Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wednesday May 10, 2006 - News

Few interesting pieaces that i'd like the readers to take notice of today:

One of the Islamic Republic's Revolutionary Guard Deputy Commanders shot and killed by unknown assailants

"In recent months deadly attacks on the regimes officials by civilians has skyrocketed."

Hopefully these latest attacks will serve as strong messages against the Islamic Republic and its supporters.

1,000 students protest in Iran capital on decision to ban seminar on democracy

Short-sleeve shirts banned in Iran universities

It's going to be a long and hot summer in Iran, I can assure you of that! We are once again heading for historic times. May the Iranian people be victorious against these anti-Iranian mullah's who have occupied our country for 27 years!! What we need TODAY is a UNITED FRONT to be formed and I hope that individulas like Amir-Abbas Fakhravar, Crown-Prince Reza Pahlavi and other Iranian freedom activists can form such a front in the limited time that we have before us.

Iranian Nation: Only you can rise up and free Iran!



Anonymous said...

Couple of things :

1) It's good to be aware of origin of stories. I think MEK's Iran Focus may be the source of IRGC guy being killed, (and maybe the protest too), so hard to know if it is accurate or not.

2) If Fakhravar will join with Reza Pahlavi and other dissidents, it will be great.! The more people who unite, the more following they will have from Iranian people. This will be scarier to regime than anything U.N. could do to them.

3) I've been saying for months that this will be a 'hot' summer in Iran.

Yes! Iranians need to rise up and free Iran!

Aryamehr said...

C.H. I think the affiliation of Iran Focus was brought up by another reader. The fact that they are related to the MEK/MKO... does not automatically reduce their news reports to being worthless, in fact most of their news have shown to be true in the past, hence why i chose to post news articles from their website.

Whether we like them or not they are an ORGANIZED group, they do have supporters in Iran who relay these news on to them and they have proven to be true on many occasions - especially when it comes to intelligence gathering; they are after all a militant group who are willing to go to great lengths in extracting valuable information and i'm also not sure they would want to jeopordize their support amongst U.S. and European legislators by discrediting themselves with false stories.

Sorry for the long reply, just wanted to explain why I chose to post articles from "Iran Focus".

Winston said...

But all in all, MEK/NCRI should not be given a chance to be able to rule Iran for even a single minutes.

They will turn Iran into Cambodia once they get to power, please remember that while you are reading their stuff

Winston said...

Good News

Did You See It?

Anonymous said...

Iran Says It's Ready to Negotiate
AP - Thu May 11, 9:39 AM ET
JAKARTA, Indonesia - Iran's president said Thursday he was ready to negotiate with the United States and its allies over his country's nuclear program but he also suggested that any threats against Tehran would make the dialogue more difficult. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also intensified his verbal attacks on Israel, calling it a "a tyrannical regime that one day will be destroyed."

Arya: Read Amir Taheri's op-ed on negotiation with Iran: Is the Bush Adminstration ready to sell us Iranians out to the mullahs like President Carter did? Are they ready to offer the mullahs the "Grand Bargain" that Albright has been peddling?
Grand Bargain=Life Insurance for the regime where get their security guarantee at the expense of Iranians freedom and liberty.
Please Read:

Aryamehr said...

Winston, you are absolutely right, MKO is not a democratic alternative to the Islamic Republic and i'm fully aware of that. The MKO is an islamo-marxist militant cult, there is no doubt about that, but their news reporting has been very credible, after all they are opponents against the IRI as well after they fell out of favor with their Imam!!!

Anon, it's easy to fall into the trap thinking that other nations would want the best for Iran, better than Iranians themselves (!) - the U.S. will do whatever is in its interest. It is up to us to DO THE SAME!!!