Saturday, May 13, 2006

Grand Declaration of War

1400 years ago a bedouin Arab called Mohammed delivered an ultimatum to the Sassanid Emperor of Persia - to convert to Islam or face death. The Sassanid Emperor could not believe that an Arab bedouin was issuing this kind of ultimatum to his grand Empire and didn't believe that the threat was imminent. The Arabo-Muslim army attacked the weakened Persian Empire and were able to defeat Persia's last defences through a series of hit and run campaigns that took place under the course of several years. The Arabo-Muslim occupational army of Mohammed the Arab bedouin then imposed his twisted ideology of Islam upon the people of Persia through various means including death, intimidation, and brainwashing that took place during a long period of time. The people of Persia were able to end the Arabo-Muslim occupation of their country but the foreign imposed ideology was not defeated and has for 1400 years contributed to death, destruction and misery in my motherland.

It seems that a descendant of these Arabo-Muslims who savagely invaded my homeland 1400 years has today issued the same kind of ultimatum against the United States of America : "Embrace Islam or face death". This is a grand declaration of war. Mahmood AhmadiNejad - the President of the second Arabo-Muslim occupation of Iran (Persia) - in the form of the Islamic Republic - is today following in footsteps that Mohammed and his "butchers" took 1400 years ago. Humanity as a whole could be at stake today IF the Islamic Republic, which has occupied my motherland for 27 years, is allowed to manufacture or get it's hand on a NUCLEAR WEAPON.

The people of the world need to have it clear in their minds that the savages occupying Iran are first and foremost not Iranians and secondly they do not work in the interests of the Iranian Nation and will not hesitate to carry out acts that work against the interest of our nation - which all those who have been witness to this brutal regime's 27 year long history of death and destruction can attest. The international community needs to assist the Iranian Nation to remove this malignant cancer that for the past 27 years has thrived upon the natural resources of my motherland - creating/funding/sheltering terrorist Islamic organizations - this being one of their many accomplishments.

This ultimatum that I talk about is in reference to Mahmood AhmadiNejad's conclusion in his 18 page long letter, which is written in arabic (the language of Islam), to President Bush which goes: "Vasalam Ala Man Ataba'al hoda." Which translates into: "Peace only unto those who follow the true path."
The true path in the mind of this delusional and criminal person is Islam.

For more on this I bring to your attention the information/links that the blog "Regime Change Iran" has posted:

  • Amir Taheri, The New York Post examined the ancient and recent history behind the letter Ahmadinejad wrote to President Bush and warned the letter contains a crucial message: The present regime in Iran is the enemy of the current international system and is determined to undermine and, if possible, destroy it.
  • WorldNetDaily reported that some Middle East observers believe Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's letter to President Bush could be a precursor to war, based on a traditional Muslim pattern of offering acceptance of Islam before establishing it by force.
  • The New York Sun reported that President Ahmadinejad's letter to President Bush is in fact a declaration of war. The key sentence in the letter is the closing salutation. It is left untranslated and rendered as "Vasalam Ala Man Ataba'al hoda." What this means is "Peace only unto those who follow the true path." It is a phrase with historical significance in Islam.



Anonymous said...

Isn't a contradiction to say that Islam is a religion of evil and that Reza Pahlavi is a benevolent ruler, when Pahlavi himself identifies with Shiite Islam.

Aryamehr said...

First of all since when did Reza Pahlavi become a "ruler"??

Crown-Prince Reza Pahlavi is an Iranian citizen who is fighting to see his homeland freed from the chains of tyranny and oppresion, not a "ruler" as you have decided to refer to him as in your comments.

Secondly the fact that Mr Pahlavi associates himself with Islam doesn't automatically make him a muslim does it? To be a muslim you have to practice Islam, and there are no signs that Reza Pahlavi has nor will become a TRUE MUSLIM anytime soon. The day Reza Pahlavi becomes a true muslim my support for him will end -but as I do not forsee this happening at all no worries!

Iranians have labeled themselves and associated themselves with this religion of death, destruction, and backwardedness for far too long; and today unfortunately 1400 years of brainwashing continues to thrive in minds of some Iranians. Time has come for us to once and for all drop this disgusting label and claim victory over that dark day 1400 years ago when our ancestors where subjected to the most savage occupation by the forces of arabo-muslims.

