Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Crown-Prince Reza Pahlavi to the U.S.: Stop the sweet talking, ACT!

Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi of Iran has urged the U.S. to stop the sweet talking of supporting the Iranian people and instead ACT on their supportive statements. The Iranian people are ready, he says, and they need the world community's support to overthrow this Islamic Republic that has oppressed, killed, and tortured for 27 years.


Shah's Son Urges Action on Iran

May 30, 2006

POTOMAC, Maryland -- The exiled son of Iran's late shah on Monday called on the Bush administration to put action before rhetoric in ousting Tehran's Islamic regime, which he said has long been the source of global instability.

Reza Pahlavi, 45, the eldest son of the late Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, said Iranians are ready to actively oppose the Islamic regime of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but need more than pro-democratic utterances from world leaders like U.S. President George W. Bush.

"Fantastic, we love to hear that, motherhood and apple pie," Pahlavi said of Bush's statements that the United States supports a free, democratic Iran.

"What remains to be seen again is in what concrete way the U.S. administration will take the necessary steps," Pahlavi told Reuters in an interview at his home in a suburb of Washington, flanked by the Iranian flag and portraits of his mother and father, the U.S.-backed monarch who was deposed in the 1979 Islamic revolution.

The United States and other nations should actively support Iran's dissident groups and give them the technical gear and expertise to get their message out, Pahlavi said.

Pahlavi said regime change in Iran will leave the Middle East a safer place, and said that Iran's clerics have long been a prime mover behind violence in Iraq, Lebanon and Sudan.

"For 27 years we have seen the world sending their firetrucks to try to extinguish fires all over the planet," he said. "But nobody has asked the question 'Who is the main culprit?' ... When you come to think of it, it has been Tehran all along."

The United States and Iran are at odds over Western accusations that Iran's nuclear program is a cover for making weapons. Iran says it wants to use the enriched uranium for electricity generation.

Pahlavi, who trained in the United States as a jet fighter pilot, said Iran has the right to nuclear technology, but not to threaten other nations with it.

"It was never a question of Iran having the right -- the problem is the finger on the trigger," he said, referring to Ahmadinejad's public calls for Israel's destruction.

However, Pahlavi said the United States should not pursue military means to take away Iran's uranium-enrichment capability. Bush has said military options are on the table but has stressed the need for diplomatic talks.

Instead of a military strike, Pahlavi said global leaders should help Iran dissident groups' overthrow the current regime from within.


Chester said...

It's frustrating, I know. But don't fall for the spin that this reporter put on this interview without reading or hearing the whole thing.

I'd like to read the transcript of this interview.
The reporter seemed to want to stress things about Pres. Bush needing to help more, but what about the UK? And other countries?
How about someone else stepping up to the plate and helping?

Winston said...

Agreed 100%

Anonymous said...

Why can't we have a democracy fundraising in Los Angeles where all the super-rich Iranians live in Belair or Beverly Hills? Why spend 100K on your child birthday instead of freeing your country? The money can be put in escrow by a third party to avoid usual shenanigans.

Aryamehr said...


Even though I do not live in the U.S. I still agree that those of you who do should press these successful Iranians to not just give back to their adopted homeland but also to their native land! The Iranian NASA scientists (Ansari's)just spent MILLIONS of $'s for 1 trip to space! Why don't they think of their motherland? Isn't there any sense of Iranianhood in them? Maybe they don't know who to give it to (credible opposition vs those on IRI payrolls) ...but still I don't see any initiative from their parts...if I was a millionaire I would feel awful if I didn't contribute at the very least 1% of my wealth to my brothers and sisters in Iran! For the freedom/progress of my motherland!

Aryamehr said...

BTW offtopic: i was looking at my "clustermap" which shows the geographical location of vistors to this blog and it amazes me that so many people across the world in so many different countries have visited it but not ONE person from any of the the former U.S.S.R states!!! Nobody from China (except for 1 or 2)! Nobody from North Korea!! What a coincedence no? I'm glad that many people in Iran are able to break the filters and view my blog though...

Winston said...

right now, the freaking US government is going to talk to the mullahs

I am frustrated.........

Aryamehr said...

Hey Winston that what I thought felt like as well at first but then I thought what if the U.S. offered these talks (which are conditioned) knowing that the Shiite Taliban occupying Iran wouldn't go along with it?? The talks are on condition that the Islamic Republic suspend all nuclear enrichment programmes...they won't do it...America will thus gain more power and legitimacy in its war against terror...just my honest opinion at this time...

Anonymous said...

Aryamehr: Yes, you're right. It was a brilliant move by Condi. The intention was never really to talk but to call their bluff and to pacify the liberals. The Iranians are no more interested in talks than the Americans are. The offer was dead on arrival and they both knew that.

azadi eshgheman said...

Hello Aryamehr, I´m just a nobody but I can tell you that Iran and people oppressed by the rule of Islam in general have some support in the Czech and Slovak republic. I lead a blog about the situation in Iran and other people are leading sites about Islam and its crimes and I can tell you that people read them, they are interested and they support you! I have friends in Iran and I really hope that the people wake up and see the truth (there are STILL people who question it, they just do not believe!)

Aryamehr said...

Hello Azadi,

First of all you are not a nobody but you are SOMEBODY ;)

Thanks for having a blog on the Iranian cause from freedom from this regime and ultimately from the yoke of Islam. Too bad I don't know czech so I could understand your entries but it looks like your covering everything pretty good!

More power to you my friend.

azadi eshgheman said...

Hello Aryamehr, thank you very much for your appreciation! at least I feel a little bit better... I am a very sensible person and sometimes I tend to despair... I just continue to fight for I am convinced that the Iranians are great people and they deserve freedom, prosperity and a better life if there is something like justice!
Thanks you for the covering and articles. Merci.