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France' support of Islamic Fundamentalists in 1979

Valéry Giscard d’Estaing - President of the French Republic from 1974-1981

In addition to the entries i've had on U.S. involvement in the creation of the terrorist Islamic Republic occupying Iran - credit goes to the Carter Administration here - I recently came across this entry by a fellow blogger discussing the "French Connection" leading to the success of the Islamist Coup D'ètat of 1979: "France and the Iranian Revolution"

To see my previous entries on Carter's support of Islamists see:

President Carter's involvement in the betrayal of the late Shah of Iran
Pre-1979 Iran-US relations


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Anjomane Padeshahi Iran - "Kobande Tondar"!

Messages of support from inside the borders of Iran to Anjomane Padeshahi Iran (The Kingdom Assembly of Iran; LINK #1 & LINK #2) and its leader Forood Foladvand:




Anjomane Padeshahi Iran is currently executing what they say is the last phase in "Operation Tondar" (Operation Thunder) which will once and for all overthrow the terrorist Islamic Republic occupying Iran since the Islamist Coup d'ètat of 1979; wrongly referred to as the "Iranian Revolution" by Islamist and the Main-Stream-Media (MSM).

Anjomane Padeshahi Iran's mission is to restore Iran's dignity and honor and to educate the Iranian people on their history and culture which 1400 years of Arabo-Muslim occupation (LINK #1, LINK #2) and influence (LINK#1) has tried to eradicate.

Anjomane Padeshahi Iran wants the children of Iran to wake up from their coma of praying to foreign, evil, and anti-Iranian idols.

Anjomane Padeshahi Iran wants Iranians to know about the true nature of the Arab figures which they've been indoctrinated/brainwashed (by the muslim clergy) to pray and worship to - such as "Imam Ali" and other Arabo-Muslims who slaughtered Iranians en-masse and brought this nation to its knees.

Anjomane Padeshahi Iran wants Iranians to stop living the lie they have been living for 1400 years.

Anjomane Padeshahi Iran wants Iran to be liberated of this heavy burden that forced its way into our sacred land by the tip of the sword and which has the blood of those valiant ancestors of ours which stood their ground protecting our soil.

Anjomane Padeshahi Iran wants to bring to justice those aliens and indigenous traitors who have caused harm and injustice towards the Iranian people.

These are but some of the goals of this noble force. A force which with the help of the Iranian people can and will wipe this stain of shame off the sacred land of Iran and end this black period in our history once and for all. I ask of all Iranians inside and outside Iran to let go of false idolatry and worship of Iran's enemies which have for far too long been portrayed as "saints" by the deceitful muslim clergy. I plead for all Iranians to return to the noble principles which our forefathers lived by, the same principles which we can still see alive in our celebrations of Norooz, Mehregan, Sadeh, Chaharshanbe Soori, Yalda, Sepandar Mazgan, Tirgan...

Let go of this foreign culture of death which has been imposed on our nation! Let go of worshipping the blood-sworn enemies of our nation and people! Release yourselves of this alien culture of bondage which has been forced upon you! End this misery and shame!

It is time to once and for all stand up and be Iranians again.

Today its time to decide whether we will be loyal and faithful to our family, countrymen, culture, and our beloved country!

Today it is up to us how the world which our children and grandchildren grow up in will look like!

Today we stand responsible to history and to the future!

Today is not a time to stay silent, today is the time to act swiftly and with an uncrushable force!

Today every Iranian has a national duty to protect his country and culture from the occupying regime of the Islamic Republic and its terrorist supporters! Every Iranian has a duty to avert any possible war brought upon our nation by the terrorists occupying Iran!

Today every Iranian is called to oppose this barbaric anti-Iranian regime by all means available to them!


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World's #3 Dictator - Seyyed Ali "Geda" Khameini

Every year a list of the top 20 dictators around the world is published by Parade.com magazine. This year Seyyed Ali "Geda" Khameini occupies the #3 position on this list just one step below the North Korean lunatic Kim Jong-il.

Visit the list by CLICKING HERE.

Time and time again Iranians have chanted "DEATH TO THE DICTATOR!" and as of recent they specified this chant to "DEATH TO KHAMEINI!" - death will come to this ruthless and anti-Iranian dictator, but I do believe that they need to be put on trial before the Iranian Nation and humiliated in the same way Saddam Hussein was before handed his sentence.

