Tuesday, May 23, 2006

UPDATE: Anti-Regime Demonstration in Tehran's Universities

Anti-Regime Demonstrations have taken place in Tehran's Amir Kabir University (Polytechnic University) and Tehran Unviersity since Monday of this week. Winston has more links with picture regarding these demonstrations.

NO SUPPORT has been shown by the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY so far. Was President Bush's words "we stand behind the Iranian freedom in their quest for democracy" empty words? Where is the International Community's support for the people of Iran when they are brave to rise up like this despite the risk that they will be killed, tortured, imprisoned by the Islamic Republic?!?! In the past weeks we have seen the people in these provinces of Iran: Baloochistan, Azerbaijan, and since monday the capital city of Tehran have risen up! Where is your support!?

Recent Developments:

-The Islamic Republic's henchmen and security forces have surrounded these two universities.

-The demonstrations in Azerbaijan continue despite street battles with the Islamic Regime's force.

-In Baloochistan there was a military campaign just last week which killed over 10 villagers!

Where is the media?! Where is the outcry!? Where is the support for the people of Iran!?

UPDATE: There are now reports of demonstrations in Kermanshah which hosts a large Kurdish population.



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these kids need support

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