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Monday, July 17, 2006

Global hungerstrike, Akbar Ganji and my thoughts and opinions...

Amir-Abbas Fakhravar showed up outside the UN headquarters in New York to show his solidarity with Iranian political prisoners. He met with Akbar Ganji there as can be seen on the above photo. Amir-Abbas Fakhravar says that he befriended Ganji during his imprisonment.

Well on Friday (14th July 2006) a 3 day global hungerstrike began with aims to highlight the plight of the thousands of Iranian political prisoners languishing in the Islamic Republic's prisons across the country. A founder for this call was Akbar Ganji, a former regime affiliate who served the terrorist Islamic Republic in their elite military unite named "the Revolutionary Guards".

Ganji served the Islamic Republic at a time when its security apparatus, which he was deeply involved in, was executing thousands of Iranians who opposed the terrorist regime. The massacre of tens of thousands of political prisoners in the late 1980's happened during a time when Ganji was a member of the Islamic Republic's Revolutionary Guards. It's funny how it took Akbar Ganji, who the western press have presented to us as a dissident human rights activist, over 15 years to raise his objection about individuals in the regime and now the regime itself.

It's funny how tens of thousands of Iranian political prisoners were brutally executed in the period between 1979-1989 but Ganji did not object to that? Today he is presented as a human rights advocate. Now I do not have any proof that Ganji's hands are stained with blood, but then again I have a hard time giving previous affiliates of such a barbaric regime the benefit of the doubt. Isn't it so that silence in the face of atrocities, as barbaric as those commited by the Islamic Republic in the past, is a crime in itself? How come Akbar Ganji has become so "concerned" all of a sudden about the plight of political prisoners in Iran? Has he genuinely repented? What are we to believe? What are we supposed to believe?...

Akbar Ganji exposed some regime affiliates who were involved in chain murders (within the regime apparatus itself) and for that he was imprisoned. He served his prison sentence and went on hungerstike as well - is that enough for us to embrace him as a genuine opposition member? Not for me. If I see that Ganji can be used for the good of Iran I will support any such action. This recent hungerstrike might have very well gotten well deserved media coverage of the plight of political prisoners in Iran BUT - when Akbar Ganji makes outrageous lies that work against the interests of the Iranian nation such as "there are only 50 political prisoners in Iran" (as quoted in the Belfast Telegraph) how will this affect us : THE OPPOSITION? The opposition that wants to see Iran FREE from this tyrannical regime! The opposition who knows that there is no place for reform in the Islamic Republic and that it has to go in its entirety and for an internationally supervised referendum to take place, in which the Iranian nation itself can determine the future of their country. Will the media pick up on this outrageous lie (50 political prisoners) and portray thousands of poltical prisoners that exist in Iran as by Ganji's quote of 50 individuals!? Will the world community even care if there are only 50 poltical prisoners in Iran!? Can you see where i'm getting? Is Ganji trying to neutralize the opposition to the Islamic Republic in a deceitful manner not unlike the Mullah's occupying Iran?

The Islamic Republic has done a terrific job in presenting CHARLATANS to the Iranian Nation and the Iranian Nation has fallen for them in the past such as Mullah Khatami - the smiling mullah - who they thought had their interests at heart but which couldn't have been anymore further from the truth and cold reality. Mullah Khatami was part of the regime, he made it very clear on numerous occasions as President of the Islamic Republic that he is loyal to the Islamist takeover or the "Islamic Revolution of 1979" as they call it and he also made it clear that he is loyal to the Supreme Butcher or Supreme Leader as they refer to the old crippled terrorist. We saw how Mullah Khatami betrayed the students in the 1999 uprisings and labeled the tens of thousands of students who had started anti-regime demonstrations across the country as "hooligans", and we saw how these demonstrations were brutally suppressed and led to several deaths. We saw that the Islamic Republic cannot be "reformed" but still we have people like Ganji who insist on "reform"!!!

Today the Iranian Nation has seen through the Islamic Republic's charade of the game between "Conservatives & Reformists", we know today that this was all a game that was meant to keep the regime alive for a few more years. As their game has been exposed they now have to present the masses with another alternative to fall for, another game of deception. Is Ganji their new actor? All I want from my fellow Iranians is to be aware of Ganji's past, and be cautious of who you decide to support FULL-HEARTEDLY. If you want to use Ganji to promote freedom and democracy in Iran make sure you do it in a right way! If you see him making lies or statements that run against the interest of the Iranian Nation confront him! When he says that he is a proponent of democracy but at the same time he has made it crystal clear that he will under no circumstances sit down and hold talks with Iranian Constitutionalists there is something very very wrong with the whole picture!

