Monday, January 29, 2007

The terrorist Islamic Republic occupying Iran is set to destroy a major part of humankind's cultural heritage!

The flooding of Sivand Dam is pronounced evidence to the nullification of the human rights of the Iranian people


People of the world, People of Iran!

Two days ago, on January 22, 2007, Islamic’s Republic of Iran’s (IRI) Minister of Energy announced his intention to begin flooding the Sivand Dam within a week. This Dam will flood the ancient archeological sites of Bolaghi Gorge and Pasargad Plains where the mausoleum of Cyrus the Great - the author of the first declaration of Human Rights in mankind's history - is situated. The date chosen for this act is coincided with the anniversary of Ayatollah Khomeini's return to Iran and taking over the reigns of power 28 years ago.

Thus, it is now clear that the government of Mr. Ahmdinejad, taking advantage of the tension it has created all through the world and region, has decided to realize that inauspicious intension which has been hidden in the construction of Sivand Dam by flooding a large part of Cyrus's ancient capital and birthplace, thus, annihilating the most sacred parts of Iranian territory.

By this action, he is telling us that whatever archeologists, historians, experts and university professors have said about the dangers of this dam, and the discoveries of last two years have proved them to be right, has no value for his government and he is poised to destruct the Iranian pre-Islamic history and culture.

But, is it the end of this saga? Is the Sivand Lake going to gradually drown Bolaghi Gorge and bring its disastrous consequences to this region? Do we have nothing but to surrender to despair and mourn our loss? No, we do not think so. Although this decision is the beginning of a catastrophe, it also can be seen as the beginning of a new phase in our cultural campaign against such atrocities to the mankind's cultural heritage.

We think that in these sensitive moments, the duty of lovers of culture and history all through the world and Iran is to expand their endeavors and show the people of the world that all the pronouncements of IRI with regards to the preservation of historical heritages are hollow and baseless and this monstrous dam and its flooding is pronounced evidence to the nullification of the human rights of Iranian people by this government.

Our duty is to show that the government of IRI is knowingly and intentionally following the footsteps of Taliban and has bluntly embarked on the destruction of our heritage. Flooding the Sivand Dam is similar to the detonation of those bombs that exploded the ancient Buddha statues in Afghanistan.

This Committee urges all people, both within and outside of Iran, to restlessly spread the news of this grand injustice with the aim of putting a stop to such atrocity.

We loudly declare that any responsibility with regards to the destruction of Iranian ancient heritage rests on the whole apparatus of IRI's government. We have no doubt that in a day to come all those who are participating in this horrendous act will be legally bound to answer Iranian nation. In the meanwhile, their name will appear next to the worst and most sinister names that could be found in the annals of the Iranian history.

With regards and love

January 24th, 2007


UPDATE #1: Please visit Serendip's entry on this and make use of the contact info she has provided CLICK HERE.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Military action against the Islamic Republic occupying Iran is NOT necessary!

Military action against the Islamic Republic occupying Iran is being mentioned more often in the MSM (main-stream-media) - however the viewpoints of the Iranian people who suffer under that regime have not found their way to the MSM. Isn't that quite peculiar?! Could we for once listen to the voice of normal people instead of individuals who are totally out of touch with realities?! or for that matter those who do not have the interests of neither people at heart!!

I think I speak for the overwhelming majority of Iranians, in particular the 70% of the population who are under 30, when I say that no foreign military invasion of our country is needed to defeat the savage Islamic Republic!

Listen to the voices of Iranians student leaders like Amir-Abbas Fakhravar who says:
Fakhr-Avar believes the revolution can be accomplished within ten months to a year. He does not ask for much from the Americans: “What we really need is the tools,” he says. “Cell phones, computers, cameras, publication ability. This is the funding we need for our (revolutionary) activities, to coordinate within Iran and outside.”

Read whole exclusive interview with Iranian student leader Amir-Abbas Fakhravar by CLICKING HERE.

