Monday, May 22, 2006

Iranian Overthrow Committee / Unity Congress; 19-20th June, 2006


In light of Prince Reza Pahlavi announcing in a recent interview that an Iranian Overthrow Commite / Unity Congress will soon be formed there has been an announcement that the date for this gathering will be 19-20th June (2006) and shall take place in Washington D.C.

A compatriot of ours ("Toofan") has posted these two links for those who wish to participate and know more about this historic event:

I plead to all personalities, political and cultural groups to once and for all gather under one roof for the sake of IRAN. Many Iranian military and civilian personalities from different political organizations have endorsed this gathering. This might very well be the LAST chance in a good while for us to FREE our motherland. Would you like to proudly tell your children that you were part of this movement that liberated your homeland or would you rather want to tell them of Israeli/U.S. military attack/invasion who God what it would lead to...? Or would you like to tell them that you sat idle and that is why they (your children) today are suffering under the Islamic Republic? Can you put aside your ideologies and for once think of Iran? Think of future generations to come? To think of preserving Iranian culture? Is this really too difficult? I don't think so.

I once again plead to all groups to make this gathering a success and to once unite for the sake of IRAN!

I shall update you on any news that I receive on this gathering and ask of you to provide any information you might have so that it can be published here.

Contact info:
FAX: 650-342-9293

Payandeh Iran va Irani!



Anonymous said...

Aryamehr: Thanks again for the heart-felt plea and sentiments. I thought the gathering was going to be in London?

Here is a good take on why the West is still slouching toward appeasing the mullahs:

Winston said...

Things are heating up!

Chester said...

This is great news!

Anonymous said...

Well said Winston, the silver lightening has stared glowing. Great starting point for for all those Iranians who always had the dreading questions:
Where should I start??
What should I do??

Anonymous said...

Well said Winston!! The long awaited silver dawn is rising in horizon.
This assembly is great welcome center for those Iranians who were troubled by dreading 2 questions asking from themselves for so long:
Where do I start?
What do I do?