Thursday, May 25, 2006

Islamic Republic Military Operation Undergoing against the oppressed Balooch people of Iran!

The Islamic Republic has intensified its military campaign in Sistan and Baloochistan Province of Iran agains the oppressed Balooch people of this region, who in recent weeks have increased their resistance against the Islamic Republic (Note: they are not seperatist).

Military jets and helicopter gunships have been put into operation and several deaths have been reported. The Islamic Republic says the military campaign is to roots out drug-traffickers which is a common cover the Islamic Regime uses to oppress freedom fighting people. Below are some pictures from the region of the Islamic Republic's loyal Islamist Basij and Revulutionary Guards forces. These Islamist forces first of all do not look Iranian and are most likely foreign merceneries that the Islamic Republic is known to use when suppressing Iranians. In the past Iranian soldiers have disobeyed orders to harm their own brethren and sisters, especially in demonstrations. The Regime has therefore imported arab and other foreign merceneries to do the dirty job for them.

Military operation by the Islamic Republic occupying Iran against the oppressed Balooch people in south-eastern Iran; this operation started last week and is still ongoing:


Winston said...

the insecure regime of mullahs will fall soon, I am sure of it

TM Lutas said...

The US and others in the West have a choice, Carter or Reagan. When the indigenous resistance to Afghanistan first revolted over the illegal Soviet invasion, Carter's CIA sent aid but calibrated it in order for the mjuaheddin to bleed the Soviets but eventually fail. Reagan reversed that course and increased support to the point that they could win.

Today, the mullah regime in Iran can count on exterior support from those who have a strong political or economic interest in the current regime. The rest of the world can choose to counter-balance and defeat these self-interested outsiders or not. We all have a choice to make