For another viewpoint on how to go about defeating the Islamists occupying Iran please review fmr Imperial Iranian Ambassador Hashem Hakimi's open letter to President Bush by CLICKING HERE.

Instead of sending their sons and daughters to war, the leaders of the United States, if they really care about their country should support their natural allies in Iran - which are the Iranian people. Support and empower the Iranian people to overthrow this illegitimate terrorist Islamic regime and send it to HELL where it belongs! Iranians have had to live under this hellish regime for 28 years. They know this regime and the criminals who run it inside out! They know what needs to be done! All they need is your support and empowerment! Maybe one should ask the U.S. servicemen and women who would be involved in any military invasion of Iran whether what the Iranian people are asking for is REASONABLE OR NOT!?!?!

P.S. If it's not too much to ask for do bring this to the attention of the U.S. servicemen and U.S. public for them to firstly be aware of what is at stake and for them to know that there are much more viable options to deal with this barbaric Islamic regime!


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Support Democratic Revolution in Iran!

How to Topple the Mullahs

January 18, 2007
Kenneth R. Timmerman

For now, the nutty recommendation of the Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group that the United States should engage in direct talks with Syria and Iran appears to have been mooted by events on the ground.

U.S. military forces have caught Iran red-handed – twice – over the past few weeks in Iraq, No one can possibly doubt any longer what I and many others have been saying for some time: that Iran is involved on the ground in Iraq and is aiding both Sunni and Shia insurgents in an effort to blow that country apart.

But like all bad ideas in Washington, rest assured that the Baker-Hamilton recommendation of direct talks will come back. Study group members can be counted upon to argue that the capture of top Iranian Revolutionary Guards and intelligence officials in Iraq only proves their point that Iran has real influence and thus must be dealt with directly, to prevent them from playing the spoiler’s role.

And by the way, they will argue, what’s the alternative? Nuke Iran?

It is regrettable and truly astonishing that President Bush has not applied to Iran and to Syria the same global vision he has so eloquently displayed in regards to Iraq and other fronts in the global war against the Islamic jihad. Because there is a clear alternative to the capitulation offered by Baker, Hamilton, and their advisors.

Instead of rewarding these regimes, the United States should use its tremendous resources to contain Syria and to undermine the legitimacy of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Such a policy is not far-fetched, nor is it based solely on ideology, although compelling moral arguments can be made in its favor. Instead, it serves the national and historic interests of the United States.


The Islamic Republic of Iran, however, is made of different stuff. This is a regime that over the past twenty-seven years has been willing to pay a tremendously high price in blood and treasure to pursue its radical policies. Since the 1979 revolution, the United States has repeatedly attempted to “influence the behavior” of the regime, without success.

As I wrote in these pages just last month, the Baker-Hamilton proposal is a warmed rehash of the same failed policy we’ve been trying since 1979.

There is only one approach that will get the attention of the Tehran’s revolutionary and clerical leaders; and this is the one approach that Baker and Hamilton – and the foreign policy Establishment - have rejected: support for regime change.

This is the one approach that the United States and its allies have never tried. Short of an all-out U.S. military assault on Iran, it is the only approach that can avoid a future Persian Gulf region dominated by a radical Iranian regime armed with nuclear weapons. Saying pretty-please, as the Baker-Hamilton group proposed, just isn’t going to work.

Empowering Iranians to change their regime will be costly. From having worked with opponents to the Iranian regime over the past twenty years, and studied the requirements of opposition groups currently working inside Iran, I believe the United States should be prepared to commit a minimum of $300 million over an initial six month period if we are to have any hope of a successful outcome.

The very first step must be the appointment by the President of a Special Envoy for Iran, with full presidential authority to convene a loya jirga type meeting of several hundred prominent Iranian leaders. The majority of those able to attend such a meeting will of necessity come from the diaspora; some will come secretly from the inside.