The Islamic Republic's 28 year long rule of terror will end! The dictators and collaborators will face justice! Down with oppression! Down with the dictators! Down with the terrorist Islamic Republic!

More power to the Iranian Resistance Forces.

The Islamic Republic occupying Iran ranks amongst the very lowest in the "World Liberty Index"; Seyyed Ali "Geda" Khameini and his Islamist henchmen are even here fighting to outdo Kim Yong-il!

UPDATE 2: Quality of life in Iran under the Islamic Republic is one of the worst in the entire world- Iran ranks 190/195 countries!!! Click HERE for the report by InternationalLiving.

UPDATE 3: Israel and Iran share most negative ratings in Global Poll by BBC. Click HERE for the report.

Update 4: The UN Human Development Report ranks Iran as 96/177 only to be superseded by mostly African nations!

Update 5: The Economist magazine has a "Quality of Life" index where Iran under the Islamists ranks 88/111 countries! Click HERE to view the report.

Terrorist Islamic Republic issues warning to the Iranian people!

*Above Islamist thugs are pictured roaming the streets on the day of the ancient Iranian celebration of "Chaharshanbe Soori" (2006).

The terrorist Islamic Republic occupying Iran is warning Iranians to stay at home during the ancient Iranian fire-festival known as "Chaharshanbe Soori", which marks the last wednesday before the Persian New Year.

Ever since the Islamists running the Islamic Republic hijacked the Iranian nation through a coup d'etat in 1979 they have restlessly tried to replace the Iranian identity, Iranian cultural heritage, and Iranian history with a foreign Islamic identity; examples of this is how the prominent cleric and hanging judge Mullah Khalkhali tried to bulldozer the ancient capital of the Persian Empire - "Persepolis" - but was stopped by valiant citiziens who would not let the Islamists touch their cultural heritage; there were also efforts to ban the ancient Persian New Year and the festivities that mark it, but these efforts where all futile.

Chaharshanbe Soori is an event which has been turned into a massive rejection of the Islamic Republic occupying Iran with Iranians all across the country lighting bon-fires across the country, singing, dancing, and expressing their rejection of the occupational system! The massive participation by the overwhelming majority of the Iranian Nation in these festivities frightens the occupational Islamic regime forcing it to crackdown brutally on those who participate in these celebrations. In past years clashes with Islamists security forces and Iranians have been widespread, but in general the security forces have kept a distance due to the shear massiveness of the crowds.

It is important for foreigners to have in mind that these are not mere celebrations but are also massive instances of resistance against a clerical regime which does not represent Iranians, a regime which oppresses and mercilessly kills Iranians who dare to stand up against it, and a regime which tries to replace any sense of Iranian nationhood with Islamic and Arabic values! Once again the Iranian Nation will rise on this date to show their rejection be it in a symbolic manner, by simply participating in these celebrations, or using this day as a pretext to launch attacks on the regime; whatever happens we need to be aware of the context this is happening and give the attention it deserves.

*In an act of civil disobedience Iranians show their rejection of the system through what might seem like small acts such as removing the imposed Islamic headcovering, dancing, and singing - however these should not be looked upon as small acts as they are punishable by lashes, imprisonment and other Islamic (Sharia Law) punishments.

For previous years' reports regarding Chaharshanbe Soori and clashes between Iranians and Islamist occupational forces please CLICK HERE.


Iran: Those arrested in fire festivities will spend New Year in jail Iran Focus

Tehran, Iran, Feb. 20 – The government has announced that any individual arrested during Iran’s upcoming fire festivities will languish in jail for the entire Persian New Year period which lasts until April 3.

Brigadier General Hossein Sajedi, deputy chief of police in Tehran, announced the decision on Monday. His remarks were carried by the government-owned news agency Fars.

“Those who are arrested by the police on the last Wednesday of the year for creating social disorder will be incarcerated until the end of the New Year holiday period”, General Sajedi said. The Persian New Year which coincides with the arrival of spring is celebrated on March 21.

Despite a massive crackdown to prevent last year’s “fire festival” from turning into scenes of anti-governments protests, many Iranians took to the streets to defy the government ban and celebrate the last Tuesday of the Persian year with a big bang.

