Thursday, May 24, 2007

"Iran Politics Club"

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Iran Politics Club website and forum has been flagged as an attack/hacking website. The warning that has been issued on this website states:

"Attack sites try to install programs that steal private information, use your computer to attack others, or damage your system.

Some attack sites intentionally distribute harmful software, but many are compromised without the knowledge or permission of their owners."

This entry in general has to do with websites on the net which claim to be against the Islamic Republic but when looked into closer seem to have much more in common with the Islamic Republic than the genuine Iranian opposition. Unfortunately I mistook one of these sites to be genuine due to my own naivety but thankfully matured to realize what was going on. I'd like to document the nature of one of these sites here and then the blog will resume concentrating on more important issues. Many of you will think that this kind of irrelevant issues should be kept out of the blog but having experienced and seen how easily one can fall for this kind of propaganda myself I deemed it necessary to have this entry.

"IranPoliticsClub" (IPC) is a website whose creator is a certain anonymous individual who goes under the name "AhreemanX" (translates into: "SatanX"). The web site also has an IPC Forum where people can post articles and conduct discussions; you'll notice that there aren't many active members on the forum and only a handful of people actually post material on the forum.

This group has been functioning for several years and gained a following because of its comical articles on Islam which are actually based on real hard work done by respected and accredited historians and Islam-experts; in this way it seeks to discredit these author's works. Many of AX's articles in regards to Islam are based on some kind of factual information which he has taken from respected scholars and then put his particular twist to, with the aim of discrediting the original author's academic work. In fact what AX has pursued on his website is to pursue a propaganda tactic that the old Soviet intellegence machinery used to implement - that is having 70% truth 30% lies in their propaganda (i'm unsure about the figures but its somewhere around the ones i stated) in hope that the 70% truth will convince people that the other 30% lies are actually true as well. Both parts though are written in his usual immature, slanderous, and revisionist style.

Other articles written by AX, in particular his political articles, are usually full of profanities, slander, immature spins, and revisionist history which eliminates any credibility being attributed to them. Upon me questioning this individual for references to his outlandish accusations this delusional individual replies that the only encyclopedia that people need to know is the "Ahreemanic Encyclopedia" (translates into: "Satanic Encyclopedia) which is ingrained in his brain excusing him to do any referencing - this is quite astonishing taking into mind that he claims he is a College Professor!

IPC also publishes many articles targeting the Iranian opposition and tries ridicule and defame them by writing slanderous, deceitful, revisionist and outright lies against the genuine Iranian opposition.

I started visiting this website as a teenager 4-5 years ago and found their articles on Islam rather amusing. The author (AX) has a unique way of writing which I presume gains the attention of a younger crowd.

However having followed this site under a longer period I have matured intellectually allowing me to see through what this website/individual is really about.

So to understand this individual better it would be important to set a foundation by listing some information on "AX" which he have claimed himself - you shall see how ridiculous these claims are.


  1. Claims he is a Qajar descendant who only seems himself as the worthy one amongst "worthless Qajar Earls" - so he tries to build a persona connecting him with royalty by doing so; in fact the bigger picture as you will come to see is that he wants to defame and discredit anything having to do with monarchy or Iranian monarchists through a propaganda war filled with slander, bigotry, lies, and deceits.
  2. Claims he is a major opposition figure whose true identity he again claims is well known by notables such as Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi etc who all visit his wonderfully "enlightening" and "intellectual" website, which people of that calibre certainly would visit (!?). It's particularly interesting why this "major opposition figure" would be so well known by such notables as Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi but not by anyone else. The truth is that "AX" is a nobody that has created a fake persona for himself to pursue an agenda which is very clear > discrediting the Iranian opposition.
  3. Claims that he and his virtual group (IPC) has an established opposition network in Iran! Furthermore he claims that his "network", or "IPC Operations" as he likes to call it, distributes his articles on university campuses across Iran! To be honest I don't think Iranian students are that immature and idiotic to read the nonsense that "AX" publishes but they would rather stick to material by respected academics in various fields pertaining to history, culture, religion, and politics.
  4. Claims he is a college professor in California! Indeed his "academic references" are very well portrayed in his writings. No more comments on this ridiculous claim.
  5. Claims he is an expert web designer yet his official IPC Webpage looks like what an amateur would be able to create with the least amount of effort.
  6. Claims he is a hardcore Republican supporter of George W. Bush and comes across as a war-mongering person. This is suspect because it's so easy for the Islamic Republic to take this and the try to associate it with the legitimate Iranian opposition which does NOT favour military action against Iran. Afterall the Islamic Republic sees the USA as the "Great Satan" and indoctrinates its minions to hate everything about it - therefore it wouldn't be a surprise if they created a website like IPC and try to associate it with the Iranian opposition in order to discredit it.
  7. Claims he is a supporter of democracy yet he has made his dictatorial tendencies clear on numerous occasions by saying that Iranian monarchists are "dead" and they "will not be allowed to have a future in Iran". This individual has made many such contradictory statements but it takes some time to spot them and get acquainted with the overall picture.
  8. It's also quite interesting to note the name which this individual has chosen to write under "AhreemanX" which as I wrote earlier translates into "SatanX" - now even if the majority of Iranian population want secularism they still have a strong belief in God, and having a name like that would surely only be adopted again to discredit the legitimate opposition.
  9. Lastly this individual ask respected Iranian historians to publish their articles on his website which he can then associate with all these slanderous, degradings, revisionist material and to top it off even has a pornographic section on his first page under what has been named "IPC Models Section". What Iranian opposition website has a pornographic section? You might want to ask yourselves that. Why would a legitimate Iranian opposition website have a pornographic section? What do you think people will think of these respected and genuine authors who do not know what is going on but who have been lured into being associated to IPC? It discredits and defames them. I personally decided to contact one of these authors to see if he is aware of what kind of material "AX" writes and as I suspected the author was not aware at all about the nature of "AX" and his "club" and promised to follow it up.
So to sum it up what "AX" seems to be doing on his site (IPC) is:

