Monday, May 15, 2006

Shahanshah Aryamehr - Nuclear Energy Plans Pre-'79

There was a time when we used to set examples for the world.
There was a time when Iranian women were respected individuals with as many opportunities in society as men.
There was a time when Iran was progressing and modernizing.
There was a time when nobody would dare attack our country.
There was a time when the world community would encourage and assist us with our nuclear energy programme.

Do you know when that time was or are you still disconnected from reality?

Do you ANgolabiyoun who sent our country to hell have any idea how many nuclear plants we would have had today if you hadn't turned our country over to the devil?! Lets leave it there because the DAMAGE has already been DONE! and now we need to REBUILD! And if you don't have the decency to say that you were wrong you deserve the same faith that these anti-Iranian arabo-muslim mullah's who you brought to power will face.


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Winston said...

چی بودیم چی شدیم

How were we and how we've become!