Reza Pahlavi might claim he is a muslim by name but by deed he is no such thing - this applies to the majority of Iranians. To learn what Islam is all about I would suggest a quick review of or paying attention to the programs of personalities such as Dr Forood Foladvand or Dr Bahram Moshiri who are experts in this field.

Islam's domination of Iran and Iranians is coming to an end and the sooner everyone realizes this the sooner we can start rebuilding our nation on true Iranian foundations rather than those of a backward and inferior culture to that of our own.

Are you Iranian? Are you social foundations based on Iranian ones? Swedes are proud of their culture. Italians are proud of their culture. Japanese are proud of their culture. Are you proud of your culture? If you are an arab worshipper a.k.a muslim, are you proud to be worshipping the enemies of Iran who slaughtered your ancestors? Arabo-muslims burnt and destroyed Persia's great libraries are you proud to be a muslim? Arabo-muslims arabized your language and imposed their culture on yours, are you proud of that? Please do open your eyes and free yourself from the misery that you seemingly unknowingly are defending.


Anonymous said...

Aryamehr: The Islamic regime is the most anti-Iranian government that has ever ruled over Iran. My fear is if the regime is not toppled soon in 100 years or so, we will hear Arabic spoken in the streets and we will be completely stripped of our Iranian identity. This is not a racist remark and I don't have anything against Arabs or Islam. But I don't think any decent Arab would ever change his or her religion into Zoroastrian or have "Khoda" (in Persian) instead of "Allah"(in Arabic) written on their flag. They simply will not allow it. No other country would either. I think the entire nation suffers from an 'Stockholm Syndrom' of some sort. The indoctrination, arabization, and Islamicization of the Iranian society is so thoroughly organized and systematic that I call it "Cultural genocide". I hope it's not too late to save our Iranianness.

Anonymous said...

Aryamehr: I forgot to comment about the "Convert-or-Die letter by Ahmadinejad. I think the letter is actually a good thing. I think once and for all, the hegomnic nature of the regime and the Islamic agenda of this regime for the world is crystal clear to Iran experts in Pentagon and CIA. He is challenging democracy, capitalism, freedom, secularism and he wants to replace it with an Islamic world order. There should no longer be a debate among Iran experts whether IRI presents a danger to the world or not. This type of Supremacist ideology ,in an of itself, is more dangerous than a nuclear bomb.

Aryamehr said...

Anon. I know exactly what you mean and your troubles are - we all share the same concerns. Any change must first come from ourselves, begin with yourself - use persian words, know your history, know your culture, know your national heroes and from there go on to educate others.

I have one grudge against other young Iranians that live abroad and that is they are not in touch with their country, culture, history etc. If Iranian youth abroad let their "Iranianhood" fade away then Iran as we know it will fade away as well - but as long as there is one Iranian whose heart beats for Iran this shall never be allowed to happen.

We are all defenders of our culture, we have been given a historical task to protect and promote our culture - we need to accept this national duty that we owe to our beloved land.

Anonymous said...


What kind of ridiculous logic is that??? Pahlavi doesn't live in Iran. He isn't forced to associate with in Islam and he isn't forced to fast during Ramadan (which he does mind you). Using your same logic, if I call myself a Nazi, and say I support the killing of Jews, that doesn't make me an anti-semitic until I actually commit crimes against Jews. That makes no sense!!

Anonymous said...

why the obsession with personal beliefs of R.P>??

Aryamehr said...


Stop being so naive. Reza Pahlavi grew up in Iran during a time when information on Islam was not being discussed freely as it is today. He grew up being taught that Islam is a peaceful and wonderful religion, as the mullah's have been brainwashing people to believe for the last 1400 years.

Now, as for him now living abroad, he has either not informed himself about Islam these years that he has been abroad - maybe he sees his priorities otherwise - or he is simply clinging on to that label so as to not "hurt" the feelings of his countrymen -who are unknowingly clinging on to this cursed label, and who like you defend it thinking it is something good. Either way I think he should have educated himself on this matter and shed that anti-Iranian label long time ago. However as he is not a muslim by deed I do not see him in that negative light.

As for your comment regarding fasting during ramadan, i've never heard of such a thing. If you'd like to make a point with that bring something that would back it up. It's sad to see that you so ardently sticking to this disease, and it pains me when I see Iranians doing this (honest to God) - not only is it insulting to anything Iranian but it's also self-degrading.

