Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thursday May 11, 2006 - NEWS

Noteworthy news concerning Iran today:

Tehran University students clash with Islamic regime's disciplinary guards

Student protests at Tehran University faculty of social sciences continues

Protest action by Iranian workers continues across the nation however until these protests take on a more organized structure and communication between workers is better coordinated they will not result in anything major:

Protesting workers of the Anzali Shipyards are in prison

Workers protest in front of the Gilan department of industries

Also I'd like to share this video of a courageous Iranian woman who has freed herself from the chains of this arab religion of Islam. She has come out and said what 70 million Iranians SHOULD be saying today after 1400 years of enduring this foreign imposed misery: "allah is not God!".
I do not care for the "christian" message in the clip as I do not need a man-made religion to believe in God - the God of love and kindness - however I do deem it important for my fellow Iranians to HEAR these words "allah is not God!" come from this courageous Iranian woman.

See the video here: "allah is not God!"



Winston said...

ino khundi?

ghesmate farsish kheili be nazaram mohem resid goftam behet khabar bedam

Aryamehr said...

winston, I can't read persian in the arabic alphabet...there's a whole different topic on why I don't like Iran using an arabic script and that we should go the way of Turkey...but i'll leave that discussion for another time... btw thankfully you have this pieace of news in english on your blog!