During the traditional Persian fire festival, known as ‘chaharshanbeh souri’ – literally, Feast of Wednesday – people jump over bonfires to “drive away evil”. Since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, however, Iran’s theocratic leaders have made strenuous efforts to stamp out the festivities which date back to over 2,500 years ago, but to no avail. In recent years, there have been extensive clashes between festive crowds and the security forces deployed to prevent street celebrations.

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Ahmad Batebi in Hospital

Ahmad Batebi in Hospital
Entry by Potkin Azarmehr


Women in Pre-Islamic Iran ; VOA Roundtable Programme

VOA Roundtable program with Mr Ariaban and Mr Bahrami discussing pre-Islamic Iran and women, in particular in relation with Zoroastrianism. The point is strongly made that before the imposition of the dark, backward, and pernicious Arab ideology of Islam upon the Iranian Nation, women enjoyed equal status with men and in many cases enjoyed superior positions in the workplace to men.

The first picture in this entry depicts Iranian women soldiers which armies from Greece and Rome referred to as "Amazons"; the countries which these armies came from had never seen a woman fight bravely next to male soldiers valiantly defending her homeland.

This topic is such a broad area that a one hour programme really cannot do any justice to it, but nonetheless this is a very informative and interesting programme to watch.

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Imperial Iranian National Anthem - Full Version

Full version of the Imperial Iranian National Anthem compiled by "Ariapars"




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Pre-1979 Iran-US relations

I found THIS very interesting website containing transcript of conversations by past U.S. President's and the late Shah of Iran. If you visit THIS website and search for "shah" you will receive a comprehensive list of past transcripts between U.S. Presidents and the late Shah of Iran.

Website: http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/index.php (search for "shah")

And when reading the exchanges between the worst President of the United States Jimmy Carter and His Late Majesty please don't be fooled by his sweet words - it would be only a few months afterwards that he ("Ayatollah Carter") would hail one of the 20th centuries mass-murdering tyrants, an infamous terrorist, (Ayatollah Khomeini) as a "holy man"!

For more info. on this true abomination and disgrace to the United States please see this former entry of mine by clicking HERE.


Truth vs Deceit

No matter how much the MSM (main-stream-media) and other special entities resist reporting the truth about various events around the world the truth will eventually come out. And no matter how much the Mullah's try to keep the Iranian people brainwashed about the barbaric and anti-Iranian nature of Islam the truth will eventually conquer.

I believe the world will be a much better place when the actions of men are based on truth and not deceit!

I'd like to share this very truthful quote:

"In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

- George Orwell

And the truth will be told!


Saturday, February 17, 2007

Letter of support from the beautiful city of Prague...

I would like to share this very heartwarming email which i've received from a Czech person who knows what it's like living under a tyrannic occupational force - Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia. (see: Clip 1, Clip 2)


Dear Aryamehr,

I met your blog several months ago. I found it very insightful. I am glad that the Iranian emigrants still retain their love for the country and struggle to help it.

When I was a child, I remember listening to the British and American broadcasts from the free world. At that time, former Czechoslovakia was still communist, and we would gather by the radio each evening and listen to the news, hoping that one day, the beast that clutches our nation will roll over and die. And it happened, though not too easily. So I believe that Iran will have the same fate, though its tyrants are probably more aggressive than ours were.

I definitely share your opinion that the Satanic Republic is a tragedy of our times. To see such a wonderful country as Iran, with its immense history and cultural heritage, being drowned in swamp of fanatic Islamic theocracy, is a horrible sight. Just today I was reading a photographic book documenting the highlights of the ancient Iranian architecture and art, and I couldn't help myself feeling angry at the nomads from the desert, who overran the empire of the Sassanids and brought the Zoroastrian culture to a slow, deadly decline.

I wish I live to see the day when the ancient peacock throne is occupied again by someone like Cyrus the Great, who will bring again the light of justice to the country, and who will be admired by the nations of the world - and not feared and loathed as the mullahs and their savage sidekicks are.

Too many people forgot that Iran was once a great civilized country with wealth, wisdom and a humane religion. Much will have to be done to improve now blackened Iran's reputation, when the mullahs are finally dumped to the dustbin of history, where they belong. But I am confident that people like you will achieve that.

Good luck!


