Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thoughts on Islam... 26/05/06

Muslims Pledge to Become Homicide Bombers - however the Associated Press ran the title as: Iranians Pledge to Become Homicide Bombers.

The Associated Press should know that in the arabic religion of Islam there is no sense of nationhood; rather they embrace the idea of a unified "Islamic community" or as it is called in arabic "Ummah". So it is completely baseless and wrong for AP to use the term Iranians when these people are in fact MUSLIMS.

muslims want to be referred to as muslims and not as anything else. When a person embraces Islam he/she gives up any sense of nationhood and surrenders his soul to the "Islamic Community". Islam literally means submission, therefore you give up your life/nationhood and devote yourself for the cause of Islam. We can all spot TRUE and mention who the true muslims are from the "brainwashed muslims".

Let me divert this discussion from muslim suicide bombers to another kind of muslim...

The non-existance of nationhood in Islam is why Shirin Ebadi, the muslim woman, who won the Noble Piss Prize...sorry Noble Peace Prize...referred to herself as a Muslim woman. In her speech (full speech) she did not address the issue of human rights in Iran but in a few words in the line of "me receiving this prize will help women in Iran"! That's it! After quickly having mentioned this she begins the core of her message which was condemning the United States for its imperialistic behaviour, condemning the abuse of Guantanamo Bay prisoners, and last but not least exhalting her beloved Islam and trying to convince the world audience that it in fact is compatible with democracy! Islam took over! She did not use this excellent opportunity to raise awareness of the plight of the Iranian people, she did not mention Zahra Kazemi who was beaten to death because she was trying to report the truth, she did not mention the political prisoners who are being tortured in jails across Iran, she did not mention the young girls who are being sold to arabic sheikhdoms in order to earn a livelihood! This woman is a DISGRACE! This woman is NOT an Iranian! An Iranian cannot be a muslim, because Islam is against nationhood or for that matter is against everything that "Iranianhood" or Iranian culture stands for. At worst she is a TRUE muslim and at best she is a lost soul. This woman has relinquished her nationhood so stop referring to her as an Iranian, because she would rather have you refer to her as a Muslim woman above anything else, even though she might say she is Iranian. I know of no other religion where you have to give up your nationhood in order to accept some kind of faith/ideology only in Islam does this phenomenon appear it seems (perhaps also in Judaism but this is not my concern).

Iranians have suffered greatly under the influence of Islam for 1400 years now. We were disgraced and brainwashed into labeling ourselves muslims under arab occupation. Once we were able to defeat the arabs out of our country, those who took to power created a new branch of Islam (Shiite Islam) to unify the nation - this was a grave mistake on part of the Safavids. However today thanks to the wisdom of personalities like Dr Moshiri, Ahmad Kasravi, Koroush Aryamanesh, Forood Fouladvand etc we are beginning to remove the veil of Islam and see what this arab ideology is all about. Brainwashed women like Shirin Ebadi (I say brainwashed because she like the rest of the Iranian nation except for those in power is not really a TRUE muslim either!) will have a hard time coming to sense with the truth; but with time it will happen.

The oppressive rule of the Islamic Republic for the past 27 years has led us Iranians to seek out our past, our roots, our identity and we have embarked on a mission that will once and for all remove this malignancy from the minds of our people. Shirin Ebadi and here likes are just obstacles on that road which will not be able to stop this great force which is trying to awaken the Iranian Nation.

Islam which comes from an Arab culture/ideology that lowers woman to the worth of a "tool of breeding" is in total opposite to Iranian culture where women are exhalted to being Empress', Commanders and such! Iranian culture which advocates tolerance, compassion, and love is not reconciable with Islamic culture which advocates hate, war, and misery no matter howhard a muslim might try to distort the truth.

The Iranian cultural revival is taking place. I hope I will be able to see the fruits of this cultural revival in my lifetime, and to be able to see an Iran, in peace with itself, with its culture, with its history, and with its rich heritage. We were lucky not to have become "arabized" (like Egypt, Lebanon, Syria...) during the Arab occupation however we were unlucky to have been imposed another form of arabic domination in the shape of Islam. We might have lost a historical battle 1400 years ago when this foreign ideology was imposed on us but in the end we will come out victorious. History is already in making.

BAAZGASHT BE IRANIAT! (return to our roots)


Anonymous said...

Yet another, thoughtful and cogent post. Thank you Aryamehr. You make me proud to be an Iranian.

Winston said...

Bomb them before it is too late

Anonymous said...

Yes!! That is what Islam means "Total submission to allah" Salm is main arabic verb, TASLEEM is derivative of the same verb and you know what that means. You must submit your sole (life), family, belongings including your sense of nationhood that is why isllam does not recognize any nation or boundaries it is totally global.
So state of being Iranian Muslim is nothing but being a hypocrite. Either you are not a true muslim or you are not a TRUE IRANIAN. Having it both way is not possible.

azadi eshgheman said...

Oh, how beautiful it sounds, I just hope all Iranians wake up as soon as possible and reject Islam and its rule. It has shown how terrible atrocities is it able to provoke! Please, Iranians, it´s up to you, do not allow it to spread and let happen more misery, death and suffering!