That meeting should focus on establishing a broad declaration of principles around which the various opposition factions can unite, and then electing an executive committee that will include authorized spokespersons for the pro-freedom movement. (Much of the ground work for such a broad meeting of Iranians has already been accomplished over the past two years, thanks to the Iranians themselves).

Over the next six months, the following tasks must be accomplished:

  • Drafting a detailed game plane for organizing massive non-violent protests against the regime in Tehran. This game plan must include strategies for neutralizing the Revolutionary Guards, the bassij corps, and paramilitary gangs loyal to extremists in the current regime, and for preventing the Islamic-Marxist Mujahedin Khalq, which worked with the regime during the early years of the revolution, from exploiting the situation and seizing power in a putsch. It must also include a strategy for providing financial support to striking workers and professionals;
  • Specific policy recommendations for the United States and our allies, so we can best leverage tools available to governments and international organizations for delegitimizing and destabilizing the Tehran regime. (The U.S. Department of the Treasury has made a modest start here).
  • Identify, contact, and train key operations officers on the ground in Iran;
  • Identify and pre-position secure communications and other equipment needed to coordinate operations inside Iran; and
  • Establish a finance committee tasked with harnessing the tremendous resources of the Iranian diaspora, who have withheld major support to the pro-freedom movement because they rightly judged that the movement lacked U.S. support.

Broadcasting must be an integral part of any comprehensive political plan to challenge the legitimacy of the Iranian regime and promote non-violent regime change. However, none of the $300 million fund should go to expanding the Persian language service of Voice of America or Radio Farda, the Persian service of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Both have failed utterly to live up to the goal for which they were established.

Rather than communicate an American viewpoint during Iran’s proxy war against Israel this past summer, for example, VOA television sent reporters to Beirut to interview top Hezbollah leaders – the same Hezbollah leaders Iranian state television was treating as rock stars.

As for Radio Farda (“Tomorrow”), established to be a “surrogate” for the free media Iranians could not access inside their own country, it became a laughing stock by championing Iran’s failed reformist president, Mohammad Khatami.

Since Ahmadinejad took over as president in 2005, Radio Farda has adopted the “music-first” model of Westwood One and become simply irrelevant. Both are a waste of U.S. taxpayer dollars and should be downsized or eliminated altogether.

Instead, funding should be provided to private Iranian broadcasters who understand the political thirst of their compatriots and know how to package a compelling message in a professional format. The allotment of the broadcasting budget should be determined by the Executive Committee, with a preference to pluralism and professionalism.

The U.S. intelligence community can play a support role in this effort, but should not take the lead. The last thing we need is to ask the Central Intelligence Agency to organize the Iranian opposition.

On the contrary, much of this program can – and must – be accomplished overtly. Having the President of the United States openly support the aspirations of the Iranian people, at the same time devoting $300 million to back the effort, will have a tremendous impact on pro-democracy forces inside Iran, without yet putting lives at risk.

At the end of the initial six month period, the President can then decide if he believes the program is viable. If so, he can pull the trigger on the plan devised by the pro-freedom groups in coordination with his Special Envoy. The U.S. will need to commit another $500 million or so to the effort of organizing and supporting the massive non-violent protest movement throughout Iran. This will be supplemented by another $500 million or more raised from the Iranian diaspora.

This is expensive, for sure. But it is far less costly than the alternatives of facing a nuclear-armed Iran, or having to send in U.S. troops to prevent Iran from deploying or firing nuclear weapons.

The Baker-Hamilton approach of engaging the terror-masters brings great risks and few rewards. It sends a clear message that terrorism, even conducted against the world’s sole superpower, is a strategy that works. Engagement with Iran and Syria will foster more terror, not curtail it.

Furthermore, engaging regimes that systematically repress their own people and seek to destroy a bold democratic experiment on their borders, sends a clear message to pro-democracy forces inside those countries that their efforts can never succeed.

In one simple stroke, the Baker-Hamilton approach will have emboldened our enemies, and deterred our potential allies. And yet, for reasons that only the chattering classes can explain, this goes by the name “realism.”