Friday, February 16, 2007

No Bombs, No Appeasement: Support the People of Iran's Struggle for a Secular, Peaceful Democracy Petition

No Bombs, No Appeasement: Support the People of Iran's Struggle for a Secular, Peaceful Democracy Petition

Tribal Uprisings in Iran continued - 11 Revolutionary Guards killed

Further to my entries regarding what is being reported as Tribal Uprisings in Iran (LINK 1; LINK 2) and the seeming distortion by the western press of these incidents as "Terrorist Attacks" - at least 11 Revolutionary Guardsmen of the terrorist Islamic Republic occupying Iran were killed in an ambush in SouthEastern Iran.

The group which has carried out these attacks against the Islamic Republic was formerly called "Jondollah" which is an arabo-muslim name that translates into something like "God's Army", however as of recent this group has changed its name to "Iranian People Resistance Movement" (persian equivalent: "Nirouhaye Azadibakhshe Mobareze Iran") signaling a nationalist nature and that it is by no means a separatist or fanatic religious organization tied to Al-Qaeda, as claimed by the Islamic Republic. I'm glad this group has changed its name from an arabo-muslim name to a persian name and that it has successfully exterminated at least 11 members of the Islamic Republic's hated Revolutionary Guards. I listened to an interview with this organizations leader - AbdolMalek Rigi- broadcasted on an Iranian opposition radio network (KRSI) months back and this individual came across as a common man who has suffered (along with the ethnic group he represents- the Balouch people of Iran) great injustices at the hands of this barbaric Islamic regime and which sees no other means but violent resistance against the Islamic Republic to be left.

An Iranian compatriot has translated a communique by this group in regards to the latest attacks which I shall proceed to post below. The original persian version can be found here:


The Iranian People Resistance Movement has issued the following communiqué regarding the February 14th 2007 successful operation against the Islamic Regime Revolutionary Guards in the city of Zahedan:

The Resistance declares that the successful Egthedar-2 operations will be followed by Eghtedar-3 in a wider theater of operations and will target other centers of oppression all across Iran.

The Resistance condemns torture, murder and execution of its members by the Islamic Republic regime. Many have been imprisoned and executed without trial.

The Resistance leader, Mr. Abdolmalek Baluch stressed that while Iranian People Resistance Movement believes in peaceful resistance, its demands for equal rights for all Iranian natives and religious minorities have gone unanswered and the regime has resorted to the most barbaric forms of torture and executions. The Resistance, therefore, has no other recourse than to counter the regime militarily.

The world should know that the terrorist Islamic Republic regime has treated the natives of Baluchistan with utmost cruelty and has denied their basic rights. Tribal people are imprisoned and tortured for no reason, other than to terrorize and oppress.

The Iranian People Resistance Movement has no relationships with smugglers, Taliban or Al-Qaida and is a member of the joint tribal resistance, also consisting of Lor, Bakhtiari and Qashqai tribes.

Our demands are rational and legal. Our basic demands are regime observation and respect for our rights and religious freedoms as declared by the UN Human Rights Charter.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Pahlavi Era - an era of stability and progress

It seems some western journalists are coming to their senses. The figures speak for themselves and so does the current realities in Iran under the occupation of the Islamic Republic.


Today Shah's Iran doesn't look so bad
Eli Schwartz

''If these were his enemies, the Shah doesn't seem that bad. The severity of his regime pales by comparison to what followed.''

When making a radical change, good sense requires that you consider the alternative. In 1978, the coalition that overthrew the Shah of Iran consisted of the bazaar merchants who disliked the Shah's move to modernize the economy, including the merchandising sector; representatives of the Palestinian Liberation Organization who objected to Iran's recognition of Israel; the Tudeh, Iranian communist party; the Mujadin, composed of students following their fashionable new-left ideology and the misled intelligentsia; all these under the leadership of the Ayatollah Khomeini and his followers, fundamentalist Muslims who hated the Shah's regime for its tilt toward secularism, modernism, Westernization and America.

If these were his enemies, the Shah doesn't seem that bad. The severity of his regime pales by comparison to what followed. The revolutionaries held one-day secret mock trials, followed by next-day executions. Government officials and army officers went first, followed in short order by the Tudeh. Next came the suppression of the Bahai and the Zorastorians.

Of course, a large part of the Khomeini supporters, the majority of the students and the intellectuals, never expected such a violent purge. The Ayatollah had deceived them.