As for your last statement:

"Using your same logic, if I call myself a Nazi, and say I support the killing of Jews, that doesn't make me an anti-semitic until I actually commit crimes against Jews. That makes no sense!!"

You haven't understood the logic.
No it doesn't make you an anti-semite until you actually commit the crime. However it does make you an anti-semite if you think in that way and would be willing to act in such a manner upon the doctrine/ideology/belief that you believe in. Now go back and apply it to what I've told you about Crown-Prince Reza Pahlavi.

Nema, it's not to difficult, you just have to free your mind. I would love to be proud to have you as a fellow countryman but I cannot see that happening when you are defending an ideology that goes against Iran and Iranian cultural heritage, or for that matter an ideology that is the cause of death for so many Iranians and Iranian heroes that I hold in high regards.

I don't ask of you to be a monarchist, all I want of you is to free yourself from this cursed ideology that has thrived like a cancer amongst our people for far too long.

I'd rather have a non-muslim republican rather than a TRUE muslim monarchist beside me!

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Nema ( who threatned to sue Winston?

Aryamehr said...

Anon, I believe so.

Anonymous said...


Thats so racist I don't even know where to begin to start. Replace every reference to Islam with another religion, or race, and see what you come out with. I'm sorry, but you dilute your message and your position when you start preaching hate. And I happen to know for a fact that not only does Reza Pahlavi fast, but he also prays. One of our authors is president of NUFDI (National Union for Democracy in Iran) and has correspondence with Pahlavi and can attest that as a fact. If you continue to demonize Muslims for being Muslim, you are commiting the same crime as those who demonized Jews for being Jews did. Anyone who thinks otherwise on that matter is a fool.

Aryamehr said...


Racist?! It's strange that you are older than me but it doesn't seem you are brighter though (which obviously isn't a definite anyways)- no offense. Do you know what racist means? Let me give you a hint, it has to do with race. I am not addressing the issue of race here nor do I consider myself a racist. If you consider muslims to be a "race" then I cannot feel anything but sorry for you.

Please do give an effort to free your mind. I'm not a racist. I do however believe that my CULTURE is far more superior than the Arab one, especially for my country - and I want my country to be built on Iranian foundations not Arab ones! If you are willing to accept an anti-Iranian culture or even attempt to mix it with Iranian culture you are commiting a grave mistake.

As for now I don't see how me continuing this debate with you would help you. You would do much better pondering on your own about your roots, culture, heritage and coming to a sane conclusion. Living a lie is not worth it. Worshipping your ancestors killers is degrading. Worshipping those who burnt your nation's libraries, raped your mothers and sisters, and imposed a brutal ideology on your ancestors is not acceptable.

Lastly your statement that you know a friend who knows a friend who knows Reza Pahlavi doesn't hold. I have already told you that Reza Pahlavi does not act like a muslim - praying is nothing unique to Islam! Even I pray or "talk to God" sometimes, but this doesn't make me MUSLIM nor anything else! For God's sake Neema please re-evaluate your stance because if it continues like this it will be a vicious cycle - but it will come to an end. Iran HAS TO BE FREED physically and mentally and I will dedicate my life to see that through like many other people have.

Don't take my comments as insults but as advice. Thanks and good luck.

Anonymous said...

Racist isn't correct. But your hate for Islam is nothing different then anti-semitism no matter how you justify it. And my contacts with Reza Pahlavi are not through a "friend of a friend." In fact I've spoken and interviewed Pahlavi and one of my authors is in direct contact with him. And by prayer I do mean namaaz. I do mean that he prays toward Mecca. And I do mean that he prays 3 times a day because of his association with Shiite Islam. Maybe I can't find an academic source on the article, but on something like this, there doesn't need to be nor doesn't discount its true. In fact why would there be a news article or something of the sorts on Reza Pahlavi's religious activities? No one documents how Michael Ledeen prays as a Jew. Nor does anyone document how Bush prays as a Christian. I'm sorry aryamehr, but when you brand an entire group of people and call their religion evil, you are no different then others who have done the same thing. Aside from committing genocide, explain to me how your views are any different from Hitlers?

Aryamehr said...


