Sunday, May 21, 2006

Iranian Kiani Flag - (High Resolution)

High resolution picture of the Iranian Kiani Flag.
You can find this and many other pictures in my photobucket.



Winston said...

I love this flag, I dislike the "Onion" based flag of Islamic republic.

That disgusting thing on IRI's flag looks like ONION


Aryamehr said...


The Islamic Republic's flag is at best good for wiping your ass with - with the onion/sikh symbol in its middle and the arabic script saying "allah".

The Iranian flag has always been the Iranian Shir o Khorshid flag and before that we had the Derafshe Kaviani.

If you are interested in purchasing this flag, i've seen it's on eBay being sold by Mani Turkzadeh (the guy who has done all those great video clips). I already have a shir o khorshid flag but this one looks much better than the one I have so I might be buying one as well!

Anonymous said...

Dorood bar shah, love this flag.

Anonymous said...

dorood bar shah, love this flag.

Anonymous said...

i love this flag...
i sit with my father and admire this flag because it represents power and serenity.
My father comes from persia and he doesn't like the new one....
this flag is the best..
i'm so proud that my dad is persian

Anonymous said...

hey friands, you know the "MA HASTIM" Movement?? if you don't, please go to or and support this movement of persian freedom fighters, im Shervin from Iran.

so yell with us :
رقص پیروزی چه زیباست
ماهستیم! ماهستیم! ماهستیم.

many thanks for the beautiful classic flag.

Anonymous said...

One day Iran will be free and our flag restored to its rightful state...

Death to the islamic republic. Long live IRAN!