Of the many factors that eventually make for a better life, the Shah's record was quite good. Economic growth is always spotty, leaving some people behind. Nevertheless, the growth in Iranian per capita real income averaged around 6 percent a year over the 25 years of his government. It reached a peak of $6,700 in 1976, $6,400 in 1977, and fell to $5,400 in 1978, the year of the revolution. It averaged well below this level in all the years that followed. Now, with oil prices at a high 30 years later, it has reached the 1976 level.

Iran's record on education was notable. The literacy rate in 1955 was somewhere below 10 percent. The Shah's regime tried to make available primary school education covering 100 percent of the children. The literacy rate at the end of his time was about 80 percent. (Of course, the fundamentalists were enraged that the publicly funded schools were secular.) Much was done with higher education. The enrollment in secondary schools went from about 150,000 to 1.2 million students, and at the higher education level, enrollment rose from about 3,000 to 150,000 students (of whom 31 percent were female). In addition a goodly number attended U.S. and European schools under scholarships financed by the Pahlavi Foundation, i.e., the Shah's family fund.

The Shah's foreign policy was moderate and western-oriented. The Middle East is a turbulent area, but within his segment the Shah maintained a stabilizing influence. He tried to fend off Soviet encroachment and he established a sort of de-facto protectorate for the oil producing Persian Gulf states. At any rate for as long as his regime was in power, there was a period of stability in the region.

It is difficult to trace all the elements that led to the Shah's downfall. The Ayatollah Khomeini, the leader of the revolt was expelled from the country some years earlier. He first found refuge and muted encouragement in France. (Perhaps some resentment of American and British oil interests in Iran may have resided in France because their original place in the British French consortium that had first developed Persian oil had been displaced?) The Ayatollah's next sanctuary and place of encouragement was in Saddam Hussein's Iraq. Khomeini's incendiary speeches were taped, produced in volume and widely circulated in Iran. No doubt Saddam thought that if Khomeini deposed the Shah, Iran would be vitally weakened and Iraq could then move in and annex a province or two. (In fact, the ensuing Iraq-Iran war was a draw and a sad blood bath for both countries.)

The late Jeanne Kirkpatrick once made a nice distinction between totalitarian and authoritarian regimes. The Shah was at the most autocratic; he never brought his full powers to bear against the revolt. The Shah's American ally under President Jimmy Carter was inconsistent and President Carter proved himself completely inept. The growing Iranian middle and professional class should have supported the Shah, but they have told me, they were deceived by Khomeini. Sad. They neglected the ancient Hindu proverb, ''Do not ride to power on the back of the tiger.''

Eli Schwartz is professor emeritus of economics and finance at Lehigh University in Bethlehem.



Comments regarding "Aryamehr" blog...

The below email was sent by a kind non-Iranian reader by the name of "Walter".

If you are also a non-Iranian and have come across this blog please let me know what you think of it and if it has helped you understand Iran and Iranians better without the bias/distortions broadcasted by the main-stream-media (MSM).

Are there any specific questions you would like answered? Let me know and we'll discuss it on here.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Aryamehr,

Came across http://aryamehr11.blogspot.com/search/label/Shahanshah recently, I think its great that voices of opposition to the barbaric islamic tyranny still exist on the web and tell it like it is.

I am interested in your country's history and after some previous extensive reading and thought, I have concluded that the Iranian revolution was really masterminded to a greater extent by external forces (US, UK , France), who deliberatly engaged in a mud slinging campaign against the Shah in the late 1970's. They supported Khomeini against him, because they couldnt stand seeing Iran making significant strides forward, eventually being a modernised and westernised strong power and regional player, classic issue of betrayal in international politics.

I think the Shah had very good intentions for Iran, but could have done more to alleviate poverty (social programs) and develop the rural countryside, and shoudnt have spent so much on millitary hardware in 1970s, this would have taken the wind out of the sails of the extremists. However he wasnt a bloodthirsty dictator, but an autocratic monarch who knew that a developing country must first get solid foundation before anything else follows, just like Communist China is doing today (or since 1980) - that makes sense.