  • Trying to attribute some sort of credibility to his immature, slanderous, revisionist propaganda articles full of lies which is mostly geared towards a younger more naive crowd
  • Trying to associate respected Iranian scholars to his immature, slanderous, and revisionist website
  • Trying to discredit the Iranian opposition and opposition figures by claiming he is part of the opposition and then the whole association with his website whose material has been examined earlier
So to my fellow Iranians i'd just like to caution them to be on their guard after these kind of deceitful individual who are willing to do just about anything to further their slander and lies against the Iranian opposition and prolong the Islamists rule. Even a website that might seem anti-Islamic, upon further investigation, can in fact be the other side of the same coin! Don't let your naivety make you fall for these kind tactics by the Islamic Republic.


Winston said...

it is a wise decision to stay away from these suspicious peoples

Aryamehr said...

Winston, from my personal standpoint it has been a learning curve and I fully agree with your cautionary statement against these kind of "fishy individuals" with "fishy agendas".

Anonymous said...

Dear Aryamehr,
I've had a few discussions with AX and really had my doubts about which side he really belongs to. I must disagree with your analogy. I think he is somewhat of an extremist and definitely suffers from tunnel vision. Especially all the GOP and Sarah Palin Crap just is absurd. But he's right about one thing: The Monarchy will never return to Iran. It is absurd to take and accept the divine rule of any man or ruling family as some sort of government. Especially the monarchs that we had with all the GREAT things they did for Iran. We are still enjoying the benefits!
Grow up and move on...

Aryamehr said...

Dear Olaag,

What I find absurd is that those who criticize the monarchial form of government have no clue what they are talking about - in fact as you yourself are a perfect example of the only thing you have in mind when commenting on the monarchial form of government is an "absolute monarchy" - this is as naive as if someone who advocates monarchy would criticize the republican form of government by having in mind republican dictatorships like saddam's iraq, khomeini's islamic republic, kim's north korea etc.

I do suggest that before you or any republican decides to criticize the monarchial form of government that a minimal amount of research is done into the subject rather than making uninformed statements - read up on the constitutional form of monarchial government where you will be enlightened that a monarch is not an absolute dictator as you clearly have ingrained in your mind but is a symbolic leader bound by a constitution. Your statement as it stands now is a testament to the political "tunnel vision" which many unfortunately suffer from.

Anonymous said...

i agree that iranpoliticsclub is rather biased i mean, he doesnt seem to realize that if it was not for pahlavi there would not have been any modernization. he thinks that reza shah II had balls of cotton, so how would he know? i know it may not seem like he does much, but maybe he helps out in ways that we dont know. i think he needs to look at the mojahedin and toudeh parties and see how they are and some things they did that werent so right other than rip on the monarchy

Anonymous said...

I've had the questionable pleasure of reading many of Ahreeman X' texts and positions and it is quite obvious that he is very likely the most deceitful liar I've ever come across amongst iranians on the internet, presuming he even is iranian, which I doubt to a certain extent.
Especially interesting is his "criticism" of monarchists which is rather a slanderous hate campaign. I myself have great issues with some elements within the monarchists, but his statements are beyond "chuzpa" so to speak, for instance he very often attributes positions to monarchists, that I myself as a monarchist never heard any monarchist express.
It is very unfortunate for people like Ahreeman X that the IRI has no embassy in the US, so the process of paying such Mozdoors must quite arduous!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how a serious political website can have so much nudity. The guy is a joke.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

AX is a very real person. I dated him for six months. Yes, he was a professor at a university. As far as his politics, as he says, he is a definite Bush and Palin supporter. His Persia politics...I don't know. I am not Persian or that familiar with the people, history, or events he writes about so I can not be a good judge of that.
I do know that he is passionate about Iran and loves his country of birth but is frustrated by the lack of progress being made due to religious ideology rather than scientific and rational thought. If you don't like how he presents... that is your right and opinion.