Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Comments regarding "Aryamehr" blog...

The below email was sent by a kind non-Iranian reader by the name of "Walter".

If you are also a non-Iranian and have come across this blog please let me know what you think of it and if it has helped you understand Iran and Iranians better without the bias/distortions broadcasted by the main-stream-media (MSM).

Are there any specific questions you would like answered? Let me know and we'll discuss it on here.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Aryamehr,

Came across recently, I think its great that voices of opposition to the barbaric islamic tyranny still exist on the web and tell it like it is.

I am interested in your country's history and after some previous extensive reading and thought, I have concluded that the Iranian revolution was really masterminded to a greater extent by external forces (US, UK , France), who deliberatly engaged in a mud slinging campaign against the Shah in the late 1970's. They supported Khomeini against him, because they couldnt stand seeing Iran making significant strides forward, eventually being a modernised and westernised strong power and regional player, classic issue of betrayal in international politics.

I think the Shah had very good intentions for Iran, but could have done more to alleviate poverty (social programs) and develop the rural countryside, and shoudnt have spent so much on millitary hardware in 1970s, this would have taken the wind out of the sails of the extremists. However he wasnt a bloodthirsty dictator, but an autocratic monarch who knew that a developing country must first get solid foundation before anything else follows, just like Communist China is doing today (or since 1980) - that makes sense.

You know people in every country can be manipulated as sad as its seems, even in a democracy, because they do not think as critical individuals , but look blindley to leaders and act emotionally, abandoning reason and moderation in its wake...the Iranian revolution showed that very clearly ..... the people wanted someone parochial promising heaven on earth ( but delivering hell on earth) to lead them and werent even willing to give an intelligent and well edcuated man like Dr Shapor Baktiar a chance to govern, yes their hearts and minds were tottally infested with Khomeini;s venom.......Ironically , and with hindsight some people in your country now look back with regret , and think the Shah regardless of mistakes done wasnt so bad after all, what an irony or may be just plain human nature !

Sooner or later this anachronistic islamic regime will collapse against the tide of secularism (or via US military intervenrtion) sweeping Iran, just hope all mullas get summary execution along with it when it happens!.

Khoda biamorz Shahanshah Arymehr !



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Anonymous said...

Thank you Walter for not politicizing Iranian people's sufferings as Power hungry liberals do every chance they get to support a fascist/oligarchial regime such as IRI. It is very true that the Iranian Revolution was one the most unnecessary and counterintutive revolutions in recent history. The income per capita in Iran was more than $8000 more than 28 years ago during the Shah's reign. Today, after 28 years the income per capita is less than $8000 and averaging around $6500. As you eloquently pointed out the revolution was part and parcel of foreign powers who didn't want Iran to become a powerful nation in the region. Alas, your views among the Westerners are rare and in short supply. We need non-Iranians like you to educate the western world. The democrats (the volunteer fifth columnists) will sell out Iranians to the next cooperative theofascist as they did in 1979 with distrous consequences of expansion of militant Islam nurtured by IRI and culminating in hizballh, 9/11, Shia death squads, and so on.