You know people in every country can be manipulated as sad as its seems, even in a democracy, because they do not think as critical individuals , but look blindley to leaders and act emotionally, abandoning reason and moderation in its wake...the Iranian revolution showed that very clearly ..... the people wanted someone parochial promising heaven on earth ( but delivering hell on earth) to lead them and werent even willing to give an intelligent and well edcuated man like Dr Shapor Baktiar a chance to govern, yes their hearts and minds were tottally infested with Khomeini;s venom.......Ironically , and with hindsight some people in your country now look back with regret , and think the Shah regardless of mistakes done wasnt so bad after all, what an irony or may be just plain human nature !

Sooner or later this anachronistic islamic regime will collapse against the tide of secularism (or via US military intervenrtion) sweeping Iran, just hope all mullas get summary execution along with it when it happens!.

Khoda biamorz Shahanshah Arymehr !



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Shahbanou of Iran on VOA (10/02/07)

Her Imperial Majesty the Empress of Iran, Farah Pahlavi, participated in last Saturday's VOA Roundtable program (10/02/07), which was hosted by Mr Farhoodi.

Excerpt (translation from persian)
"Iran, during the Shah was viewed as a "white painting" where the slightest black blemish was magnified and criticized by the western media whilst the current Islamic Republic in Iran is a "black painting" where the slightest white blemish is portrayed as positive progress and a step in the right direction."

This program will be available for the duration of one week after the date of recording. Please find the video links below:

Mediaplayer (high/low resolution)

Realplayer (high/low resolution)



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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Imperial Anthem of Iran

In addition to this entry which I had on the National Anthem of Iran i'd like to add this video-clip as an addition to that entry. It's compiled by Anjomane Padeshahi Iran (Kingdom Assembly of Iran) - for some reason the two sites which I have links to (for this group) on the sidebar do not work, however I believe the "PersianSara" website is one of their websites.

Sorood Shahanshahi Iran (Imperial Anthem of Iran)


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Armed resistance against the Islamic Regime occupying Iran has begun by the Lor, Bakhtiari and Qashqai tribes of Iran!


According to the latest reports armed struggle against the Islamic Regime occupying Iran has begun by the Lor, Bakhtiari and Qashqai tribes of Iran. These are unconfirmed news but again I felt the need to post this as in case this is true it is indeed a major event which needs to get COVERED; please inform everyone of this very important news report, and if anyone has more news on it please share it with us.

One of my compatriots has translated this article into english for it to reach a wider audience.



The Beginning of Armed Struggle by Lor, Bakhtiari and Qashqai Tribes of Iran:

Urgent News: (2/1/2007)
Subject: National Uprising
Bulletin issued by NAMA* and ARA** Organizations

The great uprising to free the nation of Iran started yesterday by courageous native tribes of Iran in the Isfahan and neighboring provinces. Many nationalist heroic Iranians have joined this movement from other areas, including exiled Iranian community.

Yesterday, the region of Samirom and in between the state of Isfahan and city of Yasouj, was the scene of an armed battle between the regime’s Pasdar and Basij*** forces and the Partisans and Fighters of the region. This battle occurred at the front lines of the regime’s armed forces and caused heavy casualties. Most casualties were regimes armed forces.

Following this battle, Samirom, Yasouj and tribal regions of the Fars State have been declared RED areas by the regime.

In this battle, the young fighters and partisans, armed with hunting rifles and old armament were able to defeat the heavily armed forces of the regime and forced them to retreat. These operations were conducted by thousands of tribal fighters and the fighters succeeded to free vast tribal regions and several villages in the state of Isfahan and neighboring states.

These are mountainous regions that are in control of these Iranian tribes.

The regime’s reaction to this defeat has been to declare this conflict as a conflict with armed smugglers, who had arrived to this region from Sistan and Baluchistan province. This is obviously a lie as those regions are hundreds of miles away.

Further bulletins will be issued in due course.

*"Nirouhaye Azadibakhshe Mobareze Iran"
**"Arteshe Rahaiibakhshe Melli Iran"
*** "Pasdar" is the persian term for the "Revolutionary Guards" which is an idelogical army created to defend the Islamic Republic and its establishment; the "Basij" is yet another ideological military force (heavily armed) comprised of thugs and indoctrinated poor villagers - this latter force is especially known for its brutality against the people of Iran.

UPDATE: IranPressNews reports the Islamic Republic's version of events which labels these unknown forces as "drug smugglers" which is highly unlikely.