Thursday, February 08, 2007

Empress Farah Pahlavi's interview with Mr Meyboodi (PARS TV)

Her Imperial Majesty the Shahbanou of Iran's
interview is being broadcasted live on:

Radio Sedaye Iran (KRSI):

PARS TV Network:



Winston said...

WoW! Thanks for posting it. I LOVE SHAHBANOO and I ADMIRE HER

Winston said...

WATCH THIS, You may find it interesting

Anonymous said...

I think, Shahbanoo is in deed the only Pahlavi with healthy brain on her shoulders. My problem is, why doesn't she stop our lunaltic prince from exposing his coward and unintelligent mind?

This man has to know he cannot import 70 million people from (his) past "comatose" 28 years to Iran.

blank said...

Winston, thank you for posting the additional link.

I too have wondered about the Prince. I am not overly inspired by him.

Winston said...

She'll be on VOA Persian tomorrow, saturday, at 1230 pm EST. Make sure to watch it

(MIZ-e Gerdy ba shoma program)

Anonymous said...

I listened to KRIS and Shahbanoo is terrific as usual - god bless her. I think her son has some significant challenges to overcome and they aren't easy.

As Shahbanoo said in one reply, Iran, during the Shah was viewed as a "white painting" where the slightest black blemish was magnified and criticized by the Western Media and the current Mollah Iran is a "black painting" where the slightest white blemish is portrayed as positive progress and a step in the right direction.. the Western Media must be either extremely stupid and/or tremendously self-interested. My guess both are true, not only about Western Media but their cohorts too.

Thanks for posting these interviews.

SERENDIP said...

SM is absolutely right, the media/the left and the IRI are accomplices. Profit trumps humanity, dignity and even their liberal idealism where they support fascist oligarchies such as IRI. Queen's honesty, almost self-deprecating mannerism was so refreshing and disarming. I was also impressed by how keenly she is aware of the power media scrutiny and sound bites unlike her son.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add this...Agreeing with the Empress, the Iranian revolution of 1979 was truly one of the most if not the most unnecessary revolution in the history of mankind. Almost thirty years ago with a higher income per capita than we do now with the oil prices nowadays quadrupled...What a travesity and waste