Tuesday, February 27, 2007

France' support of Islamic Fundamentalists in 1979

Valéry Giscard d’Estaing - President of the French Republic from 1974-1981

In addition to the entries i've had on U.S. involvement in the creation of the terrorist Islamic Republic occupying Iran - credit goes to the Carter Administration here - I recently came across this entry by a fellow blogger discussing the "French Connection" leading to the success of the Islamist Coup D'ètat of 1979: "France and the Iranian Revolution"

To see my previous entries on Carter's support of Islamists see:

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Anonymous said...

Hi my dear compatriot.I'm very happy to find your great blog tonight and enjoyed reading your late posts. It seems that we have exactly the same political views and fall in a same noble nationalist and patriot block.

Keep the good work up ham-mihan.

I'd be also very grateful if you leave a message on my blog.

Payandeh Bashid.

Aryamehr said...

Dorood Ardashir-jaan,

Unfortunately i cannot read persian script - but i'll take your words and add your site to the list of persian blogs which i have links to ;)

Pirooz va Sarboland Basheed

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know that ex-french foreign minister is just back from Iran trying to convince mullahs to behave. It just goes to show how bastard these frogs are when it comes to their silly interests and that their hatred for freedom and prosperity of other nations. I hate them like hell...

Anonymous said...

Hello Aryamehr (AryanSun?),

I'm also very happy that I've found your very inspiring blog.

I was especially interested by your old post : "The Islamization of Iran". It's a great lesson of courage and resistance (should I say resilience?) against the cultural slaughtering of Iran by the Arabs and Islam.

I added your blog link on my own blog list. I'd be glad that you put mine for that my blog is also strongly supportive of a change of regime in Tehran and the return of Pahlavi Iranian power.

And best regards

Aryamehr said...

Hi Leviathan,

"Aryamehr" is a persian term meaning "Light of the Aryans", and was a title bestowed on the late Emperor of Iran.

I'll be glad to put a link to your blog under the "other" blog's section.

All the best.

Anonymous said...

Dear Aryamehr: This is a great find and thank you for sharing this. Each day there is a new revelation of the vast conspiracy orchestrated by various parties against the Shah and the Iranian people. The truth about the coup of 1979 and the West's complicity will be revealed in much more details in the future.

Anonymous said...

I am a French citizen and I have only sympathy for the cause of Iranian patriots. Iran used to be a great nation with a rich exquisite culture and it's sad what islam and the modern mullahs made of it. Hopefully it will change, thirty years aren't a very long period in the historical timeline measured in centuries.
Thats aid, Winston's comment is sad and hateful idneed. At least he should make a distinction between governments and people. The French aren't "hating the freedom and prosperity of other nations", far from it if you ask any Frenchman in the street. States and governments, on the other hand, play an egoistical game where nobody's a friend, and that's just the way it goes since the beginning of History.