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Update on the tense situation across Iran - 26/05/06

UPDATE on the tense situation in across Iran:

Riots in Tehran Universities: 'We Don't Want Nuclear Energy'

May 26, 2006
The Middle East Media Research Institute

Several media outlets in Iran reported, albeit in a restricted and censured fashion, that there has been rioting on several university campuses in Tehran for the past four days. The reformist Internet daily Rooz reported that over 500 members of riot-control units have besieged the Tehran University campus, and that there have been clashes between rioting students and Basij and police forces.

The eyewitnesses also reported that Iranian security forces fired live bullets, and that shots were fired at homes outside the university. One of the students told Rooz: "The university campus is on fire, raids are being conducted throughout the campus, and the students are in fear and anxiety... Gunfire is heard from all directions... There is blood everywhere." [2] The university's telephone lines were reported to have been cut.

According to other eyewitnesses, "police riot-control units entered the campus with helmets, shields, and clubs, and beat students so severely that many can't even walk." A campus security guard told a Rooz reporter: "We were told that we were permitted to use violence against the students, but not to hit them on their heads or their faces, in order to avoid leaving marks. We were told not to be respectful towards any student, unless he is a member of the Basij student union."

One of the students said: "They are sending more riot-control forces [into the campus]. I estimate that they are about 3,000 strong... There is also an intensive presence of Ansar-e Hizbullah forces in vehicles or on motorcycles. They have also brought in several fire trucks [to disperse the students]..." [3] One of the reporters said: "Reporters who came to cover the events were stopped by university security guards, and none were permitted to enter [the campus]." [4]

Local police claim that only 100 students were involved in the riots, but according to eyewitnesses quoted by Rooz, the riots involved some 3,000 of the 4,000 students attending the main campus, and another 2,000 from the law and political science campus. [5]

Growing Unrest in Azerbaijan

May 25, 2006
Rooz Online
Navid Ahmadi

On the first day, the demonstrators and the police clashed, causing the large Tabriz bazaar (market) and the shops around it to close for the day. The demonstrators marched to the Tabriz governor general’s headquarters and the East Azerbaijan governor’s office. By the time they got there, thousands had joined in. And all the while the demonstrators demanded attention to their province. Things got so out of hand that the Friday prayer of Zanjan publicly called for the execution of those responsible for the insulting caricatures.

When the demonstrators came to Tabriz University, clashes broke out between the Baseej para-military and the demonstrators. Then the special guard came into action and using batons and tear gas attacked people. The result of all this was still more injuries.

Anti-regime slogans in the protest gathering of students in Tehran University campus - IranPressNews

The angry students chanted:

Freedom, freedom, our inalienable right, nuclear energy is the regime’s “craft”.

System of supremacy must be abolished, Khamenei the supreme leader should be executed.

Kabul yesterday, today Baghdad, Tehran tomorrow

We want neither Sheikh nor mullah, we curse the Spirit of Ruhollah [Khomeini]

“What, what are the use of your slogans, we want justice, water and bread

Death to dictators

Death on the Islamic Republic

Student dies, does not accept disgrace

Students also referred to recent demonstration of their fellow students in cities around the Azerbaijan province and chanted: "Tabrizi, Tabrizi, we stand behind you..."

100,000-strong anti-government demo in Iran city - photos
Thu. 25 May 2006
Iran Focus



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Government forces kill six in north-west Iran riots

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Government forces kill six in north-west Iran riots

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