Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Shah of Iran's Heir Plans Overthrow of Islamic Regime

I've been waiting for the day when H.M. Reza Pahlavi would announce the creation of a "Government in Exile" or an "Overthrow Committee"; these recent statements by H.M. indiate that things are working towards that direction. H.M. has announced that in the coming months a unity council of some sort (congress/ forum) will take place. He also clearly states that he is in contact with Iranian military officials, even amongst the Islamic regime's supposedly most loyal shock troops - the Revolutionary Guards - who have declared their readiness to support the people of Iran in the removal of this terrorist regime, that is terrorizing Iranians and the world.

H.M. also adresses the issue many people (including myself) have had in regards to why he hasn't been in the forefront and leading the Iranian people's opposition against the shiite theocracy occupying Iran.

I ask of all Iranians to stand ready to serve in any capacity that they can in the coming sensitive months, we cannot afford to loose this opportunity that is being given to us. Soon it might be too late and all our efforts might become futile. If we truly want Iran to be free then we need Iranian hands to accomplish this and not foreign military intervention.

More power to the opposition!

Read excerpts from the interview here: Human Events Online interviews H.M. Reza Pahlavi



Winston said...

It is gonna be interesting

Anonymous said...

Most encouraging news in a long time.

Anonymous said...

We had loads of such so called "encouraging" news in the last 30 years. To talk big doesnt cost anything.

Anonymous said...

Mr join me in hope, first of all id like to invite you to join me in reality. Fact is that the so called iranian oposition specialy the monarchist are very good at talking but they dont have the balls to make things happen. Their interviews are patriotic, they re all big iranlovers in word, but mullahs do laugh at them as they are just soft and talk big. You cant topple such animals by talking big. This is the sad reality of iranian opposition groups.

Sitting somewhere in sunny california and shooting slogans is what the rulers in tehran dont even bother to smile at nowadays.

Anonymous said...


"To talk big doesnt cost anything."

I'd say travelling all over, (thus making himself vulnerable) and publically speaking and planning the overthrow of the regime, could cost Reza Pahlavi and/or his family a lot!

Aryamehr said...

C.H. yes your absolutely right and I think Chinaski should recognize that. Also as of recent the different Iranian political groups are coming closer to create a united front against the IRI.

Chinaski, in general there has been a lot of "talk" coming from the Iranian opposition as a whole over the last 26 years instead of concrete measures being taken. Now what would you suggest should be done, and can it be done? Please be as specific as you can.

Zen said...

My impression as a young man was that Iran under the Shah was a stable country helping stabilise an unstable region. I am aware that it was not perfect ( that some people suffered ), but it was not that bad, seen from my distant perspective.

Since then, my impression has been of a country tormented by a backwards-looking, narrow-minded group of fanatics, who are willing to shed blood without compunction.

The suffering caused by one day of the war with Iraq dwarfed all of the suffering of the whole of the reign of the Shah, and the sight of people hanging from ropes from cranes hardly inspires confidence in the country.

The idea that a backward government such as this can get it's bloody hands on nuclear weapons should be enough to worry any sane person.

The quicker that the current regime in Tehran is consigned to the dustbin of history, the better.

Good luck! Zen