Monday, April 30, 2007

Prolonging the life-cycle of the Islamic Republic...

President AN, as most us should now by now, was just a temporary tool to prolong the life of the Islamic Republic. Now Mullah Khatami and Mullah Rafsanjani call themselves "the opposition" who want to "transform Iran into a normal country" - the same normalcy which has ruled for 28 years under their respective terms in office (see end of entry).

Lets see if the Iranian Nation has learned anything from the experiences of the past 28 years or whether they still are that unworthy nation of their fathers and mothers who brought or let the Islamists take to power. Will they assist the Islamic Republic in prolonging its rule of terror, destruction of Iranian culture or will they have gained enough enlightenment and courage to stand up against the plans of the anti-Iranian Islamic Republic.

Here are the highlights of THIS ARTICLE (read propaganda piece) from our beloved Brits who are doing their duty to keep their puppet regime in place :

1.) There is a grand coalition of anti-government forces in Iran.

2.) This "grand coalition of anti-government forces" consists of "pragmatic" and "progressive" and "moderate" leaders like Mullah Mohammad Khatami, Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani, and Grand Ayatollah Yusef Sa'anei!

3.) A leading "opposition figure", Mohammad Atrianfar, who has close ties with Ayatollah Rafsanjani says that the Ayatollah is most likely to become the next leader of the Islamic Republic.

God give some intelligence and courage to the Iranian Nation not to fall for this one...

Lets see for how much longer these Mullah's will laugh at the naiveness of the Iranian Nation who they've fooled for 28 years:
IRI's different reinventions:

IRI 1.0 (1979-1989) - Mullah Khomeini's Islamic Republic
IRI 2.0 (1989-1997) - Mullah Rafsanjani's Islamic Republic
IRI 3.0 (1997-2005) - Mullah Khatami's Islamic Republic
IRI 4.0 (2005-xxxx) - PASDAR ("Revolutionary Guard") AhmadiNejad's Islamic Republic

All four versions marked by:

War, Death, Destruction, Misery, Executions, Segregation, Discrimination, Oppression, Repression, Tyranny, Dictatorship, Poverty, Drugs, Prostitution, AIDS, Lies, Deceit, Charades...........

Have Iranians understood what the Islamic Republic is all about yet? The Islamic Republic is a terrorist, anti-Iranian, Islamist regime which must be fully uprooted!


Anonymous said...

I read that piece of fluff by Tisdall peddling the reforms again. I almost threw up on the monitor...Have u noticed that he has been in Iran for a past year and half...despicable.

Winston said...

I believe AN will put an end to the miserable mullahs lives

Anonymous said...

Aryamehr: There is an organized effort again in your neck of the wood to shove reformers down our throats again. Check out Potkin's new post. I'm utterly disgusted.