Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Islamists attack Pro-Democracy Elections at Amir Kabir University

CityBoy has an excellent entry on Pro-Democracy Elections at Amir Kabir University in Tehran in which club-wielding Islamist Thugs (Basiji's) attacked the students trying to destroy ballot boxes. See full story by following the below link:

City boy: First day of ISA elections at Amir Kabir University

I just wanted to point out that the main-stream-media constantly refers to these Islamist riff raff (Basiji's) as "Iranian Students" - whenever these inhumane savages stage various regime sponsored events foreign newspaper are quick to label them as "Iranian students stage anti-American demonstration" etc. This is just one way which the main-stream-media tries to portray an incorrect and false picture of the situation in Iran.

Potkin has another entry entitled "Calls to Execute the Father of Animation in Iran" which also involves these Islamist thugs (Basiji's) and there is a picture of them enjoying a "free lunch" after their protest >>> CLICK HERE FOR THE STORY.

Iranian students need YOU to support them at this time and to echo their cries for freedom across the world!

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Anonymous said...

The vigilante mob, the Basiji, were calling for execution of "un-islamic" students...The only way these muslims know how to solve anything is by killing, murder, torture, execution, and beheading...Sickening!