Supporting regime change by Iranians, while containing Syria, not only makes the best strategic sense for America. It is the right thing to do.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

16th January, 1979

A dark day in Iran's history; a day when Iranians let down a great patriot and embraced their enemy.

16th January, 1979 ; on this cold and somber day, His Imperial Majesty the Shahanshah of Iran decided it would be best to calm tensions by leaving his beloved country.

Vicious anti-Shah propaganda published by the enemies of Iran, with the help of western news outlets like the BBC, had created a tense situation in Iran. The Islamists, Communists, Islamo-Marxists, and a group calling themselves ReligiousNationalists (oxymoron! >> Islamists in sheep's clothing) where all contributing their uttermost to destabilize the country and overthrow the Shah.

With a handful of Iranian soil, the Shahanshah and his wife the Shahbanou of Iran bid farewell to the country which they had dedicated their lives to. At the airport loyal members of the Imperial Guard tried to persuade the Emperor from leaving. Members of the cabinet paid their respects. The Shah had empowered PM Shahpour Bakthiar to save the country.

In the end the forces of darkness would take over the country and establish an Islamic Republic; ushering in their now 28 years of terror, war, death, destruction, poverty, misery, and dictatorship.

Today 70% of the Iranian population is under 30 years old. They had no hand in this treason which transformed their glorious country and ancient monarchy into an Islamic Republic. Today 70% of Iranians are paying the price of the "treasonous fathers and mothers of '79".

See album on 1979-1980


Monday, January 15, 2007

We have to reclaim our country and our honor!

Never in the history of Iran had the United Nations CONDEMNED our country for human rights violations, before the Islamist Takeover of 1979!

Never in the history of the Iran had the United Nations put our nation under SANCTIONS for non-compliance to treaties it has signed, before the Islamist Takeover of 1979!

Never in the history of Iran had millions of Iranians lived in EXILE, before the Islamist Takeover of 1979!

Never in the history of our (once!?) great nation Iran had this nation gone from being a respected, powerful, worthy member of the civilized community to being belittled and shamed internationally; reduced to the label of "TERRORIST-state"!

Never in the history of Iran has a MULLAH, the lowest scum of society, been sitting on the throne that Cyrus the Great and other Great Iranian Kings once sat on!!!

I could go on...

I hope for the sake of Iran and future generations that the people of Iran wake up from their COMA and decide to save themselves, their country and secure the prosperous and dignified future which future Iranian generations deserve! I also hope that the international community stops appeasing these terrorists and starts empowering the Iranian people in their struggle for liberating their country!

If we work alone in this struggle we will be weak and defeatable! But if we unite we will form a fist that will knock out this terrorist regime and send it to HELL where it belongs!

We have to reclaim our country and our honor! Whatever it takes!


Saturday, January 13, 2007

Save Nazanin!

Nazanin Fatehi is a rape-victim who has been sentenced to death by hanging by the savage Islamic authorities occupying Iran. 18 year old Nazanin Fatehi, a former rape victim, and her 16 year old niece were attacked by three rapists in a suburb of Tehran in March 2005. During the attack Nazanin defended herself and her niece by stabbing the rapists with a knife she had began carrying with her ever since her first rape-attack. One of the rapists later died of his wounds. Now Nazanin is sentenced to hanging unless international pressure leads to the terrorist Islamic Republic canceling their inhumane sentence.

Nazanin Fatehi comes from an extremely poor Iranian Kurdish family who is suffering immense psychological trauma.

Please visit former Miss Canada Nazanin Afshin-Jam's webpage on Nazanin Fatehi in Iran and support her efforts in trying to save this innocent life from being taken away by the Islamists! Spread the word on your blogs!




UPDATE 1 : Nazanin is said to have been found "not guilty" in the latest trial proceedings; international pressure might have saved an innocent life. Thank you for those who participated.


Shahanshah Aryamehr speaking to the nation...