I do not want my fellow compatriots to be disappointed one more time. A shady character like Ganji is not one who you decide to support FULL-HEARTEDLY because you "feel sorry for him"! A democrat is a person who sits down and holds talks with all parties, at least all democratic parties and forces which Iranian Constitutionalists are definately part of and who make up a significant base of support!

Here is an excellent thread that is related to the topic i'm writing on here which will shed much light on why I think the way I think!

Yesterday's terrorists today's human rights advocates!

What about ("Ayatollah") Shirin Ebadi - the Nobel Peace Prize winner? Has she not been the best tool the Islamic Republic could have hired for PR? Hasn't her fierce speeches on "American Imperialism", "Freedom for Guantanamo Bay terrorists", "The Zionist Regime" speeches been just in line with the Regime's policies? Hasn't her speeches on how "beautiful" and "peaceful" the religion of Islam is and how Islam works perfectly well with democracy (oxymoron statement!) been to the benefit of the terrorist Islamic Republic? Isn't outrageous lies that Ebadi has made such as "Iranian women are much better off today [under the terrorist Islamic Republic that has demoted the status of Iranian women to 2nd class citizens who are to be told how to behave in society] than they were pre-1979" - to me this sounds like statements that would be released by the regime's propaganda ministry!? This woman who amusingly sits down and says before cameras that she will respect the law enforced by the terrorist Islamic Republic, who sees her as a "sub-human", and work within the confines of it - and nobody thinks this is "funny"?!?! "odd"?!?! "strange"!?!?! Excuse me but she has done "shiite" for the plight of political prisoners! The son of the murdered Canadian journalist killed in Iran by the Islamic Republic rejected any help from this woman because he knows that this woman cannot do anything to help him or bring justice to the murderers of his slain mother! How many times has she talked STRAIGHTLY on the situation in Iran!? How many times has she condemned the human rights abuses in Iran instead of trying to paint a rosy picture of it all and down play the severity of the situation in Iran!?

When will we stop falling for what inevitably looks like puppets of the Islamic Republic? The mullah's know the art of deception to perfection! Haven't we seen enough of their tricks? When will we start to support genuine people? When will we decide that enough is enough?

I leave you with some comments by Amir-Abbas Fakhravar, who to me is a GENUINE Iranian that wants to see his country FREE! FREE from this terrorist regime that is occupying it and he is not afraid to say it! His words do not need any kind of interpretation as they are crystal clear. Amir Abbas has no trackrecord that would work against him - he is of the generation that had to grow up under tyranny, who know tyranny, recognizes tyranny, has endured tyranny, and who will fight tyranny to the end. Mr Fakhravar has said it clearly that the Islamic Republic cannot be reformed unlike what the likes of Ganji, Ebadi and anyone else for that matter that is of great SUPPORT to the Islamic Republic. Again I ask of my compatriots to know of the individuals they support, not to be afraid to question them and confront them when they see them working in the favour of the Islamic Republic. Too many charlatans have been presented to us by the Islamic Republic, we cannot afford to fall for one more which would lead to many more years of suffering for our people and for future generations to come.

Amir Abbas Fakhravar on Ganji (persian):

Videoclip 1
Videoclip 2
Videoclip 3

You will see that Mr Fakhravar also raises his suspicions and worries about how a man (Ganji) who says he supports democracy but yet refuses to sit down with other democratic forces because his "ideology" or "political ideology" doesn't allow him to.

Let us think for ourselves rather than letting others do the thinking for us.

I'm afraid that for Ganji, Ebadi and the likes, things just don't add up correctly! Let us not be fooled once again! Never again!

For more coverage about this recent hungerstrike please see:

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Monday, July 10, 2006

9 July/ 18 Tir - A historical date in Iranian history

Today is July 9th or "18 Tir". This date is marked by two historical Iranian freedom movements.

The Nojeh rescue attempt took place on "18 Tir", 1980, and was executed by officers of the Imperial Iranian Armed Forces in cooperation with non-military elements to topple the Islamists who had hijacked Iran in 1979. The operation was not successful and somewhere around 150 participants who were part of this noble and patriotic mission were brutally killed by the Islamic regime that took to power.