You don't even know what you're talking about man. Do you know what anti-semitism is? Do you know what a semites are? Semites are a race of people. Your trying to connect my condemnation of the backward ideology of Islam and compare it to anti-semitism?! Come on, please. Racism is wrong because you cannot help being born into a particular RACE - but when it comes to IDEOLOGIES you have a CHOICE, and if you make a BAD choice you should expect to receive criticism.

Neema, it seems like i'm speaking to a brick wall. I tell you that Reza Pahlavi isn't a true muslim then you bring me some ridiculous evidence such as praying towards Mecca as being a sign he is a TRUE muslim. I'm not going to argue whether you are right or not when it comes to Reza Pahlavi's personal religious actions, let me just tell you this though on this matter (IF true) is that it's an IDIOTIC thing to do and Reza Pahlavi SHOULD know better if he is doing any such thing that you state he does. And if he does such a thing just to PLEASE the large brainwashed Iranian mass then he needs to be stronger than that and set an example.

Again Reza Pahlavi is not a muslim, he does not belief in the oppression of women that islam advocates, he does not see women as sub-humans, he does not see non-muslims or INFIDELS as savages who should be exterminated through "jihad", he doesn't believe in Islamic Law (Sharia which encompasses a big area and many inhumane punishments!), I don't think he has such a sick mind to be looking forward to little virgin GIRLS and BOYS who await to please him in the afterlife in rivers of honey and milk (!)..... in the end Reza Pahlavi does not believe in the hateful, warm-mongering, sex-crazed idol who is the creation of the mind of an Arab by the name Mohammed in collaboration with Salman Farsi, a treacherous Persian Prince who is said to be the mastermind behind the koran! Neema has it ever hit you that youre acceptance and promotion of this anti-Iranian ideology is in line with the treachourous act that Salman Parsi did to his nation? selling his nation out to Arabs? leading the Arab army to the slaughter of the Iranian population? You might not have the same treachorous ideas as Salman Parsi to promote this ideology but you have simply been brainwashed to defend and promote and also think that it's a peaceful/beautiful religion that was handed over to Iranians by the invading Arabs.

Islam is pure evil as you put is so well. Islam is not compatible with Iranian culture so it's either or. Islam is a reflection of Arab culture and mentality; are you an Arab?

Neema, again no matter how many times I tell you to free your mind I don't see it happening anytime soon based on your responses. You are supporting a religion that was spread through a devastating war that was launched on what is supposed to be your motherland. You disregards the fact that your ancestors were killed, raped, and put into slavery but the very same men that you worship today and who's religion you have embraced. Only a brainwashed person would worship his mother's rapist, killer, slave-owner! Why is it that you can't accept the truth about this backward religion and its bloody history? Because you are "under the influence" or more directly "brainwashed" like many other Iranians.

In hope that you one day too will return to your Iranian roots and liberate YOURSELF from this slavery that you have chosen to live in.

BTW your muslim friends in Indonesia has chosen AhmadiNejad to be the KHALIFAH of the Islamic Ummah. In some good company you are.

I really do hope that you do not become yet another victim of Islam. And it is heartbreaking to see a fellow countryman supporting the enemy without knowing it...

Anonymous said...

Thats quite a historically ignorant view of anti-semitism. If Islam is an Arab faith and religion, then isn't Judaism and Christianity also an Arab faith and religion? Also how do you explain that the vast majority of Muslims are non-Arabs if Islam is incompatible with non-Arabs? If you believe that I'm indoctrinated, then its clear that your perceptions of Islam have also been influenced by anti-Islamist propaganda. The same way Hitler viewed that all Jews are evil. I really see no moral difference between how you espouse hate against an entire group of people who are Muslim and how Hitler did it against Jews. Both are morally reprehensible and you wonder why your point of view lacks any credibility either with Reza Pahlavi or with Iranians striving for human rights and democracy. I encourage you to write to Pahlavi and express to him everything you just stated and see what his response is.

Aryamehr said...


Jesus Christ Neema lol. Why don't you look things up before you decide to write about them! These are naive questions that I really shouldn't have to answer. Judaism and Christianity are Arab religions?? Lol you're very good at twisting/confusing things buddy; you would have been much better off saying they are semitic religions which is absolutely true!! A semite doesn't necesserily translate into an ARAB as you seem to think! If you would have bothered to look up the definition for a semite you would see that it compromises Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs. You should have known about at least the last two. Now are Hebrews Arabs as you are trying to present them? Of course NOT. All of them are semites but not all of them are Arabs!

