Saturday, May 06, 2006

A woman's worth and purpose in Islam...

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In the Islamic Republic occupying Iran the worth of a woman is officially declared to be "half a man", but in reality it is much less than that!

The sex crazed being that Mohammad (the prophet of Islam) was it is only understandable that his newly founded "religion" would "exhalt" women to the position of "sex objects". Ayesha, 6 years old, was the youngest girl to fall prey to the Prophet of Islam's "allah-ic" ways...

What a tragedy that has befallen on our beloved motherland! A land who worshipped women, a land where women held the highest positions attainable (Empress), a land where women commanded armies!
What happened to the Iranian culture! Don't for a second confuse Arabo-muslim culture with Iranian culture! The Iranian spirit is awakening across the sacred land of Iran. The Iranian spirit is rising. The sacred fire of the Iranian spirit is being lit in every Iranian's heart. Ask yourselves if you are Iranian? If you are, then act Iranian! Stop this 1400 year old backward foreign influence from keeping you chained to itself! Free yourself, free your countrymen and women, free your country! Follow the footsteps of Babak Khorramdin and others who gave their lives trying to protect the Iranian way of life, Iranian culture, Iranian pride!

Fellow countryman or woman, is it not time after 1400 years to once and for all get rid of the arabo-muslim culture that has dominated our people and country for so long? Are we not strong enough to be Iranian again? Is it not time for us to be Iranian again!? Is it not time for Iranian culture to flourish again after 1400 years?

Why are you sitting idle when our land is in need of YOU to carry out your national and patriotic duty? Why are you not going to the rescue of your bleeding motherland? Are you willing to free this land once and for all and awaken the Iranian spirit that has fallen dormant for the last 1400 years? Are you ready to let our fallen heroes sleep in their resting places by reviving our culture and regaining our country!?

Today it is the national and patriotic duty of ALL Iranians to come to the aid of our beloved motherland and to protect and promote Iranian culture.

P.S. I do recognize that I strayed somewhat from the title of this post but if you care to educate yourselves more on the status of women in Islam I recommend you to pay a visti to Ali Sina's website which is dedicated to expose the truth about Islam.


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