On July 9th, 1999, Iranian students were protesting the closure and censorship of newspapers exercised by the Islamist government. During the night of that day Islamist forces of the Islamic Republic attacked the student dormitories of Tehran, catching the students off-guard, and leading to the brutal killings of several students; some who were thrown out of their dormitory windows! For over a week there were massive anti-regime demonstrations across Iran but which in the end were savagely suppressed by the terrorist Mullah's.

For more background on these two historic events please visit the below links:

Top Gunned Down - Mastermind of the Nojech Coup Attempt
Nice Try - The Failed Nojeh Coup
In memory of all brave souls who stood up against tyranny
July 9th

July 9th (1999) related news
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Today we honor the memories of our fallen heroes who left us on this date. Their souls have now become eternal and their memories will be cherished for generations to come.


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Amir-Abbas Fakhravar Hailed as Iran's Hope

Amir-Abbas Fakhravar's previous website is down and a new website has been created. You can visit the new website by clicking HERE. It's been added to the sidebar under political links as well.

Ex-student Hailed as Iran's Hope

July 02, 2006 Telegraph Toby Harnden in Washington

An Iranian student leader who was imprisoned and tortured before fleeing to the United States in May is to meet Vice-President Dick Cheney and deliver his message about the need for "regime change" in Teheran.

Amir Abbas Fakhravar, 30, has become the poster child of some of the leading neo-conservatives in Washington and, less than two months after leaving Iran, the former medical student who spent five years in jail and still bears the scars on his youthful face, is being championed as the person who can unite his country's fractious opposition.

He is adamantly opposed to nuclear negotiations with Teheran, which were offered by President George W. Bush in a policy U-turn last month after Condoleezza Rice, the Secretary of State, prevailed over Mr Cheney.

"The world has to do something - whatever it takes - so that [President] Mahmoud Ahmadinejad does not become another Hitler," Mr Fakhravar told The Sunday Telegraph in his office at the Foundation for the Defence of Democracies in Washington.

When asked whether military action would be desirable, he replied: "Whatever the world does against the Iranian regime, the Iranian people will be supportive."
Mr Fakhravar's most prominent sponsor is Richard Perle, a former Reagan administration official who later served as chairman of the Pentagon's defence policy board.

Mr Perle was among figures who once hailed Ahmed Chalabi, leader of the Iraqi National Congress, as the natural successor to Saddam Hussein. However, Mr Chalabi later fell out with the Bush administration amid allegations of links to Iranian intelligence.

Mr Perle met Mr Fakhravar in Dubai in May after the latter had left Iran, fearing that he was about to be murdered. The Iranian, leader of the Confederation of Independent Iranian Students, was guest of honour at a recent American Enterprise Institute (AEI) lunch attended by key Pentagon and State Department officials.

The AEI, a conservative think-tank, has helped to develop many of the foreign policy positions adopted by the administration and was a major voice calling for Saddam to be toppled.

Michael Ledeen, an AEI scholar and Iran expert who co-hosted the lunch with Mr Perle, said of Mr Fakhravar: "He's a unifying figure. He's strong physically and psychologically. I think he's extraordinarily smart. He's one of the few Iranian opposition figures I've met who can think through the way Westerners look at Iran and help them understand."

Others who are said to have been impressed by his credentials are Professor Bernard Lewis, the Middle East historian, and James Woolsey, a former CIA director.

Prof Lewis, whose arguments helped to underpin the neo-conservative philosophy of spreading democracy, supporting Israel and projecting American power in the Middle East, is understood to have encouraged Mr Cheney to meet Mr Fakhravar. The former student walks with a slight limp, the result, he said, of being viciously kicked in the left knee by the judge who sentenced him to eight years in 2002 for criticising Iran's supreme leader in his novella This Place is Not a Ditch.

Mr Fakhravar has ambitious plans to bring the larger Tahkim Vahdat student organisation, which favours reform rather than regime change, under his group's wing and also to find common cause with the broader opposition movement.

But some Iran hardliners in Washington have distanced themselves from Mr Fakhravar. "This is no Ahmed Chalabi," said one. "I know that my well-intentioned friends are desperate to find a single figure to rally around but it's not the same as Iraq. It won't work."

Mr Fakhrahar said ordinary Iranians had become increasingly pro-American and even pro-Israeli because of Mr Ahmadinejad's bloodthirsty rhetoric about both countries. "They are growing to like Israel now. It's natural to feel the opposite of what he says."