Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Revamped Banner - Credits

A quick note of thanks to CityBoy for revamping my old blurry amateurishly created banner (!) to a much clearer and professional looking one! Cheers buddy!


Anonymous said...

Oh man you didn't have to! you are more than welcome.

Anonymous said...

Lovely video for you :)

Aryamehr said...

Hello Eyerainian,

You sound like you come from a primitive background which presumably is Muslim. The lies and propaganda that you and your ilk has tried to fed the Iranian nation led our country to the disastrous state it is today with the Islamic occupation. Now, without any shame, you continue down that same path. Iranians have matured since 1979 when you were able to make fools out of them with your lies - this time it won't be as easy; don't try too hard because it will backfire.