How do I explain that the vast majority of muslims are non-Arabs!? My God, you really haven't come out of your box/cage have you. Islam waged a JIHAD to spread itself, now the JIHAD was a physical war but also a war of the minds. It was able to poison the minds of people to over time believe that it is peaceful and wonderful religion thanks to effective propaganda by mullah's and such! Have you seen how that vid that is out on the net nowadays showing a footage from a mourning ceremony. Everyone is crying their eyes out and as the camera focuses on one of the mullah's in the crowd you see that he is minding his own business, stroking his beard but as soon as he sees he is being filmed the deceitful bastard starts to cry his eyes out!!! These are the people who were able to make your and my ancestors to put that anti-Iranian label on themselves.

I'm sure you are aware of how Islam was introduced to your motherland Iran right? You know of the savage Arab invasion and occupation? I've mentioned the killings, rape, burning libraries, forcing people to pay a tax if people do not accept islam etc etc (!!!) and through a prolonged campaing of indoctrination/brainwashing through intermediaries like mullah's they were able to turn our nation into a zombie nation worshipping its enemies! worshipping the savage butchers of their fathers and mothers! I do want to mention here though that there were many brave Iranians who stood against the Arabo-muslims and their agenda and fought against them valiantly - Babak Khorramdin being one of the most renown Iranian heroes of all times; he defended his nation and culture till death.

When did I say Islam is incompatible with non-Arabs? Are you twisting my words? I said Islam is not compatible with Iranian culture. Islam can convert you into a muslim and make you act like a muslim but it can NEVER be compatible with Iranian culture because it's foundations are against anything Iranian. Iranian culture is a splendidly rich and civilized culture, celebration of life, joy and respect, whereas Islamic culture represents the very opposite death, destruction, mourning, backwardedness, and savagery.

Neema, I hate Islam with a passion and I will do whatever I can to bring an end to its domination over Iran because I can see what it has done to my people and what it is doing to them right now. The majority of Iranians are like you - they wear this anti-Iranian label but they do not act upon it by deed. What remains now is for that degrading label to be removed from your body; and trust me this process has begun and it's a process of re-awekening. For 1400 years we were living in Islamic bondage but today the Iranian spirit has awakened. The Iranian Lion has awakened and is roaring as loud as it can to free the minds of those who are still under the influence of this horrible spell. Please don't take that literally but rather figuratively.

As for you last part, I have written to Mr Pahlavi long time ago on this issue and didn't receive a satisfactory answer. His answer was basically that these issues are not what is important today, which lead me to think he is not aware of his own history. I see him as being more focused on freeing Iran from the mullah's, but I see this cause as one which eventually has to free Iran from a much larger "pollution".
BTW he never defended Islam in his reply back to me, which gave me a small glimmer of hope that maybe he does know what i'm talking about but is not willing to address it at this point of time fearing that he will isolate a large portion of Iranians such as yourself who so ardently defend this anti-Iranian burden that you bear on your shoulders.

Is it that difficult to free yourself? To free your mind? To embrace your roots? To be Iranian?

Anonymous said...

Once agan, what is the difference between the hate you espouse and the hate Hitler espoused? There is none.

Anonymous said...

Aryamehr: I loved the exchange between you two. And I thank you for being such a valiant defender of Iran and our heritage. I'm proud of you.

Nema: I don't think Aryamehr would have hated Islam if Islam had not reeked such incalculable devestation on our land and our culture. We Iranians hate it because we have seen the desolation that it has brought to our culture on our psychee as a nation. Islam has stripped us of our uniqueness and our identity. And we see those who promote Islam as vichy collaborators who try relentlessly to destroy our Iranianess beyond recognition. We have the right to resist and defend our heritage in face of deadly enemy. And we have fought this enemy during this 1400-year long occupation many times before. How do you think our Nowruz has survived this assault. This is not the first time Islamist have tried to complete their occupation of Iran and come full circle. We've survived this occupation and have defeated the Islamists for over 1400 years. We will be triumphant in the end. We would have defended our culture and Iranian identity, if it was another religion or race who would have tried to destroy our heritage. Arabs can practice Islam through eternity and it's fine with us. Just don't destroy other's cultures and traditions.

Let's try to shove Zoroastrianism in the Arabian penninsula and see how the Arabs will resist it???