forces:

And a 10 year old boy shot dead by the Islamic Republic:

Saturday, July 04, 2009

The Islamic Republic continues to terrorize Iranians

In this clip, from the recent anti-regime unrest, an Iranian youth is savagely hunted down by a horde of the Islamic Republic's mercenary forces and beaten. There is at least 10 merceneries attacking the defenseless youth. These are the tactics which this hell-sent Islamic regime uses to stifle dissent against their illegal rule.

The Islamic Republic's internal propaganda machine is depicting the recent demonstrators as "thugs" and "hoodlums" who are "causing unrest and damaging public property". In this effort they get forced confessions (a result of physical and psychological torture) from arrested pro-democracy demonstrators or simply use their own actors and broadcast these propaganda productions to the general public:

It is however norm that the truth to what the Islamic Republic announces is in fact the complete opposite. Here are the actual thugs and hoodlums who have been destroying public property and instigating people to violence - none other than the Islamic Republic's own savage mercenary forces.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

F.D.I. hungerstrike will take place in Malmo, Sweden, in support of anti-regime demonstrations in Iran

Pressrelease: Hungerstrike

Chairman Ardavan Khoshnood
Date: 2009-06-30

The Islamic Republic has now for weeks been shaken by massive demonstrations. The demand of the people for the overthrow of the Islamic Republic, for freedom and for democracy has been answered with nightsticks and bullets. It is hard not to be overwhelmed when seeing the massive demonstrators in Iran screaming “down with the Islamic Republic”.

The Association for Democracy in Iran has since its establishment demanded from the Swedish government to end all diplomatic relations with the regime in Iran. This demand should today, more than ever, be fulfilled now when the whole world has witnessed how the Islamic Republic has without any mercy killed and assaulted people who have cried out for freedom and human rights.

For criticizing the foreign policy of the Swedish government when it comes to the Islamic Republic in Iran, the Association for Democracy in Iran has arranged a hunger strike in Malmö, which is going to last for three days. We demand from the Swedish government to break up all kinds of diplomatic relation with the Islamic Republic. We also demand that Sweden take the side of the Iranian people in their fight to overthrow the Islamic Republic in Iran and introduce a secular and democratic form of government.

The Association for Democracy in Iran invites all Swedish and Iranian organizations, parties and associations, as well as individuals who support the Iranian people’s fight for liberation to this hunger strike.

Date: Thursday July 2nd, 2009 at 18:00 – Sunday July 5th, 2009 at 18:00
Place: Gustav Adolfs torg, Malmö

You can follow our hunger strike on our webpage