Monday, May 22, 2006

Revolutionary Guards open fire on Tabriz demonstration

UPDATE 1: Above pictures are from Monday's unrest in Tabriz, Iran. So far I have not heard of any casualties, only that Revolutionary Guards of the Islamic Republic opened fire on the demonstrations.

UPDATE 2: Tens of people have been arrested by the Islamic Republic Militias. I'm still worried that there might have been casualties but don't have any reports on that.

Other bloggers following the story: Azarmehr & Winston


All the information I have as of now is that Revolutionary Guards have opened fire on demonstrators. I have no further information as of now. Radio Sedaye Iran (KRSI) has had reports on it earlier today but I just happened to listen in when they announced it shortly a few minutes ago. Anyone with more info. please inform me.

People are calling in to radio/tv stations pleading for people to take care of Iranians who have been shot and injured in Tabriz at the hands of the Revolutionary Guards. It seems the Islamic Republic with its Revolutionary Guards has once again created a bloodbath creating rivers of Iranian blood. Where are you Tehrani, Esfehani, Shirazi, Mashadi, Sanandaji, Marivani.... END THIS MISERY! END THIS BLOODSHED!

And as for the western media, there is not a word about this as usual! SHAME!



Chester said...

I haven't heard anything about it.
Please keep us informed.
I'll let you know if I hear any more.

Aryamehr said...

Well the very latest that I read on a forum is that these are "seperatists" who were angered by a cartoon published in a government newspaper depicting Iranian Azeri's as cockroaches!!!

Anything is possible it seems...

Chester said...

Yes, I just heard that it was over cartoons

Aryamehr said...

Report by reuters:

There is one sentence in this Reuters report that follows a seperatist agenda:

"The conservative Siyasat-e Rouz daily on Sunday said a crowd of Azeris had set fire to Iran's local office in the city of Orumiyeh, where Azeris make up the majority of the population."

Iran's local office in Orumiyeh?? So I guess REUTERS doesn't think Azerbaijan belongs to Iran!? Iran's office in Orumiyeh!!?? What are these bastards in Reuters writing for garbage? What do they mean by IRAN's office in Orumiyeh!? Sounds similar to "the British consulate in Paris"!!!

It seems that there are powerful forces who are fueling seperatist sentiments in Iran; both foreign and internal. Please be alert!

None the less I condemn the cartoons depicting my countrymen as cockroaches! Those to blame are the Islamic Republic, seperatist and those who support them.

As for the reference to jokes about Azeri's, US Iranians make jokes of everything there is no need for REUTERS to blow things out of proportion UNLESS they have an agenda to follow! Also if i'm not wrong the jokes are about TURKS not Azeri's. Again it's been discussed a thousands times (refer you to Azarmehr's Blog) that Azeri's are Iranians whose language is turkified due to turkish influence in that region during a period in time in history!

Aryamehr said...

As for the western media not reporting about this I TAKE THAT BACK! The western (leftist) media DOES report when it's in line with their agenda!

Winston said...

This is terrible news

Chester said...

That Reuters report is strange.
Could the reporter mean the local office of Siyasat-e Rouz daily?

Aryamehr said...

A bit off note:

"farsi" (native term) = persian (english term)

farsi is the native term used to refer to the language spoken by Iranians; unfortunately some naive Iranians have tried to replace the english equivalent "persian" to the native form; and as we can see some news agencies have picked up on it. Just imagine you refering to the language spoken in Germany (german) as "deutch" which is its native form? or instead of swedish (for Sweden) use the native form "svenska"?!?!

It's even more important in the case of Iran to keep the correct term "persian" due to the historical weight that this word has (Persian Empire, Persian Cat, Persian Miniatures, Persian Rug....) whereas this newly introduced term "farsi" has NO meaning or historical weight to anyone but Iranians themselves.

As for those Iranians who are using "farsi" in english conversations you might think you are doing a very patriotic and right thing but in fact you are stripping and entire nation of its IDENTITY! Stop hurting Iran, mollah's are already doing their best to erase your culture and history now you want to assist them in doing so!!??!?

Chester said...

Is that top photo really the demonstartion in Tabriz?
It looks very big!

Aryamehr said...

Chester, yes it's from Tabriz. It was over 10,000 people; don't have exact numbers...

Anonymous said...

We need to storm the inboxes of these media. There is NO such vocabulary as FARSI in any English references of the world. The term Farsi is PERSIAN in English.

Joseph Salomonsen said...

loved your comments on persia. right on!

Anonymous said...

Aryamehr`s false comments in no way reflect the majority of the Azeri (Turki) population of Iran. He represents an assimilated class, or he really is Farsi,and is spreading false info such as, Azeris were originally Fars who later were Turkified. This is absolute rubbish, and even if it were true it means nothing since Iran`s Azeri population today as it was yesterday speaks Turkish, looks Turkish, eats Turkish, and dances Turkish. Aryamehr is simply a liar, do not believe his words, if you are really interested in the subject there are plenty of materials to be read, dont just take my word for it.

Aryamehr said...

Dear Kirischi:

I guess it was inevitable that one of you Pan-Turkists would comment on this. I just read your utter nonsense and ofcourse it has to be published for the world to see what your despicable group is all about. I have already published information on your group (Pan-Turkists, Pan-Turanists, Grey Wolves) and do expect that I will publish more articles on you so that there shall be no confusion about who you are, and what you want to do.

You only tell a human being once that Azeri's are not racially "Turks" as you Pan-Turks would like to portray. You only tell a human being once that Iranian Azeri's have a turkified language and present you with a comprehensive source on it. Do you have such low self-esteem about your own race that you need to claim Iranian peoples as your own now?

Iranian Azeri's are as Iranian as the blood that runs in my veins and guess what the day you try set foot in Azerbaijan with the agenda that you have presented you will see how "turkish" Iranian Azeri's are, we will be waiting.

You seem to be a confused person because you yourself have admitted although in quite loose terms that Iranian Azeri's are an Iranian people who have had their language turkified due to turkish rule in that part of Iran in past history. You should just stop there and don't insult your own intelligence any further by following that sentence with such ludricous statements like "Azeri's are Turks".

A comprehensive source has been presented to my readers in which they can judge for themselves to what great lengths Pan-Turkists such as yourself are willing to go with their lies and in trying to, in a fruitless cause, seperate the head of Iran from its body. I will make sure for your and other Pan-Turkists pleasure to dedicate a entire entry just for this source.

Also, I happened to read your comments on Azarmehr's site ( and would like to publish them here for my readers to see as well.

This Pan-Turkist, Pan-Turanist, or "Grey Wolf" (whichever he prefers to call himself) had written in the above link:

"And sell-out pieces of garbage like you will be the first to get gang-raped. We will pump you full of TORKI XER abkir and send you to the Fars provinces where you can masturbate with your feminine Fars race"

You couldn't have represented your low-life group any better. This is your character and perfect example of where you come from. I have Turkish friends and I would hate to associate them with individuals such as yourself, and I won't. I'd rather want to say that you are a shame to Turkey and the rest of mankind.
You are not worth the time of the day and we will be waiting for your "pack of wolves" =) on the borders of Iranian Azerbaijan.