Friday, January 05, 2007

Unconfirmed Reports: Khameini is dead!


Supreme Leader of the terrorist Islamic Republic Seyed Ali Khameini is DEAD!
"NOJA" the Military Guard of the Islamic Republic occupying Iran has been put on alert!


Pajamas Media - Michael Leeden
Iran Va Jahan

Awaiting further news and confirmation which will be posted.

UPDATE 1: Farideh Vafai spokeswoman for Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi of Iran, made the following comment to PJM Washington Editor Richard Miniter:

“We cannot confirm this news. We have heard rumors but so far have no confirmation.”

Ms. Vafai was reached at Pahlavi’s Secretariat in Falls Church, VA.


UPDATE 2: Islamic Republic denies report that the Supreme Thief and Mass Murderer has died - CLICK HERE.


Thursday, January 04, 2007

Amir Kabir Unversity students' letter to the Iranian Nation

The following letter by (Tehran's) Amir Kabir Unversity students to the nation has been drafted for circulation - please give it the exposure it deserves.

Down with the dictatorship of the Islamic theologians!!!


A letter from the Amir Kabir University student protestors to the people of Iran

Enlightened People of Iran,

The cries that you heard several weeks ago from the Amir Kabir Polytechnic university was neither the voice of the members of various political parties, nor the voices of those who would have supposedly been deceived by the United States of America and Zionists. They were the cries of your children; students seeking freedom and equality at the Polytechnic; raised-up cries for many years of tolerating oppression, cruelty, horror and suffocation at the hands of those autocrats ruling over this land.

Our cries are the echoes of poverty, corruption and discrimination which has run deep roots in our society and has driven the most pure individuals of our land to prostitution, leaving no other choice for the most responsible ones other than to flee the country all together.

Poverty, corruption and discrimination which has been forced upon the honest workers, employees, teachers, women and men of the land has become the basis of all enmity and unrest in our daily lives. How is it possible that in a country where the pages of newspapers that daily become darker and darker with despair, suicide and drug addiction, one can live a calm and uncomplicated life?

Our cries are not the voices of justice-seekers and hate mongering students…students who these days are even deprived of the right to an education. They are sent to prison and die as a result of hunger strike in prison and are shamelessly attacked, ridiculed and insulted by Ahmadinejad and his supporters.

We protest the suppression of the wokers’ protests; workers who have not received their wages for months on end and due to unjust policies of the totalitarian rule, they are fired from their jobs.

We protest the discriminatory laws against women and brutal suppression of peaceful protests for them to obtain the minimum human rights. We stand against the captivity of the critics [of the regime], political protesters and the banning of publications in our country.

Political suppression which in the absence of opposition, facilitates the autocrats - who absolutely distort and obfuscate – dare to pass off their vainglory under the guise of the absolute rights of the Iranian people.

At Amir Kabir University Ahmadinejad speaks of an increase of non-oil exports. Our question is how does one justify an increase in non-oil exports when Iran’s economy is 70% dependent on Iran’s oil?

Mr. Ahmadinejad speaks of the decrease in imports; can one call the growth index of $40 billion a reduction in imports?

We have the right to ask the president and even holler at him to explain what exactly happened to all those promises and slogans? Where is that oil money that was promised to the citizens? Who are those who make up the power and wealth mafia? Will they ever be actually identified? Why is it that the news of all the trips Ahmadinejad takes to various provinces get wide coverage by Islamic regime’s radio and television but the closure of factories and fired workers, teachers and intellectuals who have the responsibility of educating the future generations completely blocked out. Is this not demagoguery?

We have the right to holler at Ahmadinejad to answer why the ministry of science is granted the right to assign stars to students*, prohibiting them from entering onto university campuses. Do the heavy verdicts imposed by the disciplinary committees on the student activists, not mean enmity and hatred? How can university officials and authorities of the ministry of science allow university students such as Ali Azizi, Abbass Hakimzadeh and Majid Tavakoli be prohibited from entering into the university?

