Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Unrest in Rezaiyeh - 23/05/06

Following yesterday's uprising in Tabriz and the opening of fire upon demonstrators by the Islamic Republic's militiamen today i've been reading reports by some compatriots that are telling of unrest taking place in Rezaiyeh! Some say that this unrest is much larger than the one in Tabriz.

Just a brief note on the location from Wikipedia (click for more info):

Rezaiyeh is a city in northwestern Iran, and the capital of the West Azerbaijan province, situated on the western side of Lake Urmia near the Turkish border. Its population in 2005 is estimated at 602,403.
God be with all freedom seeking Iranians who have risen up to trash this savage dictatorship - the Islamic Republic. May we see a coordinated uprising occuring by all Iranians across all of Iran which will put an end to 27 years of death, oppression, poverty, and misery!

Payandeh Iran va Irani!



Winston said...

Yes, it has and I am watching with lots of anxiety.

Anonymous said...

The name of the city is "Urmieh"