Saturday, February 17, 2007

Letter of support from the beautiful city of Prague...

I would like to share this very heartwarming email which i've received from a Czech person who knows what it's like living under a tyrannic occupational force - Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia. (see: Clip 1, Clip 2)


Dear Aryamehr,

I met your blog several months ago. I found it very insightful. I am glad that the Iranian emigrants still retain their love for the country and struggle to help it.

When I was a child, I remember listening to the British and American broadcasts from the free world. At that time, former Czechoslovakia was still communist, and we would gather by the radio each evening and listen to the news, hoping that one day, the beast that clutches our nation will roll over and die. And it happened, though not too easily. So I believe that Iran will have the same fate, though its tyrants are probably more aggressive than ours were.

I definitely share your opinion that the Satanic Republic is a tragedy of our times. To see such a wonderful country as Iran, with its immense history and cultural heritage, being drowned in swamp of fanatic Islamic theocracy, is a horrible sight. Just today I was reading a photographic book documenting the highlights of the ancient Iranian architecture and art, and I couldn't help myself feeling angry at the nomads from the desert, who overran the empire of the Sassanids and brought the Zoroastrian culture to a slow, deadly decline.

I wish I live to see the day when the ancient peacock throne is occupied again by someone like Cyrus the Great, who will bring again the light of justice to the country, and who will be admired by the nations of the world - and not feared and loathed as the mullahs and their savage sidekicks are.

Too many people forgot that Iran was once a great civilized country with wealth, wisdom and a humane religion. Much will have to be done to improve now blackened Iran's reputation, when the mullahs are finally dumped to the dustbin of history, where they belong. But I am confident that people like you will achieve that.

Good luck!


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