They have left no psychological tranquility for the students. In a totally illegal move, the scholastic file of students is closed. They send threat messages to our families. In a totally vicious move they destroy the student assembly building, the members’ property and personal information is confiscated. They turn the university into a war zone and put students under constant intelligence/military surveillance. Are we then the ones who cause tension in the university environment?

They even fear the enclosed university environment where information flows freely. With all the arrest and restrictions on publishing students’ periodicals, how can Ahmadinejad claim that he accepts the voice of opposition?

How did Ahmadinejad dare to accuse university students of being lackeys of the U.S. or Zionists? What documentation can he produce as a proof of such an accusation?

We students will not tolerate such talk; for this reason we demand the full and uncensored broadcast of the film footage of Ahmadinejad’s speech at our university via the so-called national media so that the world can judge for itself who the real enemies of the people are and who the foreign agents are.

Indeed, we have decided to take our futures into our own hands.

* Stars are being given to students for punishment. "Students with stars" describes students who have been expelled or suspended from a university. The term became prevalent after several students said university officials had refused to register them for the new academic year, telling them that they have two or three stars. Student protestors and activists say more than 250 students have been affected thus far. The “admission committee” in charge of picking out the students who get the stars is made up agents of the ministry of intelligence and security of the Islamic regime.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Shahanshah Aryamehr 1979-80

Here's another video, on the last days of the late Shah of Iran, that I had uploaded on youtube which has much better quality/resolution on dailymotion. The audio in the background is that of Empress Farah Pahlavi reading out the late Shah's last will to the Iranian Nation.

This is the introductory text which I have for it:

In 1979 the enemies of Iran had mobilized their forces alongside tens of thousands of brainwashed villagers gathered on the streets of Iran in order to take over the country with backing by European states and the Carter Administration.

The prosperity of the Iranian Nation under the guidance of His Imperial Majesty was not in the interests of these countries who would rather have a poor, backward, Islamic Republic serve their interests.

The Shahanshah of Iran in order to defuse the explosive atmosphere and threat to Iran's integrity pleaded that these people seize their activities which where harming the state and that political reform would be accelerated.

The Islamist/Communists alliance (Jebhe Zedde Melli, Fedayaan Eslam, Hezbe Toodeh etc!) would never have accepted this and armed rebellion against the Iranian Government was pursued by these destructive groups.

The Shahanshah in an ultimate bid to save the country appointed H.E. Shahpour Bakhtiar to the Premiership and ordered him to do his best to save the country from total destruction. The Shahanshah also decided that leaving Iran might defuse the tensions already running high in the country due to immense false propaganda that had been spread.

Orders had been given by the Shahanshah that soldiers were not to open fire on the demonstrators and that Iranian blood would not be shed under his orders.
The Shahanshah suffering from cancer and incapable of being in a decision-making position had too much trust in the silent majority of his nation.

The Red/Black (Islamist/Communist) alliance with immense foreign support succeeded in taking over Iran and begin a rule of terror and oppression that continues to this date. The Islamists were quick to usurp all power and killed thousands of those who they had allied with before. An Islamic Republic was established and the terror of Allah's holy men began.

The Shahanshah of Iran passed away in Egypt, where a long-standing and honorable friend of the Iranian Nation - President Sadat - arranged a state funeral for one of the Greatest Iranians in history.

One of Shahanshah's last wishes was to one day be buried next to the heroes who defended the country and stayed loyal to the Iranian Monarchy to the last breath.


Imperial Iranian Armed Forces

I'd like to start off this first post of the New Year (2007) with a tribute to the servicemen and women of the Imperial Armed Forces of Iran.

I had earlier posted this on youtube but the picture quality was quite poor, however it seems that "dailymotion" makes up for that. If you click on the below video-clip you'll be taken to the dailymotion site where i've uploaded it and you can chose to enlarge the screen; don't worry as the image resolution won't be affected.