Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Protests against intensified repression on Iranian society by Islamists!

In this video a student at Tehran University bravely begins shouting slogans against the oppressive Islamic Republic as a crowd gathers to hear him out. In a clear act of PROTEST the student proceeds to take off his jacket, shirt, and is about to take off his t-shirt when an "Islamic Morality Guard" (who are assigned to every university) approaches the student and tries to haul him away. The students who have gathered around begin chanting "let him go, let him go". This student will most likely get lashed and fined for his actions if not also imprisoned - he might even be charged with "threatening national security" by Islamists who would see such an act as "heretical" against Islamic values.

Iranian people are fed up with this foreign Arab ideology which has enslaved them and held them back for 1400 years. Many foreigners do not understand that Iranians have become staunchly anti-Islamic thanks to Iranian scholars who have exposed Islam for the violent, brutal, oppressive, and regressive ideology which it is. Iranians are slowly beginning to turn to their true roots before the brutal Arabo-Muslim invasion which imposed Islam on Iranian society.

Also to further highlight the unbarable conditions which Iranians have to suffer under Islamic occupation, a young man set himself on fire outside the Islamic Republic's Presidential office - CLICK HERE FOR STORY.

The Iranian people need all the support which freedom loving human beings in other countries can give them! Support the oppressed Iranian people from the Islamist occupiers! Support the democratic forces who oppose the Islamic Republic occupying Iran!



Anonymous said...

The best part is that all the other students stood around watching and taping on their cell phones while he got hauled off. Way to lend to hand guys.

Fiona said...

An interesting and informative site. I shall be checking in every day.

How I wish the west would practically assist these people with money, infrastucture, weapons etc. Isn't it obvious they need our help? Isn't it obvious they want rid of this odious regime?

Aryamehr said...


If you look at it you'll see that a few students tried to stop it whilst the rest where chanting "let him go". It's a difficult position to put oneself in as if you involve yourself you are sure to be arrested as well.

Aryamehr said...

Thanks for your support Izzie.