Wednesday, February 21, 2007

World's #3 Dictator - Seyyed Ali "Geda" Khameini

Every year a list of the top 20 dictators around the world is published by magazine. This year Seyyed Ali "Geda" Khameini occupies the #3 position on this list just one step below the North Korean lunatic Kim Jong-il.

Visit the list by CLICKING HERE.

Time and time again Iranians have chanted "DEATH TO THE DICTATOR!" and as of recent they specified this chant to "DEATH TO KHAMEINI!" - death will come to this ruthless and anti-Iranian dictator, but I do believe that they need to be put on trial before the Iranian Nation and humiliated in the same way Saddam Hussein was before handed his sentence.

The Islamic Republic's 28 year long rule of terror will end! The dictators and collaborators will face justice! Down with oppression! Down with the dictators! Down with the terrorist Islamic Republic!

More power to the Iranian Resistance Forces.

The Islamic Republic occupying Iran ranks amongst the very lowest in the "World Liberty Index"; Seyyed Ali "Geda" Khameini and his Islamist henchmen are even here fighting to outdo Kim Yong-il!

UPDATE 2: Quality of life in Iran under the Islamic Republic is one of the worst in the entire world- Iran ranks 190/195 countries!!! Click HERE for the report by InternationalLiving.

UPDATE 3: Israel and Iran share most negative ratings in Global Poll by BBC. Click HERE for the report.

Update 4: The UN Human Development Report ranks Iran as 96/177 only to be superseded by mostly African nations!

Update 5: The Economist magazine has a "Quality of Life" index where Iran under the Islamists ranks 88/111 countries! Click HERE to view the report.

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Plateau said...

I'm sure he is disappointed and aiming for #1 spot.. Competing with Kim Jong-il, must not be easy! (sarcasm)