Monday, February 19, 2007

Women in Pre-Islamic Iran ; VOA Roundtable Programme

VOA Roundtable program with Mr Ariaban and Mr Bahrami discussing pre-Islamic Iran and women, in particular in relation with Zoroastrianism. The point is strongly made that before the imposition of the dark, backward, and pernicious Arab ideology of Islam upon the Iranian Nation, women enjoyed equal status with men and in many cases enjoyed superior positions in the workplace to men.

The first picture in this entry depicts Iranian women soldiers which armies from Greece and Rome referred to as "Amazons"; the countries which these armies came from had never seen a woman fight bravely next to male soldiers valiantly defending her homeland.

This topic is such a broad area that a one hour programme really cannot do any justice to it, but nonetheless this is a very informative and interesting programme to watch.

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Anonymous said...

Hmm, those Women look a lot like Sauromatae war-maidens.

I know for instance that The Sassanids did indeed deploy some women as cavalry units, this I've learned from the book "Sassanid Heavy Cavalry" by Osprey Publishing.

All of Osprey's titles are great for reading up on Pre-Islamic Iran's army structure. The Achamenid Persian Army, Parthians and Sassanids and as mentioned above, Sassanid Heavy Cavalry. Also, the drawings by Angus McBride are top notch, and very detailed.

Mecha LEBU said...

cool !